Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sailor Moon inspired painting and Art Giveaway contest

When I was a little girl I was obsessed with the cartoon Sailor Moon. In the mornings before school I would watch it on TV while eating breakfast. It began a life long appreciation for anime, comics and alien warrior princesses which ultimately contributed to the development of my artistic style.  To my extreme delight, for the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon, a new version was released in 2014 called "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal." This new release rekindled my obsession with the anime series and so I couldn't help but do a little fan art tribute.

It started with this pen and ink drawing in my sketchbook:

I was pretty excited with how the sketch came out so I decided to do a painting based on it:

"Sailor Lucid" 
original acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose


I made sure to add my signature third eye, as well as the single daggered pupil I draw all too often.
 I think it worked well, lending Sailor Moon a very eerie, whimsical, mysterious edge.

The full original painting is available in my etsy shop for $200. Interested in giving her a good home?
 Have a look here.

In other news I am having an art give away contest!

In order to enter to win this 3"x3" mini original acrylic painting of mine, plus a 10 pack of my hand made stickers you must do the following: 
-Follow me on Instagram @LucidRose
-Repost the photo above and include @lucidrose and #lucidrose in the description. 
The winner will be randomly selected and announced on my Instagram account January 31st. 

And last but not least, Check out my new favorite tea mug: 

Life is like a cup of tea, it's all in how you make it. 
(yay for creepy tea cups and random Irish proverbs!)

Sending love and light,
-Chelsea Rose 

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