Friday, January 29, 2010

New drawings and a poem

I wanted to share:

She is Loopy
"Tentacle Skater"
Original pen and ink drawing
by Chelsea Rose

Dread Goddess
"the Dread Goddess"
Original pen and ink drawing
by Chelsea Rose

Both of these were drawn a few months ago. I happened to be flipping through my sketch book last night and realized i never scanned or posted these ones for some reason. I am pretty sure "the Dread Goddess" will end up my next big painting piece.

.....and this morning i wrote this:

Reflections I seek, holding a pen in the hallow sting of sun,
waiting for the assumption of truth to flow and scribe.
waiting for that revelation of inner creeping to speak in simple whispers
with all the tenacious infirmity that is needed for the dispelling of shadow and riddle.
With enveloping and erotic emergence the nimble stem work of my cellular forecast must collage a sense of things.
Even as these indefinite species of spirit haunt and flaunt as a billowing mass of mischievous proof
they toy and breed a sense of feathery benevolence, flirting with prescribed succulence in doses of clairsentience.
And these melting phantasms with eyes like flowering oracles depict a venomous antidote for the spoils of fear.
The cure and its incisors force the wind from the flesh till I am taken and pealed pink, fully frothing and frivolous in dreams.
These embryonic fabrics become the very ink, penned with infection as the loops of the collective dichotomy of truth revealed.
And so the substance of heaven, it drips wildly as the mind and its gestation is readily handed from glandular gate keepers to the swallowing scope of The Greatest .
And THEY know me, just as they shelter the humming mother of creation.
These eternal kernels of sprite, they laugh with weightless heroic and languish and solder anew with the ruminants of our ephemeral muscle and bone.
And so the master maker with magician hands enveloped in rippling forever holds a seed in each tendril,
barking with wild vocation the Immaterial into fires of liberation.
And so the frown is now held from upside down in callused consignment,
its foggy relevance protruding with agile sanctum, always embedding always replicating.
And in a single fracture, molten and quivering the tranquilly erodes down the galloping veins of this elusive majesty
Where we ourselves will always be strangers grown thick with the pregnant sap of chaos
As goading thoughtlessness is milked like honey, graduating with the sliver of the morning.
The lids of the guardian at the gate hold fast as these breaths reiterate an endless cycle worn thin with the supposing of definition.
And with the total sigh of serenity, a note of pure ritual confides in the husk of my brimming void,
transferring a node of intimacy that is both binding and static
The seat of the spirit is unity.


Just felt like sharing.

a lil somethin else i wanted to share: a GIVE AWAY! that is dedicated to sending some posative vibes and actions to Haiti. might win a super awesome hand made head/dread band.

Have a wonderful weekend!
-Chelsea Rose
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More photos of Blissful Hope Body painting + Danny's Mandala paintings and news

I wanted to share two new photos from the Blissful Hope body painting shoot that i released/posted last night:
Blissful Hope
body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
.....the model, Blissful Hope really seemed to enjoy this photo. I got a message from her today saying she is now using it as her main avatar/profile icon for her account. I posted it realizing i really have not posted any back shots from any of the shoots thus far. whoops! i just get so caught up with the photos involving the face because there is something so bewitching about eyes and lips! But the curves and interesting muscle tones all over the body are certainly worthy subjects too, so i will try and be better and getting a good verity of body shots too!
Blissful Hope
body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
.....This pose was actually danny's idea. I really love how tender and somewhat surreal the pose looks. Danny retouched/worked over the lighting and crop on this photo for me too.

I got a flickr comment on this photo this morning where someone asked " I keep wondering, with each of models - have you changed or modified your approach to body painting?(each time)...
I do love the bigger swirls and gaps you have on her..."
my answer this the question was: im glad you asked actually. I feel that with each person i body paint my painting work ends up highly influenced by their personal energy/vibes. So while all of these women have similar black designs covering them, each design is different from model to model- it is a highly intuitive process producing a different complete piece each time. I do hope that people are able to catch on to these differences throughout the series.

body paint in process
( process shot, captured by Danny )

In other body painting project news, last night i solidified my 4th and 5th shoots for the series. I will be doing a shoot come Feb. 6th and another one come Feb.13th live and in public at T.Ruth Artspace Gallery in Portland Oregon. I am excited because this will mean after i paint and shoot these two women i will be halfway done with my project. My idea was to paint 5 paler skinned women of varying ethnicity with black paint and then to paint 5 darker skinned women of varying ethnicity with white paint. So yea...after these two shoots i get to move on to the white paint coupled with dark skin! I am very interested to see how that will work out.

