Thursday, April 30, 2009

the Green Man and more...

Alright…its been awhile since I have written. I have been up to all sorts of things: I had the most outrageous trip over last weekend and so I have been taking it easy and resting up. Danny and I made the trek to the Wolf Creek Sanctuary and it was certainly a trip down the rabbit hole, which I did need VERY badly. I got to see two dear friends of mine who had all sorts of exciting news and positive vibes and I met lots of wonderful wonderland creatures ( Radical Faeries to be exact), enjoyed the lush land and drummed my heart out at night by the fire. Needless to say I am quite inspired by it all.

More exciting things: Tonight Danny and I will be at the Last Thursday Art walk on Alberta St in Portland OR. We will have our full booth set up selling original paintings, tie-dye, prints, screen prints and more. Come check us out, our things will be on SALE!

And we have a new item to introduce:
the Green Man print on shirt
The Green Man
Printed in green on white t-shirt
Original artwork by Chelsea Rose
Currently we have 1 Medium and an XL left
However, custom orders are welcome, just send me an email: or contact me Via with an alchemy order request.

Speaking of the green man, look what I found:

painting The Green Man

This photo is up on the Long Beach CA art walk website.
take a look:
…. brings back lovely memories. It was taken during my first time vending at the Long Beach art walk in 08. This painting was commissioned by a dear dear friend and in exchange he gave me my first tattoo. I may be holding onto this painting for him because he is fleeing the city life to live for some time in an RV on some lush land in i will be able to take some nice high quality pictures of the finished piece when i get it back! Its going to be so great having him only a few hours away vs all the way in another state! i cant wait for all these things to come into seems since winter has melted away there has been a burst of new happenings/changes/opportunity and it is indeed a breath of fresh air.
....and look, me before dread locks!

As far as everything else goes, I am ok and still hanging in there. Spring is in full bloom and its lovely and look, my wildflower seeds and begun to bloom:
Sprouts and the Gnome
I bought some wildflower seeds from the 99 cent store...they are startin to push up now! in the bigger pot i planted some bulbs and they are just beginning to break the surface. truthfully i dont know what to expect from these little guys so i guess its going to be a surprise when they grow tall enough to bloom.
and meet my faithful patio Gnome...he has done a great job with overseeing the various patio activities/festivities be it keeping a watchful eye on my sprouts to guarding our territory from curious tomcats looking for mischief!

More randomness: here is a shot of my kitchen window, adorned with my small collection of antique bottles:
Kitchen Window
i love bottles. I once had a great many more then what you see here but after moving so many times you tend to try and lessen the burden of Stuff and Things.
yay for bottles of potion and majick, yay for bottles of herbals and perfume, yay for bottles sporting delicate labels that read "Drink me" and yay for the way they glow so elegantly in cool window light.

Extra randombess: This is what my hands normally look like:
tie-dye hands
…I really don’t mind it but it certainly throws people for a loop. I suppose its hard to blend into a stuffy office building when my hands are multi colored and all my clothes have some amount of paint on them, oh well! I have been pretty good at hiding my hands from the boss man. Whats really funny is going to the market and watching people get really creeped out over the fact that you are touching food they might buy with multi-color hands. when in actuality my hands are probably cleaner then everyone’s since i spend much time, each day scrubbing and soaking and wringing and washing out dyed fabrics. my hands get so chapped! it cant be good to absorb all this dye through my hands though...i just HATE latex gloves...

Anyhow, that’s all I got for now. I will keep in touch!

-Chelsea Rose
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

News and things!

Hello there,
The Spring Cleaning Sale ended April 20th, 2009 and i am happy to announce it was a great success, thanks to you guys for your support! Danny and I have already begun the restocking of art supplies which is now fueling a bunch new projects.
It seems we have picked up quite a few more customers and we are hurriedly pushing out custom silkscreen print orders for shirts and bags and more!
...and guess who is back: "the Goddess in All of Us"
the Goddess in All of Us -newly screenprinted
....back by popular demand! I have re screened this beauty and it is ready to begin printing for all your custom orders. Ordering is easy as pie: simply let me know your size preferences/ Bust Waist and Hips measurements/ t-shirt cut and color preferences and i will see what i can do for ya! If you are on ( feel free to start an alchemy custom order. If you are not an buyer/seller simply email me your order/quote request :
There are still a few pre-printed "the Goddess in All of Us shirts" avilaible for purchase:
Goddess in All of Us screen print shirt by Lucid Optic Lab
This shirt was hand screen printed by me.
Its on a red/purple woman's Large(L) stretch material shirt
Bust: 38"Waist: 36"Hips: 39"
and its priced at $20.00.
Buy here:
I also have a black print of it on a white women's shirt:
SALE the Goddess in All of Us screenprint on white shirt
Black print on a white woman's extra small(xs) stretch material shirt
Bust: 32" Waist: 30" Hips: 32"
also priced at $20.00
Buy here:

