Monday, December 27, 2010

Messy Art room, New screen print shirts and holiday creations

So that three day weekend was greatly appreciated.
I didn't do much other then watch movies, munch out on home made cookies, Cheddar biscuits and samosas but i did manage to start a new painting!
Messy art room can see the very beginnings of my new acrylic piece in this photo. Its going to have lots of purples and blues, it would seem. You might also notice what a mess my painting corner is. The entire art room needs a good cleaning and re organizing. Hopefully i can get to that soon. i feel like i can create much more smoothly with a nice fresh, organized area. The clutter gets a lil too chaotic after awhile.

In other news, we have produced some new silkscreen print shirts which have now been released for sale in our etsy shop:
Radiant Om
hand made/hand printed by Lucid Optic Lab
silkscreen print on 100% cotton T-Shirt
Available in size Large(44" bust) and Medium(40" bust)
Please specify size upon purchase.
available for $20.
see the sale listing here.

Justice Together
Hand made/hand printed by Lucid Optic Lab
available for $20
see the sale listing here

Buddha silkscreen print shirt
Blue Buddha silkscreen print shirt
hand made/hand printed by Lucid Optic Lab
silkscreen print on 100% cotton T-Shirt
Available in size Large(44" bust) and Medium(40" bust)
Please specify size upon purchase.
available for $20
see the sale listing here

Perception Mandala
hand made/hand printed by Lucid Optic Lab
silkscreen print on 100% cotton T-Shirt
Available in size Large(44" bust) and Medium(40" bust)
Please specify size upon purchase.
available for $20
see the sale listing here yes! Lots of new hand made/hand printed silkscreen shirts up for grabs.

We have been super busy between the Goddess in All of Us art opening, printing new shirts and creating for the Holidays.
I tried my hand at silk painting for the first time:
My silk painting experiment
It was really fun. I painted 10 of these scarves. I enjoyed the way the silk paint seemed to spread like watercolor. I used an oil gutta resist to create the line work. I did dislike how fumey and toxic the gutta was so i think i will try the water based resist next time. All in was a fun project!

So i guess thats all the updates i have for now.
How was your solstice? Your holiday weekend?

Much love,
-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Goddess Art Opening photos and recap

The Goddess in All of Us art gallery opening was both wonderful and crazy at the same time.

Firstly I painted a friend/model who was to help me serve guests drinks and munchies during the event( all event photography done by Lucid Optic Lab )
Goddess gallery opening 2010
Goddess gallery opening 2010
But i ended up running out of time to paint her fully since people started coming in the door super early.
Goddess opening
Goddess gallery opening 2010
Danny snapped the two shots above before the crowed got really big.
T.Ruth Artspace filled up super quick and was abuzz with activity. There were moments the cozy lil gallery were packed so full of people it was like being in a sardine can! I was soooooo surprised, excited and encouragement by the turn out.

On the ground floor of T.Ruth Artspace the main wall had my Goddess in All Of Us mounted photographs. On a desk we had piled the books for sale.
In the upper loft i hung a bunch of my new and old acrylic paintings:
Goddess gallery opening 2010
I am very glad I had the idea to hang my paintings for this event. People seemed to really enjoy coming up stairs and seeing a different side to my creative endeavours.

During a lull in the event Danny was able to snap the following photos:
Goddess gallery opening 2010
from left to right: Chelsea Marie(model), Me(Chelsea Rose artist), Ann(model), Amy(model)
Goddess gallery opening 2010
from left to right: Tiffany Ruth( gallery owner), Chelsea Marie(model), Me(Chelsea Rose, artist)
Goddess gallery opening 2010
Me kissing one of my models, Queen Bead.
It was really a wonderful thing that so many of my models from the Goddess In All Of Us project showed up. Some of them i had not seen or talked to since we did the initial body painting/photo session so it was fun playing catch up and meeting their family and friends!

