Monday, November 30, 2009

Featured SALE items and current going-ons

So, the SALE continues in our lil etsy shop.

Today's featured deals:

Purple Celestial Lotus screen-print shirt
on SALE for the Holidays
original price:$20
now on SALE for: $10
One of a kind metallic purple Celestial Lotus silkscreen print on a gray woman's Medium(M)shirt 100% cotton
to view or to buy click here
Im a bit stunned this has not sold yet! Its perhaps one of the first ever Lucid Optic Lab screen prints we did. Its been floating around in our shop for sometime now, and has earned a barrage of hearts on etsy. but no bites yet! And I find this metallic purple very alluring. I do so hope this tee may find a good home soon!

Shiva the Destroyer-tie dye/screen print t-shirt
on SALE for the Holidays
Original price: $20
on SALE: $15
tie-dye stripe design in emerald green, ice blue, dash of lavender; w/ Shiva screen print in black on chest
men's medium
to view or to buy click here
This is another shirt that we have had for a long time. We have sold a few of its kin and it seems it its soon going to be the last of its kind. I wanted to highlight this piece as a wonderful example of handmade art with love. A LOT of love went into this folks...from the tie-dye process to the printing process, so if one were to wear this t-shirt they might catch a glimmer of love flowing through the craftsmanship of which it was made. Its a great unisex shirt boasting of spiritual forces and hippie reverie. Grab it before someone else does...while its on SALE too!

the infamous "Goddess in All of Us" screen print shirt
perhaps one of our best selling designs
and on SALE too!
Original price$20
Now on sale for $15
the Goddess in All of Us screen-print: in black on a blue green short sleeved shirt
women's size: Large
Bust: 42"
Original silkscreen art by Chelsea Rose
hand silk-screened/printed by the artist: made perfectly imperfect and one of a kind.
to view or to buy click here
This is one of the last original "Goddess in All of Us" screen print shirts. We have dismantled the original printing screen for this design, so this design is now numbered. Get your Goddess tee before there are none left! and grab it on Sale before the month is over and the deals turn into pumpkins.

---------------That concludes our featured SALE items for today.

Now id like to talk about my recent going ons.

Cold morning
Here is a picture of Sushi-cat and I doing a bit of early morning window gazing before anyone was up on Saturday. Its been getting more chilly with each week and I wonder when we will get the first snow fall. This weekend I managed to back up all my computer files which really sets my mind at ease. I have had two computers die on me and both times lost years worth of creation and photos. I have learned the hard way.
This weekend I didnt do any painting at all. Im frustrated with the paint I have. I normally use System 3, 3D paint( super thick and saturated) but I cant seem to find it in any of the local art stores. Thus I have been using some really crappy transparent winsor and newton student brand and its making it impossible to do any cover ups, which is currently needful.
So i drew instead:
Pen and Ink drawing.
I am sure this one will make my family a bit uncomfortable.
I was doodling on the couch while Danny and I watched a cartoon movie about Wonder Women's Amazon warrior princess origins. I think my mind was imagining some amazon warrior priestess, divinely endowed in an unusual way. was a fun doodle and I wanted to share it.
Trippy no?

Hanging my paintings for the show
I will be going on Tuesday to T.Ruth Art space to finally take down my paintings from my solo gallery show. My work was up for 2 months. Come Thursday Tiffany will have a new artist up there. I cant wait to go to the reception and see the new paintings all hung and meet the artist. Its going to be strange having my artwork back. I rather liked having some of my walls uncluttered by mass amounts of art...but it will be good to have them back. I ended up selling 6 smaller paintings during the time my art was up and I think im going to leave the rest of the smaller paintings with her so maybe she can sell them during the Holidays. It was an awesome opportunity and a wonderful/inspiring exercise and I feel blessed to have had it granted to me. Im not too sure if the whole gallery/art opening bizz is really my thing but I look forward to future opportunities and experiences to widen my artistic journey.

Thats it for now.
More later, I promise.

Much love,
-Chelsea Rose
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Friday, November 27, 2009

SALE begins!

I just got done switching over our entire Lucid Optic Lab etsy SHOP into SALE mode.
A great majority of tie-dye and Screen Print clothes have been marked down 50%!
I am also selling all of my 5"x7" art prints for $5 each.
So, get inspired to buy HAND MADE this year for all your Holiday'll be effecting some major positivity in the world by doing so, instead of buying mass produced cheaply made stuff from mega corps.
Lucid Optic Lab will be running in Sale mode through December 31st. We will be releasing new SALE items every day so keep checking back to our shop for new listings.

