Saturday, March 2, 2013

New painting and new news

I finished this painting in January and have been meaning to post a blog about it for a long while now, but the universe had other plans. So here we are!

"Urban Goddess"
12"x16" original acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose

She started out as a pen and ink sketch on canvas:

And then I added the first layers of acrylic color:

Worked out the details:

 Worked to add some highlights and shadow to the sky. Fogged out the cityscape to give it a bit of far away depth.

So thats my newest painting!

Lets see...what else is new?

I got some new post cards printed:

Its double sided.  Aren't they purdy!? Danny Ebru designed them for me. One side for my acrylic painting and the other for my body art photography. So for those who are planning on making a purchase or two from our online shop will be seeing these in with their orders along with a goodie or two :)

Speaking of body art, I recently released another photo from my "Earth Goddess" photoshoot with the lovely Asima:
This body painting and photo shoot was done in the Rooster Rock nudist beach and trails situated along the Columbia River Gorge.  See more photos and read about the experience here. I am excited to feel the end of winter, as spring has just begun to wake up here in Portland. Plans are being made for my next "Earth Goddess" body art session and I can hardly wait. So keep a look out for updates on that score.

To pass the wintery hermit time I have been playing with screen printing more and more:

Here are some still wet off the press screen prints over adhesive vinyl that I hand painted with acrylic to get the yummy colors you see.

...and here they are after being dried and cut out. I am selling these stickers on etsy now. Check out the sticker section of our shop! I have also been playing with screen printing on fabric again so there may be some shirts and tote bags popping up soon.

So thats my update.

Thanks for the continuing support and inspiration, world!

Sending love and light,
-Chelsea Rose 

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