Speaking of alchemy orders check out this one I did for a custom tie-dye shirt:
Alchemy Request:Tie Dye t-shirt

I had a lady request this specific dye and fold style based off a shirt she saw in one of my product photos for my tie-dye yoga pants: SALE Tie Dye Samurai pants with Flower Embroidery SALE
I gladly agreed to the order and thus produced the shirt above. While it is similar in fold style, dye colors the shirts are certainly individual, being similar in nature but completely different. This is one of the many reasons i love tie-dye. tie dye is very unpredictable and while we can only hope to mimic similar dye/tie folds the dye has a mind of its own. Every tie-dye is a surprise no matter how concisely planned and in a sense that’s where the magic lies!

On to other news: I can hardly wait for this weekend to arrive! Danny and I will be visiting the "wolf creek" sanctuary/commune for a few days, located in the southern tip of Oregon. Two of our close friends from LA are driving up in their RV and we will be camping together on the land there. I can only imagine how refreshing this excursion will be: providing us with a chance to embrace this beautiful spring bloom and get out of our mundane habits and routine! So wish us some luck and a safe journey.

Best wishes and much love,
-Chelsea Rose
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lucid Optic Lab's Spring Cleaning SALE:Final days

SPRING CLEANING SALE: ends TODAY! Buy now before all sale prices turn back into pumpkins! Help me reach my etsy shop goal of 30 sales by the end of my SALE today! Im at 27 sales, just a few more would do it!
All funds from this sale will be going into rejuvenating my art supplies cabinet so i can start on new projects and continue creating!

Featuring a new "Behold" metallic silver screen print on a pale green XL women's short sleeved shirt!:
Behold mettalic silver screen print on pale green XL shirt
SPRING CLEANING SALE: List price: $22now on SALE for:$10 WOW!
"Behold"screen print Original artwork by Chelsea Rose
on a pale green woman's Extra Large(XL )shirt
Bust: 46"Waist: 42"Hips: 44"
We are still printing "Behold"Custom t-shirt size/print colors are welcome at this time!

Also, check out my Original Mixed Media art cards:
Super Gypsy Power Love Time mixed media artcard
SPRING CLEANING SALE: List price: $15 now on SALE for:$7!
Super Gypsy Power Love Time 4" x 6"original mixed media art on card-stock by Chelsea Rose
The Seeds of Sunshine mixed media art card
Seeds of Sunshine
SPRING CLEANING SALE: List price: $15 now on SALE for:$7!4"x6"original mixed media art on card-stock
by Chelsea Rose

Mushroom Muffin Pixie mixed media art card
Mushroom Muffin Pixie mixed media art card
SPRING CLEANING SALE: List price: $15 now on SALE for:$7!4"x6"original mixed media art on card-stock
by Chelsea Rose

I created these art cards in 08 for my first ever art walk vending experience. I was feverishly pushing these out trying to make sure id have some fun/new inventory. I still have several left and would love to see them go to a good/appreciating home! They are quite a steal since they are one of a kind, original mixed media art pieces. I used many many mediums on these cards: pen and ink, acrylic and watercolor paint, makeup, crackle varnish, decorative art paper, image transfer, distress ink and more!

SALE ON ALL 5" x 7" ART PRINT CARDS: List price: $7 now on SALE for:$4!
Looking for clouds photography print on card

Only a few days left on the spring sale. grab the slashed prices while ya can!

I wanted to share with you my first alchemy order:
Finished Custom ordered tie-dye shirt!
I had a lady request a custom tie-dye shirt through an Alchemy request. I finished the order today and will be shipping it first thing Monday morning. This was a fun project...custom orders are always interesting/
guaranteed one of a kind. With tie-dye there is and element of surprised in the creation, no matter how much planning...the artist is at the whim of the dye!
...Perhaps this is why I enjoy the process so much.