Unfortunately between this body painting project, getting the flue( i think i am all better now, i just sound like i have a frog in my throat or that i have been smoking a pack a day since i was 12-yuck!) and mundane chores i really have not done as much acrylic painting on canvas as i had hoped to do this winter. I have my second ever solo show coming up in April at the feminist book store and i was hoping to use the winter to produce an entire new series of paintings. Thus far i have only managed to paint about 5 new paintings( my goal was around 10) hopefully i can speed of my momentum and get the ball rollin a bit more! I guess i never expected this body painting project to become so huge and take up so much of my energy and time. The shoots are an all day event that leave my body and mind exhausted. I then have to be diligent about editing and finishing the photos on the computer too. lots of work but i think in the end when i have all the work done its going to pay off.

Danny has been doing a lot of studiying up on Madalas recently which has sparked some major inspiration that has been fueling some really great experimentation on his part. check it out:
Shri yantra mandala
"Shri yantra mandala"
original water color and india ink painting
by Danny
( this was his first one)

luminous mandala
"luminous mandala"
original water color and India ink painting
by Danny

....he is planning on doing another one specifically to put in The Love Show and i cant wait to see how it turns out!

Other then that there is not too much happening in our neck o the woods....however this weekend we will be driving down to Wolf Creek Oregon to visit our dear friend Wonder and enjoy the lush and lovely woods of the sanctuary, hang out with some faeries too. I am gonna bring my paints in hopes that i can use the land and its wondrous energy for fuel to create.

Thats it for now.
Much love,
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Petal Pixie Painting + 1 year dreadhead anniversary!

So a week or two ago i had finished my latest painting but never managed to post the finished product. I thought i would share it today:
Petal Pixie
Petal Pixie
original acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose
....So for this painting i tried something new. I created a very simplistic semi "impressionistic" background via color placement. I also actually painted hands this time instead of hiding them out of the way or turning them into flower sprouts and spirals. Turns out i can totally draw/paint hands- i just need to use references. no biggy! So while i would say i have yet to really embrace hand anatomy i am making some steps toward it which will hopefully open up more pose ability within my artwork.
I like her bald head too!

As of this weekend Saturday was actually my one year dread anniversary!
And for those of you who are not entirely sure what a dread anniversary is it means Jan. 23rd 2009 was the day i began locking my hair into dreads for some very personal reasons: Health and Happiness!
One year dread anniversary
One year dread anniversary
I would have to say dreadin up my hair was probably one of the most healthy/positively influential things i have done for my body/mind. I went into the process with a few different interests in mind: culture- dreadlocks have played an important part in the spiritual routines of different cultures all over the world from the beginning to the new age. The Celtic druids, Buddhas, sadhus, Nazarities and Rasta's + more of this world have all seen and recognised in their own way the power that we all hold within. In similar and different ways all these cultures have embraced dread locking as a way to focus in and own personal power, cleanse and purify the spirit, recognize and remember tradition and elder wisdom. I have seen more and more people of different ethnicity dreading up their hair in recent times. Granted, some people do it purely for the look...i feel a great many people are doing it as a wake up call for themselves and for others + doing it in a way that initiates them into a healthier/sustainable living routine while sometimes committing ones self to a greater spiritual path sometimes involving sacrifice and the recognition of roots.
Dreadlocks were certainly a way for me to live healthier- it inspired me to stop using common hair care products whose chemical concoctions not only poison our bodies but our water and earth. I now wash my hair less( one time a week, and that does not mean i bathe only once a week...a bathe every day. its called a shower cap people!) which has allowed my scalp to reclaim its rule over itself and produce and maintain healthy hair/scalp with natural bodily oils. the human body is an amazing machine and its really surprising how healthy one can be when you leave off using chemicals and allow your body to actually cleans and care for its self. As far as care products go i will sometimes wash/rinse or dab on throughout the day some essential all natural oils such as tea tree oil(keep away dander/scalp problems + moisturize) and calandual oil( moisture and strengthen hair) but other then that its all hands off. I just let my dreads do their own thing. Since i have stopped using shampoos and conditioners my scalp has become healthier, not to mention i am not breaking out on my face, shoulders and back anymore.
...Sure, i do get some nasty looks from random people on the street, not to mention people tend to lable me as a certain type of person but largely i have felt an overwhelming network of support from friends and family. However, really i did this for myself and no one else and perhaps most importantly they feel right for me and i am looking forward to growing with my locks through the years.

