Monday, March 28, 2011

Work in Progress- Mistress of the Orb

Hello all! I had a nice relaxing weekend. We decided not to vend at the Portland Saturday market because of the rather rainy/windy weather so i got to sleep in and then work on house and art projects. I started my "Mistress of the Orb" painting. Here are a few work in progress shots:

Orb work in progress

This is how much i have done so far. I painted the background as a ebbing yellow orange vortex of sort and then drew the Mistress on over it with my India ink pens. So today when i get home i get to start laying down the first layers of color into the Mistress and her Orb.

Orb work in progress

Orb work in progress

You might be noticing that i am not painting in the art room of my apartment...but that i have effectively taken over the dining room area. See...the other day when i was at the art store looking for canvas my mom called, whom i hadn't talked to in awhile, so as i shopped I was distracted. When i got home i realized that for whatever reason the canvas that i bought was much much bigger then I intended it to be. So much that it wouldn't fit on my table top easel in the art room. Thus, I set up one of my large display easels and took over the dining room. It was a nice change! Anyway...I will keep posting photos as i work more on this painting. Maybe Danny will take another time lapse video of me painting, we shall see.

In other news on Saturday we went to the "Better Living" show at the Portland Expo center because we learned that Fungi Perfecti would be there with a booth selling their awesome mushroom grow kits. We bought a great in home grow kit for Shiitake mushrooms. In a few days we will begin growing our own yummy fungi! We also bought Reshi Mushroom( very good medicinal mushroom for things like blood pressure, bodily organ balancing, immune booster and cancer preventor which we will turn into tea.) Only since they didn't have the grow kits we bought Reshi Mushroom spore plugs. The idea is to plant the plugs into a freshly cut hardwood log( maple or alder preferably), water and wait for the mushrooms to begin growing. I cant wait!!! But we haven't found our log yet...still on the hunt for that. So thats the scoop as to what we have been up to.

How are your weekend?

what projects are you working on?

Love and Light,

-Chelsea Rose

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Monday, March 21, 2011

My 1st time selling at the Portland Saturday Market

I have survived my first weekend as an art vendor at the Portland Saturday Market and here are some pictures to prove it:
Portland Saturday Market
Portland Saturday Market
It was a super cold raining weekend thus I heard a lot of vendors complaining of low I dont feel too disheartened at not making my goal of sales for the weekend. I did have some great purchases and some amazing conversations with people who stopped by my booth. I also was thrilled about how friendly my neighbor vendors were and how easy I made friends with them. The crafty vendors seemed to greatly out weighed the art vendors but i did find a few and had a great time talking, comparing notes and getting some great advice.
Speaking of advice, a few days before the market weekend I did a faerie oracle reading in which i pulled 'Iris of the Rainbow' and her message was pretty much "be aware that a lot of work is ahead but the outcome is glorious and fruitful." So im going to keep at it! I don't think its profitable to go every weekend,rain or shine so i will be a lil more choosy on which weekends i vend. But i am very excited that my artwork passed the jury, i survived my 1st weekend and that im now set for the rest of the year.
How was your weekend? any new ventures?
Many blessings,
-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Finished Acrylic painting and new Goddess Posters for sale!

Good Morning! I have survived another weekend and have some fruits of labor to share with you.

Over the weekend I managed to finish up this painting I have been working on:
finished painting
(Angel or Alien?
14"x14" orginal acrylic painting on canvas
by Chelsea Rose )
...I took this photo as the gloss varnish was drying.

She started off as a pen and ink drawing i did a couple months back:
Alien or Angel?
(original pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose)
...its always interesting to see what sort of changes the original concept drawing goes through as i work on turning it into a painting. I had a lot of fun painting this peice because I used my two favoerite colors as my pallete basis: green and purple. I did a video/time lapse recording of me putting the first layers of color on the painting. check out my work in progress video here.

So now that she is done I need to decide on which of the following drawings to turn into a painting next....

This one:
Mistress and the Orb
(Misstress of the Orb, orginal pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose)

Or this one:
Bulb Goddess
(Bulb Goddess, orginal pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose)

....which one do you think I should paint next?

I am also in the process of releasing some new prints I had made of some of the photos from my The Goddess In All of Us series.
In this photo you see the Goddess posters: size 13"x19" which I am selling for $20 each.

This shows the 8"x10" prints which I am selling for $15 each.
I am working on getting all of these new prints avilaible in our etsy shop for purchase. Should be all listed and ready for purcahse by tonight. So keep an eye on the shop for our new listings!

Thats it for now!
Much love and many blessings,
-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, March 7, 2011

SE Area Artwalk Portland Oregon

So its Monday after a long weekend of art vending. I am bone tired but its that soothing "accomplished" exhaustion so, I am sitting here writing to you, smiling a lot while sipping tea.... reminiscing over the past couple days.

I wanted to share some photos from the 8th annual SE Area Portland Art Walk:

SE Area Art walk PDX set up
This was my set up. It was the first time I used these free standing grid walls as my display and I really liked it. It was nice having my painting/illustration on one side with my Goddess body art photography on the other. It was more organized, less chaotic and so I felt people had an easier time looking, enjoying and purchasing.

Painting @ SE area Art Walk PDX
We had a fairly steady flow of people come through our room but I still managed to get in a good amount of painting while sitting there( 3rd floor, Room #326 at Gallery Homeland aka The Ford Building in downtown SE Portland) for Saturday and Sunday ( 10am to 5pm)
I finished the painting I have been neglecting for awhile...I will have to take photos soon and share the finished result later in the week.

SE Art Walk 2011
SE Art Walk 2011
Photos of Danny's set up displaying his Ebru(turkish papermarbling), screenprint and ink paintings ( we shared the gridwall as you can see.)

SE Art Walk 2011
A far away shot of our set up...helps you get a feel for what the room was like. The mind blowing painting on the easle up front is Mark Marasco's( more on him in a bit.)

Joanne and I @ SE Area Art Walk PDX
This is a photo Danny snapped of Joanne Licardo and I, standing in front of her art work. She was one of the 12 amazing artist in our room for the art walk. We share a special connection because of our Venice beach, California heritage. It truly is a small world :)

Danny has a lot more photos plus a "video tour/walk through" of the event to post, so when he has time to upload all that i look forward to sharing more content and coverage of the event with ya.

In the meantime, check out the other artists from our room who became akin to a lil art family:

Mark Marasco - an amazing painter and true friend! His work has been described as "expressionistic surrealism", or what he calls "an experiment in cross-pollination and emergence: emancipated realism". I hope to post photos of Mark and his set up once Danny has all the images cropped and formatted.
Joanne Licardo - (pictured early in the post) amazing oil painter as well as oil painting teacher. I especially love her mandala paintings. She also does some "traditional old master technique" inspired work.

This event was huge with over 200 artists participating all around the SE Portland area. I am truly looking forward to doing this again for next year!

So now that its all over I need to organize my art room. It looks like I let a rabid kangaroo have its way with the studio so excuse my absence for a few days as I put my home back together again and let the dust settle.

Thanks so much to all the brave souls who came out to journey through this massive art walk and support local artists. Your presence and your support is a charished thing and very inspiring. Thanks again and again.

Love and Light!
-Chelsea Rose
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