Monday, May 28, 2012

Artly goodies, bits and pieces.

Hello peoples!

Just wanted to share a few glimpses of new Artly Goodies:

new canvas-prints
snapshot of my new canvas prints for sale!
(displayed in this photo at the Portland Saturday Market.)

Blue pixie acrylic painting
9"X6"original acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose
...Glad for an extra day to play with a bit o' paint.

My Trio of fancy framed drawings
My trio of fancy framed original pen and ink drawings. $50 each.
I really dig the metal filigree :)

And last but not least:
Kali sketch
My pen and ink drawing of Kali the Goddess of time and change.
Thinking about painting her!

Check my etsy shop for new listings!

-Chelsea Rose

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Painting, Work In Progress Video, Pop Up show and more!

Hello folks,

I finished the painting I have been working on:

10" x 30" Original acrylic painting on canvas
by Chelsea Rose

And as promised, I have the time lapse recording of the creative process ready for you're viewing pleasure.
Check it out!

Kinda crazy, no?
The painting took me about 7 hours to complete over a string of 45 minute sessions. Good times.

I finished it just a few days before a pop up art show Danny Ebru and I did in Vancouver last night:

I was stoked to get to bring a bunch of my new work out of the art cave for a night.

NW Shirts pop-up show
This short but sweet event was held inside NorthWestShirts. The most dreamy of music lit up the night and was preformed by Quetzal. It all felt wonderful, so I am most thankful.

In other news, here is a look at the month so far via instagram:

Details. Sparkles and freckles!
Closeup photo of the purple creature from "Entwined."
 Yay for sparkles and freckles. Or perhaps even spreckles?

I am having fun painting shoes!
I painted a pair of TOMS for my lil cousin. It was fun and I enjoyed the way they came out so I am now offering to do custom paint jobs for folks who are interested. Art for your feet!  Check out my  online listing here.

Dining room gallery

Living room gallery
Random lil snipp-its of our art infested home.

Dreads are getting longish!

...lots more photos to be seen here

So yup, thats it for now. I will be doing a bit of regrouping as I get my next painting concept all polished up. I also have plans for more 'Earth Goddess" body art photo shoots in the very near future.

Best wishes!
-Chelsea Rose

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