So i will leave off on that note.
Best wishes and much love,
-Chelsea Rose
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Body Painting shoot, Culture Control show, works in process

So a lot has gone on since my last post.
Last weekend I did another body painting/photoshoot with a model named Blissful Hope.
Check out what i posted so far:
Blissful Hope
body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
Model: Blissful Hope

Blissful Hope
body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
Model: Blissful Hope

Blissful Hope
body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
Model: Blissful Hope
Painting Blissful Hope
This is a process shot danny took while i was painting. I started painting at 10:00am and didn't finish until 3:00pm. We then photographed till 5:00pm. As always, i had a blast hanging out with my model. But when i am working i tend to forget to drink or eat so it was another all dayer that left my body super exhausted. Still it was well worth it. I still have so many wonderful poses to sort from, polish and post! So yea...still more photos to come from this shoot.

Also, last weekend Danny and I went to the Culture Control show in Vancouver Washington where Danny's artwork was being displayed along side other political/street art.

culture control
Quick snapshot i took of Danny standing next to the area where his work was posted.
culture control
Olin the organizer of the show did a great job jammin so much artwork into such a small place. Plus the live music was truly awesome. I love Vancouver!

....I know i have been talking on here about how i am painting a dear friend's canvas cloak. Well i finally have some more progress to show.
This is what i have so far for Wonder's woodsman cloak:
Wonder's cloak-back
Danny helped me out by drawing the mushroom world on the bottom. I then painted them in. For this project i am using Lumiere metallic acrylic paint over a base of white screen print fabric paint. Fun stuff! Now to do the hood and start the front. Seems so far Wonder is super excited about the way its coming out. Yay!!

Unfortunately all my art progress came to a stand still this Monday when i came home from work with super sore throat and a fever. I ended up taking Tuesday off, resting up, taking some much needed herbal supplements, danny cooked me a healthy meal of curried lentils + broccoli and brown rice. This morning i woke up feelin fine and went to work. Now i am home with alil bit of a scratchy throat but i think the worst is over.
After I am done writing this blog i am hoping to run over to my art table and get to work on the painting I had hoped to start Monday night.
I will be painting this illustration of mine:
....not sure what color to make the background yet. I was thinking yellows. I will be painting her on a 14"x14" canvas.
I will let you know how it goes.

Thats pretty much it. Other then the fact that this Saturday will be my 1 year dready head anniversary.
Medusa Rising
...wich will simply mean my dreads are 1 year old! I will have danny take some proper pics for a nice dready journey update( have not done one of those in quite some time actually)

.....Ok, i should get goin now. its time to paint!
Much love to all.
Think healthy thoughts.
-Chelsea Rose
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Whats up? lots and lots, thats what.

First off I wanted to show you the newest finished photo for my body painting project:
Your Body is Your Temple
body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
photo manipulation by Danny( )
Model: Jaybird
( i am super thrilled that danny had the idea to put this photomanip together for me. i love it dearly)
This Sunday i will be working on my 3rd shoot, with my 3rd model for this bodypainting/photo project. We will begin the painting process by 10:00am at T.Ruth Artspace, PDX Oregon and probably end up finishing by 3pm and then doing the photography till 5pm. Its a crazy long day but i think the results thus far have justified the toil. I just need to remember to take a break or two and drink some water...maybe even eat something too.

I found this picture the other night while editing photos for etsy. I am glad I have found this seeing that both of the pieces behind me have sold and sometimes i miss them. A little strange, no? Its inspiring to sell my artwork- to meet people who love it so much they feel they must have it. The support is energizing. its funny though, now that my paintings are leaving me i feel this great need to produce and produce to replace them, or fill the gaps left in my walls from where a piece used to hang.its bitter sweet....wouldn’t have it any other way though!
For my solo show i had a total of 9 large main piece paintings + a dozen or so smaller pieces. By the end i had only 7 large main piece paintings left. So far, i have managed to finish a total of 4 new paintings. Which brings my total up to having 12 larger main piece paintings available for sale and for gallery shows. This is good because i want to make sure i have plenty of stuff to hang for my show at InOtherWords feminist bookstore, which will happen in April.
Plus, i am going to be putting in this piece:
posy nymph
into the 5th Annual Portland Love Show

...AND I will be submitting the following 3 pieces to a local PDX show called Myths and legends:
20" by 24"
Original acrylic painting on stretched canvas
by Chelsea Rose

The Fish of Perception
The Fish of Perception
24" X 36"
Original Acrylic painting on Canvas
By Chelsea Rose

Harpy in Babylon
Harpy in Babylon
original acrylic painting
by Chelsea Rose

So i have to be really diligent to get all this art dropped off to these shows on time to participate!