Today's SALE highlights:

Last night I put this lovely tie-dye piece on SALE for only $8!
Purple Ice
long sleeve gypsy shirt
100% cotton
elastic and drawstring adjustable
size small
Bust: 38"
Hand tie-dyed with lots of love.
to view or to Buy click HERE

Lotus screen print shirt

SALE! only $10
one of a kind
metallic blue and gold silkscreen print
lotus pattern
on a woman's extra small stretch fit (36/XS) white t-shirt
94% viscose, 6% spandex 100% comfy
to view or buy click HERE

Behold screen-print tube top
SALE price $12
Behold screen-print: in raspberry and purple metallic speed ball fabric paint on green striped tube top stretch fit
Bust, waist and hips: 32"
Original silkscreen art by Chelsea Rose
hand silk-screened/printed by the artist: made perfectly imperfect and one of a kind.
to view or to buy click HERE

Take us up on these offers to buy our Hand made and One of a kind creations at astonishing prices!

Best wishes and Happy Holidays!
-Chelsea Rose
Lucid Optic
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Monday, November 23, 2009

More painting and Tie-Dye!

So, its been some time since I made my last post. I have been keepin busy working on my Harpy painting and doing more batches of tie-dye.
We posted 4 new tie-dye shirts in our shop
Check em out:
Blueberry Bubble Gum
This one we call "Blueberry Bubble gum"
Hand tie-dyed with lots of love.
V neck, athletic fit Small
100% cotton
38" bust
To view more or to buy click Here

Leaf Light tie-dye
Leaf Light tie dye Long sleeve shirt!
women small(S)
100% cotton
dyed with procion mx turquoise and yellow
34" chest
( I really love the pattern on this one! and it should be cozy for the colder months ahead)
Click Here to see the shop listing.

I really like this one too:
turquoise vortex tie-dye

Turquoise Vortex Tie Dye
women small (S)
100% cotton
3/4 sleeve V-neck shirt
dyed with procion mx turquoise and purple
40" chest
For more photos or to buy click Here

And lastly for our recent tie-dye news:

This one is called the Minty Zebra
extra large(XL) 100% cotton V-neck
T-shirt dyed with procion mx green and black
42" chest
Click Here to view or purchase.
...And a note for those of you who usually wear larger sized shirts....I know that when you glance at our tie-dye section in our shop it may seem that we only sell to twig people but its not true, I swear. In truth, most of the tiedye that fills an entire closet in our home is taken over by shirts like the one above. We even sell XX shirts but i have no way of modeling such sizes. Danny and I are trying to come up with a better way to display these shirts so bare with us on that score!
But have no fear...we have so much more tie-dye that needs to be listed in our shop so keep an eye out!

On a different score:
I have been working more on my Harpy Painting by doing a lot of reworking of environment and color.
Harpy background process
This was the first layer of color I put down for the background. No color on the harpy yet.
Harpy painting unfinished
Here I did the first layer of color on the harpy. Wasn't sure if I was pleased yet and intended on playing around with her color palette a bit.
Harpy Unfinished painting
Sorry about this one- its a bit washed out because i used flash when taking a picture of the canvas.
As you can see I changed a lot around here. I smogged out the buildings- they are now hardly recognizable especially after I made the branch more produced and curve around the piece.
Im really not sure if I like the new developments here. Im going to have to play around more before I know what I want to do.
In this one you can see I changed the Harpy's coloring to mainly green. I still am not pleased with this color doesn't pop enough from the background.
Over the weekend I ended up changing her wings into more of a bright blue which seemed to help her pop to the eye a lil easier. The branches seem to thick as they get higher on the left side so I have painted over most of those and I am reworking them. I will take a new picture when I get home before it turns into a completely different painting altogether.

Anyhow, all the leaves on the trees are almost gone but what does remain is still vivid agaisnt the dreary weather.
Good Morning Fall
This is the window view from my kitchen. Thats a pear tree visible. This photo was taken last weekend in the morning as I was heatin up some tea before getting to work on my harpy painting. I find my best time to work is around 7:00am on the weekends.
Im getting ready to do a project for a friend who has taken the plunge and purged his city life to live in the wild woods of Oregon. He gave me a big canvas trench coat to paint up plus a bunch of lovely fabric paint. I figure im going start out by laying down a layer of white screenrpint paint which will hopefully give me a good prepped surface to work on. So I will be documenting the creative process on that too since it will be my first experiment with fabric painting.

So thats the skinny.
Wish me luck on my projects and keep watching for more tie-dye and a possible SALE come the 1st of November!

