Friday, July 29, 2011

Fae Guide finds a new home, art Vending and Etsy treasuries, Tie Dye SALE

Ello darlin friendlies and curious kindred souls from afar,
It is with bitter sweet( but mostly sweet!) joy that I announce selling my Fae Guide original acrylic painting:
Fae Guide- Sold!
My Faery Guide original acrylic painting has sold! I will miss her but I am so excited that she found such a wonderful new home. I am also so inspired by the support! Thank you Holli. Love and Light! According to Holli, she met the Faery Guide when I had her on display down at the Saturday Market...and just couldn't get her out of her thoughts so she decided to give her a new home! Holli says shes a faery fanatic like me and so my Faery guide will be right at home in her house full of various faerie paraphernalia :) Could not have worked out better.

In other news, we had a lot of fun vending down at the Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta st fair:
Last Thursday Art Walk On Alberta, July '11
daisy chain dreadly updo
(photos by Danny )
....It was an especially fun night because we were surounded by a couple of our local artist friends; Justin Slattum, Jasmin Star and Andrew Zeutzius. We set up our artwork next to each other taking up half a block so it felt like our own groovy lil art village! Looking forward to the next one.

Also wanted to point out that we are in the 3rd and final week of our Tie Dye SALE!
Here are a couple items i would like to highlight:

Ice Blue Vortex
tie dye tank top
cotton and stretch material combined to make a soft and stretchy fabric!
size: small
Bust comfortably fits anywhere from 28"-36"
a wonderful choice for spring and the summer!
Hand tie dyed with lots of love and on SUPER SALE. Buy it now for only $10!

And if your as much of a fan of spirals as i am, youll really love this one:

Divine Blue Green Spiral tie dye
ON SALE! original price: $20, sale price$10!
Check the sale listing out here for more info or to buy.

And last but not least! I wanted to share with you an etsy treasury I curated using creations made only by the pagan etsy team.
Its a treasury called " Journey into the Realm of Faerie"
Journey into the Realm of Faerie - an etsy treasury
Are you planning a journey of your own into the Realms of Faerie?
If so, take a look at the items i have chosen that should aid you on your trip nicely.

Treasury includes:
Art, to assist your spirit in attuning to The Fae’s spiraling creative frequencies.

Ritual tools, to facilitate your efforts in opening The Gate with respect /positive intention.

Trinkets, offerings to the Fae Guides who await you beyond the veil.

See it for yourself here!

Thats it for now folks.
Much love,
-Chelsea Rose
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Work in Progress photos, Fearless Ebru, Tie Dye SALE

Hello all,
So i am getting closer and closer with my current painting in the works. Here is a shot of what i have as of last night:
work in progress
She is slowly comin along....everything is still pretty rough at this point. Hopefully i get to spend more time with her this sunday...paint paint paint!

Check out Danny's new Ebru/Silkscreen creation:
fearlessness ebru
original handmade acrylic ebru(Turkish paper marbling) mono-print on kozo paper with 3 color buddha screen print. 12.5"x19" by Danny.

And, YES! our Tie Dye Sale is still hoppin. Although, our items are finding new homes at a good rate so come check out our tie dye before its all gone. You cant beat $10 for hand tie dyed shirts and skirts. Made by us with lots of good vibes :)

The shirt to this outfit has already sold but the dress is still available for $10 here or Check out our entire tie-dye sale collection here.
(Pssst. Want to know a secret? You can get free shipping on your tie dye order if you enter the following coupon code in upon purchase: TieDyePower42 )

I also just recently added a bunch more art prints to our etsy shop:

"Mermaid Dreams" original acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose
Now available as:
12" x14" Giclee stretched canvas print(signed by artist)for $100
13"x19" giclee poster for $20.
8"x10" giclee print for $15

Strength Poster -handmade double layer acrylic ebru (aka - Turkish paper marbling) monoprint with Ganesha screen print on kozo paper.
13" x 19"Fine art archival Giclee print poster for $20

This weekend we will be down at the Portland Saturday Market with a full booth of art.
Portland Saturday Market
We hope to see you down there in the summer sunshine.

Many Blessings,
-Chelsea Rose
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Friday, July 15, 2011

More Work In Progress painting and Tie Dye SALE

Woohoo! Made it alive to another Friday.
And i got a bit more work done on my current painting:
babylon burning- work in progress
I added a very roughly painted ruined city consumed by flames in the background. I am going to play around with it more and see what i can do to help enhance it. I had really liked the background how it was before adding the city in, so had been going back and forth with myself on whether or not i wanted to stick to my plan and paint Babylon burning. I think i am liking it. Perhaps its helped push my intended meaning with the piece. The painting will most likely be titled " The Prophetess of healing." Its about the cycles and balance of life. The ebb and flow of death and renewal. Also expressing that there is pain/trauma in healing and yet the potential of transformation is exhilarating.

In other news, we have put all of our Tie Dye on SALE!
All our shirts and skirts are just $10 each.
AND....if you use the following coupon code when purchasing you can get FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the US. Fancy shmancy coupon code is: TieDyePower42

Here are some of the on SALE Tie Dye items that I feel compelled to share with you. For today focusing on our bright yellows, oranges and greens since its a wonderfully lovely sunny summer day:

SALE Solus Vibrations tiedye blouse- $10 For details, more photos or to purchase click here.