As far as this weekend goes, i hope to finish the painting that i am currently working on by Saturday afternoon. Saturday night Danny and I will be at the Culture Control art/music show, checking that out. Then, as i said Sunday will be an all day shoot for my body painting project.

I am excited to be busy with all sorts of stuff art related. Its good for my mental health, i swear!
It has been keepin my mind off of all the negatives going on rightnow in this world. I am trying to make a change, a difference in my life in hopes that in some sense my positive path and vibrations are helping to heal the world, but right now my grandparents are having some major health issues. Both have cancer. Send some positive vibes our way, anything to keep the love flowing and the pain/suffering on the low end.
I think its strange that people donate money for the cure of cancer when the cure is simply to remove all of the horrid poisonous substances that we have come to adopt into our everyday lives such as gasoline, plastic, cigarettes, genetically modified meat and vegetable product, pesticides, various medication, preservatives, ....the list goes on and on.
Cancer at this level is not a natural/normal part of life. And the cure is not going to be produced within a laboratory, it will have to be world wide effort to live clean, healthy and sustainably once again- that would do the trick.
Im also makin some prayers towards Haiti rightnow. My hope is that all of this aid for the earthquake relife funds do truly go to helping rebuild and heal. I also hope that the US and world corporate vultures do not take this horrific tragedy as an opportunity to take advantage of Haiti and its vulnerable situation right now. When all this is through I hope that they allow these people to move back to the countryside and live self sustainable lives instead of corralling them into tent and rubble cities so that they can work in the factories.( educate yourself here on US Policy/travesties committed against Haiti over decades.)
.....just some of my thoughts as of late.

So, now you know whats up.

Peace n Love to all!
-Chelsea Rose
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New works in progress, upcoming shows/events, paintings sold!

So 2010 is already turning out to be busy/bountiful year for Lucid Optic Lab.
Last night someone bought my "Ocean Soul" painting off of our etsy shop!
Ocean Soul
8" X 16" original acrylic painting
by Chelsea Rose
...I created this painting along with this one at the same time:
Kind of a Water and Fire idea I suppose.
8"x16" Original acrylic painting
by Chelsea Rose
still available for purchase HERE

For me its totally inspiring when people buy my artwork-kinda lights a fire under my bum which is great because it makes me push myself a lil harder -meaning instead of sitting on my butt at home moaning about how tired i am, i get up and get right to work!

For instance, last night i got a lot of work done on a painting i started on last week:
Petal pixie-unfinished
...As you can see this pixie is bald and i am loving it. With this piece i decided to go with a very vague impressionist inspired background that hints at an environment with the way the color is layed( i hope!). Still have to work on it though. Also, i am trying to get better at taking the time to illustrate hands instead of finding ways to hide them- muahaha! Im realizing i can totally do hands, i just need to look at good reference photos in order to do it right. Nothing wrong with that.
....As you can see my art table is a complete mess at the moment. But i guess thats a good sign- it means that I am WORKING!

Check out these lil guys:
Mini paintings
I did a bunch of these mini canvas pen and ink+ acrylic paintings for my solo show at T.Ruth art space. She sold quite a few of them, so these are the left overs. I took them home from the gallery the other day with the intent to photograph them and list them on etsy. I managed to do the shoot last night. Tonight i hope to edit and crop the images + create the listings on etsy. They will be priced at $15 each so if you are interested keep an eye on our shop! They will be popin up on there soon.

Some more good news!
I got an email yesterday from the art curator for InOtherWords feminist bookstore confirming that i will be having a solo show there come April, this year! Very exciting. It really strengthens my need to pump out as much artwork as possible in these winter months because come spring i hope to explode onto the art shows and art fairs!

.....So our plans for this weekend are:

Culture Control art opening show!
This Saturday Jan. 16th.
Danny has a bunch of his artwork up for this one. Cant wait to check it out and see the other work/artists. should be good.

then on Sunday i will be back at T.Ruth Artspace painting another model from head to toe and then photographing her. It makes for a super long day (9-5) but i love it and its totally worth it.

So thats whats up!

Peace n Love,
-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, January 11, 2010

New painting + Danny's first group show!