Best wishes,
-Chelsea Rose

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Humble Beginnings + new tie dye and screen prints for sale!

I'm starting to believe that December is just around the corner. This morning the bus ride to work was frigid and its been raining almost every day since Halloween. I do finally feel like I live in Oregon, unlike last year where we got hardly any rain but then thrashed with a crazed snowstorm that Portland was seriously not prepared for. I'm interested to see what this winter will be like.
So, in homage to the chillyness of these days and the days to come Danny and I listed a new tie-dye that is perfect for keepin you or a loved one cozy with some psychedelic flair:
psychedelic thermal
Psychedelic Thermal
Hand tie-dyed with lots of love in my favorite color harmony: Purple and Green!
extra large(XL)
100% cotton thermal dyed w/ procion mx dye
51" chest
To see more of this tie-dye or to buy go HERE

Also, we listed a new screen print that is a collaboration of screen print work of both mine and Dannys. check it out:
behold opticle (eye)llusions
behold opticle (eye)llusions
8.5" x 11"
a mash-up of Chelsea Rose's Behold design, and Danny's optical (eye)llusion, and splatter design screen printed on watercolor paper.
very rare, one of a kind
to see more of it or to buy click HERE

And I wanted to show you what i started working on Wednesday night:
humble beginnings
This is a snapshot of my work table in my lil home studio space.
You can see the humble beginnings of two new paintings.
I'm going to be trying to begin incorporating more detail into my pieces, namely adding some backgrounds to my subject. I felt the Harpy would be a perfect way to start since my original drawing featured her perched on a tree limb.
Here was the original pen and ink drawing:
I projected this pen and ink image onto a prepped 14x14 stretched canvas.
Once I had the harpy transferred where I wanted her I began to sketch with pencil to figure out where and how I wanted the branch to be rendered which she would perch upon. I then drew a few different background ideas involving a looming city scape in the background. Once I finally settled on a background sketch I took my India ink pen and went over the lines to produce what you see in the above photo. That was all done Wednesday night.
Last night I began to go into the Harpy's background with color. I will take a picture of my color additions tonight once I get home from work. I will then begin to lay the first layers of color into the Harpy herself.

....Now, the other painting you can hardly make out in the background of the picture above is another story. I started the background months ago with the idea that I would place this certain drawing I did of a warrior mermaid into it.
here is what the background painting turned out like:
sunken city
My inspiration/idea for this piece was a sunken glowing city under the ocean being guarded/protected by her:
the guardian at the gate
I hesitated for so long to try and put her into the piece because I liked the background as is. But Recently I decided that id give it a try.
I was a little befuddled as to how to transfer my mermaid onto into the sunken city piece. At first i tried it the way I normally do it- which is to project the pen and ink drawing on top the background and then trace it with my India ink pens...but that did not work because the background was too dark for my pen to make much of a guide. So I then decided to use the projector to guide me in blocking out the basic shape of my mermaid in white. That's pretty much as far as I have gotten so far. I did draw the beginnings of her face but that's it.
This is really more of an experiment, if anything. so wish me luck with this and if you have any advice or ideas I would love to hear them.

What i didn't realize till yesterday was that both of these have city scapes in the background. Ugh. Oh well...I do love city scapes...I see them as portraits of Babylon. I wonder at the chances of being born in the midst of such an intense time in the epicenter/mecca/vortex of so much. Its foreboding, frightening, strange, bizarre, horribly ugly and so oddly beautiful and i see all of that in these city scapes i draw- they are stark symbols of man's bloody triumphs, our unquenchable thirst for power, knowledge, our need to shape the world we inhabit. So yes....i do love my city scapes but perhaps for my next painting i will use something else as a background.

...So now you all know what I'm up to currently.
I'm going to try and be diligent and recording the creative process with both of these pieces so stay tuned if you are interested in seeing these paintings unfold with all the progress, struggle and learning of the creative journey.

I am truly looking forward to this weekend. I mean to work a bunch on the above paintings and get a bunch of laundry done too.

Danny's birthday is this coming Monday so I hope we can find some time/funds to do something special together.

Peace be with you all!

Enjoy your weekend journeying,
-Chelsea Rose
Lucid Optic Lab
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finished paintings and 50th sale on etsy!

First off, I would like to show some better photographs of my most recent finished paintings.
posy nymph
Posy Nymph
18" x 14"
original acrylic painting
by Chelsea Rose

wind spirit
Wind Spirit
14" x 14"
original acrylic painting
by Chelsea Rose

A big thanks to Danny for photographing my paintings and making them just right with his mad photo retoucher skills! I feel we make a great team.

