Monday, April 25, 2011

Dark Arts craft fair at The Lovecraft Bar

Good day!
Well, in all actuality its a dreary day over here in Portland Oregon complete with hard rain and fast wind. However we did get a break from that mess on Saturday. The sunshine was out full force for what felt like the 1st time this year. It made for a fun and successful day selling my art at the Portland Saturday Market.

On Sunday I tried something new. I set up a lil booth inside a local bar and tea house called The Lovecraft bar( yes! its themed after the famous scifi/horror writer HP Lovecraft!) and sold my work at their monthly "dark arts" craft fair.
A photo from the expeirnce:
Dark Arts craft fair at The Lovecraft bar
(sorry for the photo quality. It was quite dark inside and we didnt have our tripod.)
....I had a blessed time! It was back to raining outside on Sunday so i was very happy to be tucked nicley indoors selling my work, with a nice big pot of tea at hand and plenty of other intersting local artists to meet and chat with. What was really engouraing is i sold very well! I had my best art vending day of the year thus far inside the bar. I really felt like the poeple who were walking in the door were my target audicence, and thus we were a good match for eachother :) I cant wait to do the event again!
...and of course, since i will take almost any opperunity to dress up a lil...this is what i wore for the "dark arts" craft fair:
What I wore today
You cant really tell in this photo but this lace dress is actually two shades of dark green. I found the dress a year ago at the Goodwill bins and bought it for less then a buck! Under the dress i am wearing a striped skirt that was gifted to me. On my head i wear my favoerite hat, which i bought at a renissance fair in California a few years back.

In other news...
I am excited to now be offering 8"x 10" art prints of my most recent acrylic painting:

"Mistress and the Orb" originla acrylic painting.
Get your 8"x10" Giclee art print of her for $15 here.
Speical offer for my blog followers: If you type "blog friend" in the notes field of your order I will add a surprise art piece inside the package for you!

How was your weekend?
Much love and light,
-Chelsea Rose
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Friday, April 22, 2011

Mistress And The Orb original acrylic painting + time lapse video of creation

We made it to the end of the week and I am rather excited to share with you my newest acrylic painting:
Mistress and the Orb
"Mistress and the Orb"
22" x 28"
original acrylic painting on stretched canvas
by Chelsea Rose

...I hope she speaks to you as she does to me :)
I had a wonderful journey in the process of creation with this one and i am very pleased to be able to share it with you via this time lapse video taken over a period of a few weeks as i painted her:

(music: "Words From a Predecessor"feat. Chelsea Rose and her spoken word poetry provided by: Bone And All )

And here are some photos from the creative process:
Mistress and the Orb original concept drawing( pen and ink)

Orb work in progress
....beginning the background

Orb work in progress India ink outline applied over the background

Orb- work in progress
...the beginning stages of laying down the first layers of color.

So thats that! I will be offering 8"x10" full color giclee prints of her very soon, so keep an eye out for them.

In the meantime, check out what my better half has been up to:
ebru pyramids
original handmade two layer acrylic ebru(turkish paper marbling) mono-print with a screen print on kozo paper by Danny.

and another groovy time lapse video of his Ebru paper marbling process, seen from below and under water:

Pretty crazy, no?

Anyhoo, what are your plans for the weekend?
I will be selling my art at the Portland Saturday Market and would love to see you there! And on Sunday I will be selling my art at that HPLoveCraft themed bar and tea house I was telling you about. I will be participating their monthly "dark arts" art fair. Come stop in, say hi and enjoy some local art over a nice pot of tea!

Love and Light,
-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Market and other news

I had a good day at the Portland Saturday Market this past weekend. Here are some photos of the booth set up:
Portland Saturday Market 04/16/11
This is the Body art photography side of my booth

Portland Saturday Market 04/16/11
and this is the Acrylic painting side of my booth. I am still trying to figure out which is the best way to set up my 6'x6' square area, I imagine its going to take me awhile to figure this out.

This weekend I will be doing the Portland Saturday Market on Saturday and on Sunday I will be at The Lovecraft bar doing their monthly "dark arts" Lovecraft fair. For those of you who love HP Lovecraft's strange novels and short stories, you'll love this bar and tea house inspired by the man's vision! If you are in Portland come check it out, take in some tea or somethin a lil harder and visit my booth!