Alrighty then, thats it for now folks! Its time for me to curl up on the couch with my kitty cat Sushi, a big cup of tea and a book.
Much Love!
-Chelsea Rose
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Art Print SALE!

SPRING CLEANING SALE: sale on all art print cards of size 5" x 7 "
sale ends April 29th, 2009!
List price: $7
NOW on SALE for:$4.00 !!!
5" x 7"high quality digital print on card in plastic archival sleeve
Original pen and ink work by Chelsea Rose
Art SALE on card prints! <-----buy here!
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

still in SALE mode!

Im still havin my first major etsy shop sale- goes till april 20th 2009!
So buy some stuff if you are interested, its all on major sale and it will help me free up some room for new creations, plus generate funds for supplies!
featured sale items:

Blazing Glory Box: available for purchase here
Blazing Glory Box Blazing Glory Box
HUGE SALE: price slashed from $65 to $15. Grab it while its hot.
5" x 10"one of a kind wooden charm box velour interior hand painted with acrylic and enamel paints + collage work!
....This was one of my first mixed media altered box creations. I had so much fun decorating it in all sorts of mediums. Its got a lovely velour interior. Would make a fine keep-sake or jewelery box!
more photos:
Blazing Glory Box
Blazing Glory box Blazing Glory box
The metallic paint on this box is perhaps my most favorite brand of paint: Jacquard Lumiere paint has the most gorgeous, luxurious metallic paint around and whats super cool is not only is it a great acrylic paint, it also doubles for fabric paint when heat set!

another "Behold" screen print t-shirt available for purchase here

Behold silkscreen print on women's brick red shirt
SPRING CLEANING SALE: List price: $22now on SALE for:$10 WOW!"
Behold"screen print
Original artwork by Chelsea Rose
on a brick-red woman's Medium(M) shirt
Bust: 34"Waist: 32"Hips: 36"

I am still printing this "Behold". Custom size/color orders are welcome at this time!

....more sale items coming soon! The next items on the list to hit the sale will be my fine art drawing and painting card prints!
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Cleaning SALE: featured sale items

our ETSY online shop
So we are on day 5 of our Spring Cleaning SALE ending April 20th 2009.
Lucid Optic Lab announcement: we have lowered our shipping rates for all orders outside the USA!!
Featured SALE items:
SALE:Laced Turquoise-Purple tie-dye skirt
SALE Laced Turquoise-Purple tie-dye skirt
SPRING CLEANING SALE: skirt was originally listed at $30 now on SALE for:$15 WOW!
Laced Turquoise-Purple tie-dye skirt
size: Large
Elastic waist measures: 24" when not being stretched
Elastic waist measures: 36" when stretched to its maximum
100% cotton excluding the lace
I am very surprised this has yet to sell! I tie-dyed this last year after finding the skirt in a wild lil thrift store in Santa Barbra as I was passing through the town. Upon tie-dye completion i deemed this skirt one of my most favorite tie-dye creations. When we are vending at various art walks/sales we always display this skirt somewhere in the front of the booth and it tends to be a powerful way to draw people over/make people stop and look for a bit. So since no one has snatched this one up yet we have slashed the price in hopes we can find it good home.

SALE: the Goddess in All of Us screenprint on white shirt
SALE the Goddess in All of Us screenprint on white shirt
SPRING CLEANING SALE: list price: $22 now on SALE for:$10 WOW!
the Goddess in All of Us
screen print shirt
Original artwork by Chelsea Rose
on a white woman's extra small(xs) stretch material shirt
Bust: 32"
Waist: 30"
Hips: 32"
"the Goddess in All of Us" print was created uisng the drawing fluid/silkscreen method. So far this print has been well received. However i only printed 6 shirts in total before cleaning the screen to use for a new design, so grab them before they disappear!

SALE:"Behold" silkscreen print in silver on brown women's tee
Behold silkscreen print in silver on brown women's tee
SPRING CLEANING SALE: List price: $22now on SALE for:$10 WOW!
screen print
Original artwork by Chelsea Rose
on a brown woman's Medium(M) shirt
Bust: 38"
Waist: 34"
Hips: 36"
I am still printing this "Behold". Custom size/color orders are welcome at this time!

