Sunday, November 16, 2014

I Am Therefore I Think & Bling group Art shows

This month I am in two group shows around town:
"I Am Therefore I think" at Peoples Art of Portland Gallery, and "Bling" at Splendoporium Gallery

I created four paintings for "I Am therefore I think" which is a social commentary art show:

original acrylic painting on canvas board
 by Chelsea Rose

This painting was a nice change in subject matter/intention then my usual art. I was still able to paint the sacred feminine, but did so in a setting and environment that expressed my own unease and misgivings about mankind's disregard for the planet we inhabit.

"War Is Over"
Original Acrylic Painting on canvas board
by Chelsea Rose 

original acrylic painting on canvas board
by Chelsea Rose 

"Not Asking for It"
original acrylic painting on canvas board
by Chelsea Rose 

These three mini paintings were created as a mini series expressing three major issues that women face in global society. I chose the issues of War, Inequality and Rape Culture. It was important for me to try and show a verity of ethnicity in these three paintings which I feel I managed to accomplish by featuring a Middle Eastern woman, a Black woman and a White woman.

Here they are drying on my easel: 

And here are some photos from the art opening:

Here I am posing by one of my protestor mini paintings. The opening was a day before Halloween so I wore my dreadlocks in Sailor Moon style hair buns.

And I had to take a photo of this lady dressed as one of my all-time favorite female artists, Frida Khalo, as she sat below my "Devastated" painting.

As you can see by these small sections of wall in the photos, there was sooo much art on those walls, it was practically floor to ceiling.

The show is still up, and will remain so till the first of December, so go check it out! 

And then I have one painting in the "Bling" show at Splendorporium Gallery:

"Gems in the Heavens"
original acrylic painting on wood 
by Chelsea Rose 

The show will be up till January 5th, so you have plenty of time to have a look. 

I am also working on my five paintings for the Big 500 show, opening Dec.13th. well as getting several of my acrylic paintings on records submitted to the vinyl record art show at Future Shock

And if you are looking for an opportunity to buy a bunch of prints, or original art from me you will have the chance to do so at the 6th annual Splendorcraft gift sale, where I will be sharing a booth space with Silly Weird Things

So come visit us Friday the 5th, Saturday the 6th of December and collect some art! 

Thanks for the support!
-Chelsea Rose 

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Things that go Bump in the Night, art show

 Fall is here and I LOVE this time of year, as the sweet summer weather turns into moody, atmospheric fall, pumpkin spice flavored treats pop up everywhere, I get to play dress up for Halloween and watch all my fave movies like Sleepy Hollow, Hocus Pocus, Beetle Juice, Adams Family and more! 

This year I also got to participate in a spooky group show called "Things That Go Bump In the Night" 
at the Peoples Art of Portland
Here are my contributions:

The Offering
(SwampThing meets Dracula)
original acrylic painting on canvas
by Chelsea Rose

original acrylic painting on a vinyl record
by Chelsea Rose 

The show runs through to the end of this week, so if you are in portland make sure to check it out before its gone! 

And of course I got all dressed up for Halloween: 

This year my costume was inspired by the Celtic nature god, the Green Man.

and I also painted a pumpkin:

My pumpkin painting was inspired by the Cheshire Cat, of course!

So thats that, I hope everyone had a spooktacular Halloween and managed to dressed up and ate too much sweets. 

Much love and light,
-Chelsea Rose 

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