SALE Autumn Forest Dancer tie dye skirt in orange and yellow-$10 For details, more photos or to purchase click here.

SALE Leaf Lite green and yellow tie dye shirt-$10 For details, more photos or to purchase click here.

There are 11 more Tie Dye items on sale in our etsy shop so click here to check them all out. Dont forget your coupon code for free shipping!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.
Much love and light,
-Chelsea Rose
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Work In Progress photos and News

I started a new painting!
Goodness, it feels like its been forever.

Here are a couple process shots on what I accomplished on Sunday before going down to the Sunday market to sling my art:
Work In Progress- acrylic painting
Put down a bit of initial color to get a feel for the direction of the painting.

Bulb Goddess
Painting is based on this original pen and ink drawing of mine. The original title for the drawing was "Bulb Goddess." In the painting it would seem the intent has shifted a bit. See, the background is fiery representing pain yet the goddess is posed before it in meditative healing gesture- she will counterbalance the background with calm shades of green, blue and purple. Initially I had planned to put a charred burning Babylon city along the horizon line....but I am enjoying the background the way it is currently...but you never know, i just might make an attempt and see what it looks like.

Work In Progress- acrylic painting
And here we are together, getting to know each other which is a very important part in the creative process :P

In other news, over the weekend we took a break from the Portland Saturday Market and instead tried selling our art at the 10th annual Mississippi ave. street fair.
Here is a photo composite of our set up there:
Mississippi st. fair
The turn out for this street fair was massive, around 20,000 people! Oddly enough we did just about as good as we do at the Portland Saturday market. I was a bit bummed at a few moments when i realized that not having a way to accept credit cards had cost us around $300 in sales that day. So, yesterday i figured a way to remedy the issue. Apparently many art vendors have it set up so that they can take credit card payments through their smartphone through a device called "square up." Honestly I have desperately tried to resist the smartphone movement, but here we are I guess. I called my service provider who informed me I was due for an upgrade and that I could get the Pixi smartphone for free, and then download the software that will allow me to take credit card payments on the go. So, I should have the phone before this weekend and I am very interested to try it out and see if the new capabilities will improve sales.

Anyhoo...thats enough talk about business.
I will be updating soon with new "work in progress" photos of my painting + some newly released images from my 1st Earth Goddess body art photoshoot.

Much love and light,
-Chelsea Rose
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Strawberry Woman Body art photos + Rainbow Gathering snapshots

Summer feels to have finally blossomed!

And I am slowly unfurling my new body art series centered on honoring and manifesting the "Earth Goddess."

Here are two more shots from the first body paint/photoshoot of the series:

Odaemin The Strawberry Woman
Odaemin the Strawberry Woman
(body art and photography by Chelsea Rose)

Odaemin the Strawberry Woman
Odaemin the Strawberry Woman
(body art and photography by Chelsea Rose)

...Very excited to share more with you from this shoot. Photographing my Goddesses in the woods is a fascinating experience because mother nature is constantly adding her artistic twist in each photo. I love the way she played with light in both of these captures. In the first she’s creating a enchanting waterfall of light that kisses my model's profile. In the second i love how mother nature lit up the third eye so dramatically. Cant wait to get outside for another body art shoot and do some more collaborating with the forces that be!

In other news, we rocked a booth for Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta st. The first one that wasn’t rained out all year!
Last Thursday Art Walk on Alberta - June '11
(photo by danny )
And this coming weekend we will be selling art in our booth at the yearly Mississippi street fair. Come say hi if you can!

However this past weekend was an amazingly beautiful experience. I went to the Rainbow Gathering in Washington. It was massive, and the quality of human interaction was profound. I made and met some wonderful friends and soul kin, and did a fair amount of body painting too!
Here are some photos:
Rainbow Gathering 2011
(photo by danny )
Here I am deep in the forest of Washington within the Rainbow. non stop smiles.
wearing my moms old jacket, which she wore to her first rainbow gathering back in 1982.

Rainbow Gathering 2011
(photo by danny )
Not sure how it happened but the universe gifted me an amazingly random meeting of a long time artist friend from online. And now we are brother and sister of the rainbow!!

Rainbow Gathering 2011
(photo and words by danny )
"an eclectic group of people filled the forest of southern Washington by the thousands this July to celebrate the idea of peace and brotherhood. We ventured for about 2 hours to get there, which is nothing compared to those who drove in from all over the country. Every state had people there to represent their land. Our tent was set in the forest next to the base of some massive trees and right next to the African drum tent which held the rhythms till sunrise. We had tons of fun drumming, wandering, and making friends. "
Rainbow gathering '11
(photo and words by danny )
"Sun rise on the large meadow at the gathering.
As the sun hit the field and warmed the earth a swirling steam rose up out of the ground, undulated over the clearing and gently woke the rainbow folk to a refreshing new day."
Rainbow gathering '11
(photo and words by danny )
"an eclectic group of people filled the forest of southern Washington by the thousands this July to celebrate the idea of peace and brotherhood."

....I really wish we could have stayed longer and made a true home of the gathering. But alas, work called us home early. I hope to gather for the next Rainbow, where ever it might land...and make a few weeks trip out of it. Yes yes!

Feeling refreshed and charged with love and light!
Looking forward to the future.

My "Goddess In All Of Us" series will be on display inside at In Other Words Feminist book store for the month of July. And here is a perfect reason to come check it out :

-Chelsea Rose
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