Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Work in Progress, Portland Saturday Market, Sold Painting

Greetings Earthlings and "other,"

I meant to write this blog on Sunday but here we are :)

I got some more work done on my current painting in progress:
Work in progress
I realize I have already blabbed about this in my last post...but I can't wait to show you the time lapse video I am recording. It will show the entire creative process from start to finish. The camera is on loan from a friend and its pretty cool cuz you can strap it to your head! Anyhoo...stay tuned for that. It shouldn't been too much longer, this painting seems to be manifesting pretty fast.

In other news, I am very excited to announce that I recently sold one of my original paintings, "The Goddess of the Hunt."
Goddess of the Hunt
Goddess of the Hunt
14"x14" original acrylic painting on canvas
by Chelsea Rose Rippel

I am very excited this painting has found a good home. I meet with the private collector this Saturday to deliver it over. Since I am soon to depart with "The Goddess of the Hunt" I have hung her in my living room, to better enjoy her company while she is around. I am realizing when I look at the painting and think on the creative intentions that worked to produce it, I feel strong and confident. I think this painting really does kick out some powerful sacred feminine, soul power energy and I do so hope that the buyer will feel it too and benefit from it as I have!
So yes, I am feeling very excited and grateful.

...But have no fear! If you really like this painting and want to enjoy it in your own home I have some really beautiful 8"x 10" giclee prints of her for sale:
8"x 10" giclee prints are $15 in my etsy shop. Check out the sale listing here.

And...we kicked butt this past weekend down at the Portland Saturday Market!
Set up for a wonderful day down at the Portland Saturday Market!

This is our second year being vending members of the PSM. The first year was highly experimentive, so this year a lot of the kinks and loose ends are figured out and I am thinking we have really begun to tap into our potential out there. As always there is lots of room for improvement and we are constantly dreaming up new products and booth layout plans. But yea...startin to feel a groove with the whole thing. Looking forward vending this coming weekend and hope to see you there if you are in the area!

Best wishes always,
-Chelsea Rose

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Started a new painting! Work In Progress photos

Ello folks!
Its Sunday night and I'm feeling pretty good about the weekend accomplishments.
Yesterday I sold my art down at the Portland Saturday Market and did really well. The weather was sweet and there was just a tun of people out and about. It really is starting to feel like spring.

And today I started a painting that has been rattling inside my head for about two months now:

Entwined WIP
This is my India ink drawing/outline over the stretched canvas.

Entwined WIP
...and a look at the first layers of acrylic color.

Oh! And I got a hold of this nifty HD wide screen digital camera, and I have been recording my self painting this peice and aim to have a full time lapse video of the creative process from start to finish. So yes, stay tuned to check that out!

...So thats that. More updates soonish.

Much love and light,
-Chelsea Rose

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Painting, Kickstarter.com Rewards and News

Wow! Has it really been a month since my last post? Oops! It's been a tad crazy as of late, but more on that later.

Check out my new painting!

Facets of Self Realization
"Facets of Self Realization"
original acrylic painting
by Chelsea Rose

....I took a lot of "work in progress" shots while making this one...
Work In Progress- outline
But as always it began with a pen and ink outline on canvas

Live painting at The Fifth World
Mermaid butt- close up
....and the painting progressed with lots of gradual color and highlight layering.
I had a lot of fun painting this one especially because I could feel myself, my technique and my style evolving in certain small degrees.
Cant wait to get started on my next piece! And yes, I do have some concept sketches ready. I suspect I should have my under drawing on the canvas by the end of this coming week so stay tuned, there shall be photos!

And YAY! My "Earth Goddess" body art and photography expedition was fully funded on kickstarter.com! Thanks so much to everyone who helped spread the word and donate.
I am so lucky to have such support. It's extremely inspiring!
As a big THANK YOU to all my project backers I am sending off these limited edition, high quality giclee prints of the very first released image from my unfinished series:
Backer Rewards
...Yep, these purdy prints will be shipped out tomorrow. Thanks again!

What else have I been up to?
Well, the Portland Saturday Market has opened up for the year, so I have been selling art!
Portland Saturday MarketPortland Saturday Market....So yes, its good to be doing some art vending again and there is much more opportunities to come as spring begins to bud.

But honestly for the past couple months I have not been able to give my art projects the attention I have been in the routine of providing. Not too long ago I was suddenly laid off from my day job(Thats right folks! I am a mild mannered receptionist by day, and wacky artist by night.) This left me scrambling to find a new one in hopes to keep my art supply budget up. After feverishly hunting I found myself a new job. But of course with any new job the first few weeks have been quite demanding. BUT I feel I am starting to get the hang of things and balance is returning...which means ITS TIME TO PAINT!

So hi there! Thats whats going down. I will be posting very soon with the first look at my new painting in the works.

Till then...best wishes,
-Chelsea Rose

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