I am also excited about next week because, if the weather proves decent enough, I will be selling at Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta street! So...all sorts of art vending plans are on the rise.

Meanwhile, I am still working on finishing my "Mistress and the Orb" piece...I imagine she will be all done in a day or two. i will then post a time lapse video of her creation :)

Much peace love and light!

-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Painting progress on "Mistress and the Orb"

Hi! I had a fun weekend. How bout you?

Saturday was spent downtown, vending my art at the Portland Saturday Market. I was very very pleased that there was no rain for the day, yay! I brought along my current "work in progress" painting and got a lot done on it, check it out:
work in progress
Its not done yet....but getting very close. Not only did it give me something to do while sitting there from 10-5...painting live in my booth drew a lot of interest from the crowd. people were very excited to see some art in progress and i had fun talking with them about my mediums, my process and my inspirations. I think I will have to bring something to paint more often when I am down there, it was so much fun!

People at the market seemed very much drawn to "The Mistress and the Orb" and were asking if they could buy a print of her...thus I have decided to release prints of the original pen and ink drawing for sale:

Mistress and the Orb

5"x7" High quality digital print

Original pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose

On sale for $7.

Click here to buy.

And now for some super awesome amazingness:

sri yantra ebru

"Sri Yantra Ebru"

original 100%handmade four layer acrylic and ink ebru(turkish paper marbling) monoprint on kozo paper by Danny Rodriguez.

He contuies to amazing me each time he does a new Ebru project. Interested to see what he will make next.

But It isnt always all work, work, create, work...I swear! On Sunday we made it a point to not get out of bed until 10:00am, and that felt great. Despite sleeping in I got all my house chores done including cleaning our patio out and planting some morning glory seeds(I know some people consider them a weed but they are my fave flower!) Today after work I intend to go on the hunt for some various flower seeds + basil and chamomile seeds. I think i need some more soil also. I am looking forward to some warmer weather so that I can hang out on my patio again, drink, tea, play with my cat and read some books. I have a small lil space to grow things but i try to utlize it anyhow.

Here are some photos from last years lil patio garden:
One summer evening
summer patio garden Morning glories Home grown Basil

So, have you begun your garden yet? If so what are you planting?

Much love and light,

-Chelsea Rose
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Work In Progress painting, Banyan Tree design, Ebru Power

Been keepin busy, take a look :
Orb- work in progress
This is a work in progress shot of my acrylic painting in process called "Mistress of the Orb." I have been videotaping myself painting this piece so when I am all done I will have a neat time lapse video of the process to show you!

The Banyan Tree
This is a pen and ink Banyan tree illustration that I custom designed for an etsy customer of mine. It was a very fun illustration to work on and I rather like the way it turned out! Maybe this Banyan tree will be make an apearence in a painting of mine someday soon.

My new headband!
And check out my new headband! It was Gifted to me as a 2year dread head anniversary present by my dear misty mountain bard friend from afar. ... makes me feel like a forest nymph when I wear it :) Thank you Sara!

And Danny has been busy brewin some Ebru. Check out some of his new pieces:

fire mandala

"Fire Mandala"
( original handmade double layer acrylic ebru(Turkish paper marbling) monoprint on kozo paper.)


(original handmade double layer acrylic ebru(Turkish paper marbling) monoprint on kozo paper.)

....for more of his most recent work visit the Lucid Optic Lab flickr account.

Love and Light,
-Chelsea Rose
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Friday, April 1, 2011

New Pen and Ink Drawings

Its April already? In Portland we broke the 60 degree mark for the 1st time yesterday. Still feels like winter to me! Thus in the evenings I am still tucking myself in a lot, puttin on a good movie and drawing.

Here are some recents:

Do you like my Fancy Hat?

"Do You Like My Fancy Hat?"

original pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose

Goddess of the Fields

"Goddess Of the Fields"

Original pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose

In other news, I shall be selling my art this weekend at the Portland Saturday Market. If you are in town, come on down and say hi!

Peace n Love, -Chelsea Rose

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