Also, im excited to announce that we made our 50th sale on etsy last night!

Our 50th sale was one of Danny's newly released 5 color screen print posters:
laughing buddha screen print poster
Laughing Buddha
11" x 14"
hand printed silkscreen poster
by Danny Rodriguez
He only printed 11 and now that the first one sold we only have 10 left.
view the listing or buy it Here

That same person also bought a print of one of my Pen and Ink drawings:
love thy self
Love they Self
5x7 print
of an original pen and ink drawing
by Chelsea Rose
view the listing or buy it Here

And now for a bit of a rant that comes right from the heart with many many thanks and blessings:

I have been ferociously battling with the truth that sitting in an office building everyday from 8-3 really does my creative spirit a grave injustice. But alas, its currently my means to pay bills and buy food. But still... when I get home I tend to wallow all too much. And now that its getting dark early I find my body trying to hibernate.
So the battle rages on: the temptation to lay my weary bones down and be a drone VS the need to be fruitful and true to self.
I think I am winning over the vile sloth tendencies and I am producing my art work. Its wonderful being partnered with another artist. Danny and I help each other with inspiration. But there are some really truly amazing outside influence that easily jump start our weary artist hands into frantic action. This outside influence is you! You, who ever you are who is reading this blog. You, who enjoy our work enough to support it by buying prints, tie-dye, paintings, screen prints from our little etsy shop. I cant communicate how much the support means to us and perhaps to the world for that matter. In this day and age where so much is mass produced by mega corps. and sold cut throat cheap I feel people who are willing to support hand made art and craft with their hard earned dollars are in truth heroes and freedom fighters. I know this world right now is not set up for small business and hand crafted, local artisan goods but I think there are a great many people out there who are seeking to turn the tides back and set us once again on the right track.

So, thanks again for the support!

Much love,
-Chelsea Rose
Lucid Optic Lab
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Finished projects and new tie-dye in our shop!

So I finished my "Wind Spirit" painting over the weekend.
Waiting for the varnish to dry
This is just a quick snapshot that Danny took while Sushi-cat and I were waiting for the first layer of gloss varnish to dry. The flash from the camera really washed out all the colors in the painting, but you get the idea. Hopefully today we will have some nice high quality details pictures of the painting. Its a 14"x14" acrylic painting done on stretched canvas. I'm sellin this one for $150.00 so let me know if you are interested and we will work out the details.

Otherwise, Danny also finished a major project of his:
laughing buddha screen print poster
Laughing Buddha screen print poster 11"x14"
This is a completely hand made, hand printed 5 color silk screen print poster made by Danny.
Its extremely limited eddition. He only printed 11 on Bristol paper.
To create this Poster he had burned 5 different silk screens, each one a layer that makes up the image. To get a better understanding what this process entails check out his flickr page where he documented the creation process.
He just listed these posters for sale in our online etsy shop so check out this link to see the listing.

Speakin of etsy, we are trying to revive our shop. During the summer we were so busy sellin our goods at all the local art fairs and farmers market we ended up neglecting our poor little etsy shop. But now that fall is here the rains have begun and we are trapped inside with not much else to do. So, we have begun diggin out all of tie dye, new art prints, screen prints + more and we are slowly photographing it all and listing it in our shop.
So, if you are a fan of Lucid Optic Lab tie-dye stay tuned because we will be listing lots this month!
The other day we listed a couple items:
Purple Ice long sleeve gypsy tie dye shirt
100% cotton
elastic and drawstring adjustable
size small
Bust: 38"
Hand tie-dyed with lots of love!
Selling for only$10
click HERE to see the shop listing and more pictures

The other item we listed was this one:
Strawberry Dusk Tie Dye Skirt
This skirt sold in one day!
But have no fear, more tie-dye is on the way.
So keep checkin our shop for more.