SALE: Lioness of Justice screenprint on RASTA Tie-Dyed shirt
Lioness of Justice screenprint on RASTA Tie-Dyed shirt
SPRING CLEANING SALE: shirt was originally listed at $20 now on SALE for:$12 WOW! medium v cut long sleeve girls top 100% cotton tie-dye: red yellow green silkscreen: Justice-black
This was hand silkscreened by danny. I believe the Justice graphic was the first thing he ever burned/silkscreened. This Tie-Dye shirt was made with rasta colors + powerfull lioness vibes!
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

new faze of etsy SALE

Lucid Optic Lab is still slashing prices on our tie-dye and silkscreen apparel: once a day adding more and more of our shop into sale mode while also releasing new creations at great prices. Catch this while it lasts, our spring sale ends April, 20th 2009!

featured Spring Cleaning SALE items:

silver lotus on purple tie dye list price: $25 now on SALE for:$12
LOTUS screen-print: in SILVER metallic speedball fabric paint on PURPLE tie-dye shirt
one of a kind
metallic silver lotus silkscreen print
on purple tie dye woman's medium stretch fit short sleeve t-shirt
95% cotton 5% spandex
Bust: 26" stretched: 30"
waist: 24" stretched: 28"
Hips: 29" stretched: 32"
hand tie-dyed/hand silk-screened/printed by the artist: made perfectly imperfect and one of a kind. Grab it while ya can....

the Goddess in All of Us screen print on gray womens shirt
shirt was originally listed at $22 now on SALE for:$10 WOW!
the Goddess in All of Us
screen print shirt
Original artwork by Chelsea Rose
on gray woman's Large(L)shirt
Bust: 39"
Waist: 37"
Hips: 40"

Behold screen print tube top
Perfect for summer: list price: $22 now on SALE for:$12 WOW! Behold screen-print: in raspberry and purple metallic speedball fabric paint on green striped tube top stretch fit Bust, waist and hips: 32"Original silkscreen art by Chelsea Rosehand silk-screened/printed by the artist: made perfectly imperfect and one of a kind.

Behold print on large Red tankList price: $22now on SALE for:$10 WOW!"Behold"screen print Original artwork by Chelsea Roseon a red woman's Large(L) tank top shirtBust: 38"Waist: 36"Hips: 39"

all for sale here:Lucid Optic Lab
We will be posting more for sale tonight so stay tuned!
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Cleaning SALE SALE SALE

The SALE madness has begun! Lucid Optic Lab is now officially in Spring Cleaning SALE. So far today we have gone through a lot of our Tie-dye and some screen printing and slashed the heck out of our prices. Seize this sale opportunity before it ends on 4-20-09!!

I think so far, the most exciting sales yet are on my newly screen printed shirts 'The Goddess in All of Us" and "Behold": Goddess in All of Us screen print shirt by Lucid Optic Lab Behold screen-print: in silver metallic on black long sleeve shirt. ...and more all originally listed for sale at $22 dollars a shirt. These one of a kind hand printed silk screened shirts are on SALE for only $12 bucks each!

take a look: SALE Tie Dye Samurai pants with Flower Embroidery SALE
This pair of Tie-Dye pants was originally listed at $30. It is now on sale for only $10 +shipping cost.
These pants are certainly one of a kind; i found them in an antique mall and couldn't resists tie-dyeing them.I think they make great Yoga pants....super comfortable
check out the listing: Buy Here

Other tie-dye on major sale:SALE Queen of the Purp tie-dye tank top SALE
listing here: buy here original price:15 now on SALE for only $7 bucks!

SALE Lavender Orb tie-dye skirt SALESALE Lavender Orb tie-dye skirt SALE: O.G price: $25 on sale for $10! Yikes! Buy Here
So there are a lot of other things we put up for sale today and there should be a new group of sale items released tomorrow, keep checking back: Lucid Optic Lab online shop!

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eve before Spring blow out SALE SALE SALE!!!