Danny and I had an eventfull weekend.
We drove over to Vancouver Washington for our Guerrilla Media friend-Olin's solo show. We also went to a freakydeaky Disco birthday party, managed to hang with Tiffany Ruth and her new women's spiritualism group at T.Ruth Artspace...
...and then i also finished a painting:
Fanged Faery
14"x14" Original acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose
....and last night I started on another painting. Today when i get home i will take pictures of the painting progress.

More exciting news; Danny will be in an super wicked group show this weekend called Culture Control:

(Sat. Jan.16th 1pm-11pm)
-this show will be chalk full of Political/street art + amazing live,local music makers and poets.
Here are a few of Danny's art pieces that he has submitted to for the show:

This is a mixed media stencil piece by Danny about the Five Wars US Is Fighting in Muslim Countries. educate yourself here:

screen print art piece by Danny
We want Justice, not just is.

shiva thee destroyer - destroy - silkscreen print on watercolor paper by Danny

"Fighter" by Danny is an ink stain piece on watercolor paper.

I am super excited for him and very happy that we are finally delving into the local art gallery scene up here. I am very interested in seeing what 2010 offers up opportunity wise- I have a good feeling!

This morning i posted another craigslist add- hoping to find some ethnic/darker skinned beauties to add as models for my body painting photo project.
here is a link to the add(although it will expire eventually):
I said the following:
"My name is Chelsea Rose and I am a local Portland Oregon female artist
I am working on my first ever body art/body painting photography project and I am in need of some ethnic women to paint and photograph. For this project I plan on painting and photographing 10 different women. I am hoping to capture in those 10 women a good representation of women of all ethnicity and body type. A couple months ago i had posted in the craigslist classifieds about my body painting project and got 30+ responses from women interested in working with me on the project. However 90% of those that responses were white, a had a few Asian women respond but had no African or darker complexion women offer to participate. Thus, I am still seeking models with dark complexions. Please, if you are a darker skinned women, of any body type and you find yourself interested in working on this project with me feel free to send me an email with info such as why you are interested in being a part of my body art project, along with a few sentences about you, your interests, your experience ( no previous model experience is necessary). Also, please attach or link me to a few recent photos.
You are welcome to view some of the photos from my first two shoots: Hopefully seeing some of the finished work will give you a better idea of what the project entails. As you can see, with the paler models that I have shot I used black paint to dress the body. I am hoping to find some darker women to paint with white decoration –which I think would be a beautiful statement of balance-yin and yang, positive and negative.
I am mainly focused on honoring the natural beauty of women. I truly believe that there is a Goddess in All of Us and this is my way of representing that idea. I feel a woman’s body is a very sacred, strong and beautiful thing and i hope that my art project will help empower women of all ethnicity and body types, as well as break through the walls that male dominated society has created that separates women’s beauty from women’s strength and naturalism. We are beautiful just the way we are and we can honor and appreciate that beauty without being forced to play the role of sexual objects.
I am looking forward to hearing from you and creating some amazing art together! Please feel free to email me your info, pics... along with your availability and any questions you might have. Thanks for your interest and response,
-Chelsea Rose "

...So thats what I posted. I do hope that i get some great responses. I feel my project would be incomplete if i was unable to represent a good amount of ethnicity and different women and their body types.
....I am currently scheduling shoots for January at T.Ruth Artspace.

Wish me luck!
-Chelsea Rose
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

New paintings in process, more body painting photos

So, I made good on my word to get all caught up on my painting projects before I delved any deeper with my body painting/photography projects.
Thus, I feel I can show you some more of the finished photos from my second body painting shoot with my model Jaybird:
Your Body is Your Temple
(Body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose)
......This one may be my most favorite from the entire shoot. Jaybird's pose is wonderful....and I am enjoying the splash of red color paired with the contrast of her white flesh and black designs. In this photo I had Danny mute the flesh tone so that she looked especially porcelain next to that flaring red.
Your Body is Your Temple
(Body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose)
...Another high contrast black and white with Jaybird-trying from different angle to encompass more of her body.
Your Body is Your Temple
(Body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose)
....Danny had a great idea while he was editing my photographs. I love that he left only the red Vail in color. It kinda reminds me of the old photos when they would selectively stain the actual black and white picture for effect.
Your Body is Your Temple
(Body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose)
...And a close up- hoping to show a lil bit more of the detail thats present in the painting.
So, thats it for now, more to come though!

