Saturday, December 27, 2014

Recent Spray Painting Experimentations

What with the Holiday's and all I have recently found some time to get back into experimenting with spray painting. Earlier this month I drove down to the Eugene Oregon free wall with friends and had a blast painting:

I started with this piece, inspired by my previous acrylic painting on canvas called The Seed which you can view or purchase a print of here

Here it is finished. It took about an hour and a half. I was pretty happy with it, but still abel to see things that I could improve upon…especially line weight control.

I started on one last piece and did it in a about 30 mins because it was getting pretty cold outside and my fingers were starting to go a bit numb.

This spEYEn character has been one of my most popular drawings and most commissioned designs in recent times, so I thought to give it a try in my new favorite medium, spray painting. I had a lot of fun doing the shading on the body and butt with the various colors. 

I took a bunch of footage of the experience and made it into a short video. Watch it on my youtube channel:

….And it turns out it was really good that I got some spray painting practice in because the following week I got the opportunity to do some spray painting in California with Jennifer Korsen, a female spray paint muralist that I admire.

Jennifer took me to one of her favorite places to paint called "The Fame Yard" which has some truly awesome artwork on the walls. I was honored and a little intimidated to paint at first but Jennifer was very encouraging and the space was so inspiring that I couldn't help but grab my paint cans and give it a go. So here we are, in the photo above, a couple hours into our paint session, happily painting the day away.

I was excited to see a bit of progress with my line weight and can control. My technique still needs a lot of work but practice makes perfect! 

Here is my mermaid mural all finished! 

And here we are together posing in front of our respective finished murals, grinning ear to ear. 
It was such a fun day! 

I am back from California now and looking over the photos, thus I was moved to make this post and share them with you. I hope you enjoyed! 

I have a bunch of video footage from the day that I have edited into a video which you can check out right here

I hope your Holidays and New Year are filled with love and art!
-Chelsea Rose 

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Earth Goddess Healing, body painting photo shoot

Back in September I managed to squeeze one more Earth Goddess body painting in before the season got cold and altogether not conducive for body art modeling and photography. And it was my first and probably only couple's photoshoot that I will be including in my series.

(Work in progress shot, painting Kelly.) Also, please read the blog entry she wrote, reflecting upon what it was like participating in my body art series as well as her thoughts and feelings about body image and learning to love the skin your in.

(work in progress shot, painting Sam)

My friends Kelly and Sam have been through something remarkable together. If you spend anytime with them, the way they are around each other, the way they speak, laugh and feel would make it plain as day that they are strong and more importantly, made stronger by their love of one another and the life they chose together.

When Kelly was diagnosed with cancer her life and the life of her wife, Sam, began to change.

They are still on a journey of healing and I was honored to momentarily step in and take part when they asked if they could be painted and photographed together for my Earth Goddess series to commemorate the end of Kelly's chemo treatment.

I think that these photos do catch a glimmer of their experience, and their exuberance for eachother  but I feel they also speak about the condition of Mother Earth.  I often feel that the prevalence of cancer and the many other diseases plaguing mankind can also be seen reflected by the condition of the Earth as it battles to remain balanced in the face of pollution, deforestation, genetic modification and more. Many people believe that the Earth is too big to fail, that our actions are insignificant to the planet's health but there is plenty of evidence that begs to differ.
As above so below.

And all I know is, the path of healing is most effective when loving, helping hands are there to lend support. In these photos I can glimpse Mother Earth's own journey towards healing, which of course is guided by her lovers, her protectors.

And so must it be.

With Love and Light,
-Chelsea Rose 

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