Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Mermaid Door, spray paint experiments and more

Continuing on with my recent kick, which has been painting on anything but canvas,( mostly found objects, scrap wood and other curiosities) I wanted to share with you some of my recent creations!

Mermaid Door

Here is my Mermaid Door painting. Its quite literally what it sounds to be. I found a rather pristine door leaning against a dumpster and instantly wanted to drag it home to paint!

Adding final touches to this acrylic painting on the door I salvaged from the dump. But what am I to do with it now? It's too heavy to hang on a wall in a gallery, too precarious to just lean on a wall like I have it. So how and where to display this thin

And paint it I did! It was so big I had to set it up in my living room. And now that It is all done I am not entirely sure what I will do with it, its so large. I may try in the near future to have it made to be freestanding, with some sort of base. This would allow me to put it in a gallery space and allow it to function as a door to nowhere. Which means I may have to paint the other side!

Amongst other unconventional painting surfaces, I have recently begun to collect things like My Lil Ponys and various strange dolls from thrift stores and give them new life:


Introducing, Epona. Who was once a lonely and forsaken My Lil Pony at a local goodwill toy bin. I took her home, chopped off her head, created a new one complete with horns out of modeling clay, and then attached it and gave her a new paint job.

I recently had another go, but with a bigger pony I found at the bins:


I pretty much did the same thing. I lobbed off the head, and re sculpted it, and then painted the entire thing anew. I am working on a few more and will soon have a small and very strange herd of these creatures under my care.

I have also been experimenting with spray paint!

Spray paint experiment

This was my first time trying to spray paint. It was pretty hard! Finger control seemed to be important and I spent most the time trying to figure out how quick to move my hand and how close or far away to keep the nozzle for favorable line weight. I also learned that its easiest to build the image by laying blobby base shapes down with color and then "cutting" into them with the line weight to sharpen and detail the image. It was a pretty good learning experience but near the end I got pretty woozy! I was using a dollar store painting mask under a bandanna to keep the fumes at bay which didn't really do the trick. When I took off the mask and looked in the mirror I found my nostrils to be bright green, and thus presumed most of my respiratory system to match.

 Soooo...that was a few months ago. I didn't pick up the spray paint to do much more experimenting till I recently acquired a respirator mask.

So here are some photos from my 2nd experimentation with spray paint:

Spray paint experiment

So I feel I improved from the first time with my can control. Still lots and lots to learn but I think Im ready to try some spray paint on a wall without embarrassing myself too much. Will keep you posted.

And last but not least:

Mini acrylic paintings

I have 17 original paintings for sale in my etsy shop, not to mention a lot of prints and even some hand made stickers!

Custom Painted Cans

So if you have not taken a look at my shop in awhile, check it out now!

As always, thanks for the support.

-Chelsea Rose

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