So thats the news as of late.
Now i have to figure out what my next painting will be. My dear friend Randy Wonder Tooth bought me a huge box full of 14"x14" gallery box framed stretched canvas and my goal this winter is to do a new series with all of them.
Perhaps next i will paint my Harpy drawing. Im also considering doing some experimenting with these trippy face mandalas that i have been drawing just recently. I will scan one in to show you soon.
Peace be with you all!
I hope you are taking your Echinacea and Goldenseal to keep all these flue yucks at bay.
Much love, always!
-Chelsea Rose
Chelsea Rose

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Recent Events, Musings and To do lists

In my recent absence I have had a wonderful adventure, traveling down to WolfCreek with my dear Danny. We were well met by our faerie friends at the sanctuary where we were able to set up camp, frolic and drum to our hearts content in the lovely wilderness of southern Oregon. I could not fathom a better way to celebrate Samhain! And celebrate we did.
a couple quick lil snap shots as we were getting ready for the Samhain ritual:
face painting at wolf creek sanctuary
here I am playing with face paint at any chance I get. Check out Wonder's beard- its glorious no?
Danny Maji
Danny looking quite handsome in samhain ritual garb!
samhain- wolf creek
I painted my face up too, for the witch's new year. although truthfully I am guilty at jumping at ANY chance to break out the face/body paint.
Originally Wonder and I had planned on painting his entire body green, and then going over with black lines to create a super intricate green man full body painting. But alas, it was chilly and wet for the days we spent there so stripping down to bare skin and playing with body paint wasn't the best idea. We will get to it some day, I really do so hope!
Wolf creek tribe ready for Samhain
quick shot of our lil wolf creek tribe before the Samhain ritual. take a look at this lil glimpse of land and the yummy vial of mist obscuring the tree line! so much love : )
A great time had by all, and we were able to finally break in our tent. Had to borrow sleepin bags from dear Shauna Mama, but we are slowly collecting all the gear we may need to survive the beginning of the end! Or rather, Danny and I are rounding enough gear so that we can run away to camp on the forest coast of Oregon during the weekends. sounds yummy huh? Need sleepin bags, wool blankets, one of those super nifty nomad heating systems that are made of tin cans, heating bases on alcohol(Wonder and Tim and one and made us tea in the morning with it), also need an extra tarp for more rain proofing + more.
Danny and I carved pumpkins too:
Carved pumpkins for 09
Danny's pumpkin was great this year. He carved a pattern of I think 9 different faces that went all around the entire pumpkin. Mine, like the last few years was an ode to the Cheshire Cat....i promise I will do something different next year, I swear!

Also, Danny and I have been together for 4 years now. We count Oct 31st as our anniversary date. So this time of year is always a super special time. I cant believe its been 4 years already- time is a strange misstress. I look forward to many more years together. Im excited to think on where we might be in another 4 years with each other, our art and our life style.
Lions in the Storm
( an older photo but a good one!)

As far as my artwork goes- im so behind! But now that the dust has fallen, we are back nestled into our cozy home studio space I am ready to get to work. Tonight I plan on putting the final touches on my wind spirit painting. I will take pictures of her once she is signed and varnished. I still need to post pictures of my painting "posy nymph", so stay tuned.

For the month of November I will be babysitting T.Ruth Artspace Gallery (where my solo gallery show/ paintings still hang) while the owner is traveling. So if you are in the area come say hi and drop by, yes? your company and support would be greatly appreciated.

and a recent poem I wrote to send you off with:

I am a careless heroine
with a brave finger against the brow
holding face in fuming reverie
growling with the entrails of this sorrowing bridge and its treacherous way
this convoluted path manifesting as a dagger of drought on my parched spool of tongue that wallows, shifting in steely indifference with the shrugging of half lidded eyes.
I stand as effigy, revered burden of glowering aptitude teaming in the splinters of steaming electrical coils, placid with the sharpness to inject.
This calibration wrought tight in columns of my spine resting in the nape of unperturbed illusory splendor is ready to spring and command.
My battered crown pulsates as a grafting symbol of granulated edict.
I am a ruthless heroine
My proclamation made deep and luxuriant amidst black opal pupils
gone milky in whisper weeping coals, gelatinous with polluted condemnation forever a scourge, mounted thick and groveling in the winding shores of divination thus bestowed.
The towers before me are glowing, steely dawn rippling like convulsing flesh, dripping splendors of warm smoggy breath all a glow in the chill of this inky shore.
And I stand here, holding this mound of dirt between stakes of armored intent with arms held in the pulsating homage of the sphinx with its claw and feather, a splendor of cruel truth and balancing awe.
A formidable opponent, equipped stark and naked with the gaze of infinity, growing in blazing feral trance.
And I, most like a thorny serpent, my jaw puckered into a blooming flower of wound, fanged and gagging on the heavy blanket of Babylon, my harrowing opponent, abusive in its splendor.
But these breaches have little effect, for a clandestine fortress ripples in this chest of mine where I bare the weapons of elusive voices, the heavenly defiance whipping like festooned brocade, a violent ivy thick with web to ensnare and consume.
Therefore, do not cross me.
I am a careless heroine.
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