So its spring and the seeds are cracking open extending their stored energy out into the sun and soil, the trees have begun to blossom, the land is sighing in relief of life here again in its renewed cycle.
As for myself i can feel a quickening of tempo within yet the world seems stifled in many senses and i feel myself and those around me being greatly stunted by the economic hardships of late. I know it has been especially hard for entrepreneurs to continue to exist in this sort of economic climate, especially independent artists such as myself and Danny. As natural history shows is all important to be able to adapt and react to current state of affairs with ingenuity and positivity. So, even though Lucid Optic Lab has gotten off to a slow start in 09 we are excited to try new ways in which to quicken the tempo. The work bench has become increasingly crowded with all sorts of new creations: Work benchDanny and i have spent all winter creating. Now it is time to take all that stored energy and release it so that means: SALE SALE SALE!!! I am excited to announce Lucid Optic Lab's first major blowout sale. We will be slashing prices up to 50% and beyond starting this evening around 5pm. We will be putting our tie-dye on major discount as well as our silkscreen work new and old. So get ready to take advantage of these majorly slashed prices. This is an exciting opportunity to be able to buy hand made art from emerging artists. Delight in the fact that every purchase goes to supporting art and its creation. Every penny spent on lucid optic lab creations will go towards securing our sustaining of art production.
So, thank you in advance for supporting Lucid Optic Lab.
It is important as a consumer to realize and fully appreciate the authenticity and pride that shines from hand made artisan art and craft. It is also important as a consumer to realize that by buying handmade goods from individual artists instead of mass produced goods from corporations one is effecting major positivity in the world around them. Thank you for supporting the artists of today.

So Stay tuned and keep watching our etsy shop: for some major discounts on our hand made creations. If you do not have an etsy account feel free to contact us via email: with any questions, comments, orders/custom orders. We love hearing from you!

Best Wishes!
-Lucid Optic Lab
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Friday, April 3, 2009

new screenprints: "Behold" and Danny sold a painting

So its been a turbulent week but we have survived and April has arrived. All the trees and flowers are beginning to bud and bloom. I would love to go run around in the forest this weekend but i fear that i must dedicate those two days to chores: laundry, taxes and job hunting with danny.
Im proud to announce a new screen that i created last weekend titled "Behold":
Behold mettallic screenprint

I created this screen with the drawing fluid/screen filler method. Im really falling inlove with screen printing. Danny has definitely inspired me to take up the medium after seeing him experiment so much with screen printing.
I started printing some shirts as well as prints of "Behold"
This was the first shirt screened with Behold: Behold silkscreen prints
and a close up : Behold screen-print: in silver metallic on black long sleeve shirt.
this shirt is up for sale on etsy: and soon more prints in different colors will be listed as well.
Im realizing that i need to be providing a wider range of size in screen print shirts. Since i do most of the shirt modeling i have tended to only buy my size shirts to print which is stupid because then only people who wear smalls and mediums can buy! I made it a point to stock up on lots of different sized shirts, so have no fear, better size options are on their way!
So my dreads are getting pretty solid. I have had them now for a little over 2 months. My dreadhead regiment is to wash my dreads once a week, usually over the weekend because then i have to go over them with my crocheting needle + a little wax to bind any stray hair left. I have been doing it like this for about a month now and im dreads are rapidly maturing. heres a good picture of them: Behold screen-print: in silver metallic on black long sleeve shirt.
Danny's dreads are doing great. I swear i will get a picture of that boy this weekend! The chance to photograph danny is pretty rare since he is usually the one behind the camera, but i will get him yet.
Last night i met with photographer Eric Rose( )and we did a shoot. He had contacted me through model mayhem and requested a TFCD modeling session with me. I cant wait to see how the pictures came out. It was nice meeting an oregon based photographer. Id like to meet more oregon based artists. I still feel like such a newbie to oregon even though its been like 8 months since we moved here. Talking with Eric and witnessing his excitement and love for photography seemed to re-ignite my own passion for the medium. I really have not done much artistic photography in some time. I have been focusing so much on painting/drawing/silkscreen...everything else. I consider photography to be my first artistic medium. I was introduced to it via the Venice arts mecca( ) when i was 7 and i fell in love with the idea of "painting with light."
Photography can be so powerful… the camera is an amazing contraption to wield.
On other notes, Lucid optic lab etsy shop made our 18th sale this week. Danny sold a painting:"Buddha's Meditation" its a 4 x 4 acrylic painting on canvas. Yay for etsy sales!
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