As far as my painting projects go I started two new paintings earlier this week:
Purple Bog faery- Unfinished
Started this one early this week based off of this pen and ink illustration i did awhile back:
Queen of the Bog Lilly
I had to have Danny help me warp my illustration enough for it to be a better fit on the canvas which is a square: 14"x14".
My color palette for this piece is going to be based around my favorite two colors: purple and green. In the last couple nights i have done a lot of work on this piece and i think i may be able to be finished with the painting by the end of the weekend! It went so quick i really didn't take any process pictures other then the one above. ah well.

green pixie- unfinished
I had sketched this one out freehand last week( not based on any pre existing illustrations of mine) after painting the background somewhat abstractly with green and yellow.
As you can see the hands are a horrible mess. I am going to the library today to rent a book on hand drawing so that i can use some reference material.
See the wooden mermaid to the left? She is one of a pair that Danny's mom and sister bought me for Christmas. They found them in a local garage sale. I am truly in love with them! They thought i might want to sand them down and paint them up but i think i will leave them just the way they are. i think they are lovely in their antique decay- its elegant in its own right!
Yay mermaids!

So thats that. Plans for this evening? Library on my way home, then right back to work on my painting. Exciting huh? Yep, living the crazy life...thats me. Yea right.
Did i mention im a crotchety old woman trapped in a 22 year olds body?
Do i want to be left alone with my paintings, mug of tea and my cat? ....well, Yes. Mostly.

Bye bye for now.
Peace and Love!
-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, January 4, 2010

Its been awhile! Lots of updates and Hello to 2010.

Some time has passed since my last blog much that its now 2010! Strange indeed....
Saying goodbye to 2009 was bittersweet. So much awesomeness happened in that year including my first ever solo gallery show, the selling of a bunch of my acrylic paintings + the expansion of my life in Portland and my artistic direction. Still, i welcome the new year with excitement at the possibilities of new beginnings, fresh starts and aspirations. I am truly hoping on finishing a new acrylic painting series by the end of winter in hopes that i can find a spot to exhibited it come summer( details more to come.)
.....i wanted to take a little time here to tell you all that i sold another one of my big pieces just a day shy of the new year.
This is the one that sold:
River Spirit
Yes, the "River Spirit", 18"x24" original acrylic painting has found a good home with a local Portlander.
The woman had contacted me through our Etsy Shop, saying that she lived very close to T.Ruth Artspace where i had my solo show up for 2+ months and that she thoroughly enjoyed seeing my artwork hung up on her daily walks. She said one night she had a powerful dream involving the "River Spirit", and after that really felt the need to buy the painting. Her boyfriend had the idea to buy the painting for her birthday but when he went to the gallery to buy it, it was soon after my solo show was taken down so my work was gone. Instead he bought her a bunch of my art prints through our shop. Still, she wanted the painting and ended up contacting me via etsy. I was able to hand deliver the painting, which was something special to be able to meet the buyer face to face. What a trip! This was very exciting and inspiring for me and has really only renewed and heightened my creative drive.

....I have felt like i have been seriously neglecting all of my various painting projects ever since i started working on my body painting/photography project. So i made sure to use the past 3 day weekend to get all caught up.
Last  touch ups on the Harpy painting

....and Yes! I managed to finish my Harpy painting finally!
Harpy in Babylon
Harpy in Babylon
14"x14" original acrylic painting
by Chelsea Rose
.....This painting went through a lot of changes during the creative process. if you are interested to see its metamorphosis you can check out the process pictures i store in my "Works on Progress" set on flickr, just click HERE.
...Otherwise I did some more work on the Wood's Man cloak i am painting for my friend. I should be finished with it by the end of this month i believe. This will be my first fabric painting project so i am interested to see how it turns out.

I also worked on starting up a new painting based on this illustration:
Queen of the Bog Lilly
...So far i have painted the background purple and projected/transferred the illustration onto the canvas( size 14"x14"). When i get home today i will begin my first experimentation with filling the drawing in with color. Hopefully i can find the time to take a quick picture to document the creative process on this piece too.

.....In other news Danny has pumped out a new t-shirt screen print:
"blue laughing Buddha" screen print
Check out our etsy shop listings: for Him or for Her - now selling for $20
Still in print! please do not hesitate to place an order in your size. If you request it, we will print it.

....I have much more to share but in an effort to keep my posts not excruciatingly long i will stop right here.

Peace and Love for the New year to you all!
Much love,
-Chelsea Rose
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