Goddess gallery opening 2010
Andrew Constentine ( local PDX artist) came out with his daughter to the show. Here they are sitting down and thumbing through the Goddess in All of Us book they bought. Later on in the evening i got the chance to paint her sweet face. Unfortunately i did not get a picture of that but it was fun!

I met some wonderful people during the show, made some new friends, had a blast and sold a bunch of the 4"x6" prints and my books!

After the opening was closed i did a quick photo shoot of the Chelsea Marie whom i painted that day.
here is one of the photos:
Goddess gallery opening 2010
So i think we can safely say the show was a success!

Thanks so very much to all who came out to the Goddess in All of Us art opening. The support means so much. I also know I had a lot of people at the show in spirit who were sending love from afar. Thank you thank you. Love you all!

Now i do have some sad news. I just found out over the weekend that T.Ruth Artspace will be closing its doors and going out of business in 3 weeks time. Yes, my two month show has been cut down to 3 weeks and I am pretty melancholy about it but I am choosing to not dwell on the negative and instead focus on how wonderful the opening was! So if you were planning on going to check out the exhibit sometime within the 2 months the show was promised to be opened you may want to go have a look soon, like real real soon...before the show is gone entirely!

I have the books on sale in T.Ruth Artspace as well as in our etsy shop:
Goddess In All Of Us art book sale
On sale for $50 here.

Please dont be shy to email me at with any questions or requests!

Thanks again for all the support and encouragement!

Much love always,
-Chelsea Rose
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Goddess Live on Kboo Radio, Etsy and Art Opening News

We are just a day away from my Goddess in All of Us body art photography gallery opening and I am pleased to say everything is falling nicely into place.

Goddess in All of Us - art show

I had a true blast yesterday morning... Danny, Tiffany Ruth and I were interviewed live on Kboo Oregon Community Radio "Art Focus" hosted by Eva Lake all about the up coming Goddess exhibit and more!

You can take a listen to the recording of our live radio interview here.

It was a thrilling to speak live on the radio. It featured me, Danny and Tiffany talking about the art opening coming this Thursday. We also got into some interesting discussions about "what is the goddess", "what is outsider art", talked about the collective conscience, talked about breakin down the negative stigmas associated to body/spirit connection that have been created in this modern world to keep us caged... lots more and all in 30 mins! haha
I am excited to see if doing this radio interview helped generate interest, i guess we will find out tomorrow!

I am also happy to announce I have released my Goddess In All Of Us art book on sale via our etsy shop:
Goddess In All Of Us art book sale
Goddess In All Of Us
the Body Art Photography of Chelsea Rose Rippel

Physical art book description:
size: 8" x 10"
Soft cover, "perfect bound"
contains 54 pages of the Goddess In All of Us body painting/photography series that Chelsea Rose created.
Book also includes, artist statement and introduction as well as a poem written by Chelsea Rose.
Each book comes signed by the artist Chelsea Rose
This is my first ever self published book.
Only 50 copies of the book were printed for this "First Edition" so get them while you still can!

The book is $50 plus shipping. Click here to view or to purchase my art book.

Last nugget of news, I ran into a lovely woman who is a supporter and collector of my artwork. We got to talking and planned that I will paint her from head to hips for my art opening and she will cruise around the event and serve wine to the guests. So there will be a live, living example of my body art walking around during the show! I think this will add an interesting preformance art element to the opening while giving people a better idea of what went on behind the making of my body art photographs.

So have I enticed you yet? Are you coming to the art opening?
I do so hope to see you there. I will also be selling and signing my art books.
I look forward to meeting and sharing my art series with you!

Best wishes and much love,
-Chelsea Rose
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Art Hanging for my Goddess in All of Us body art photography show

Wow! I fear it has been awhile since my last post. I have been pretty busy working out the details of the Goddess in All of Us body art photography gallery opening.
It seems like everything is falling into place now and the actual art opening is really just about a week away! whoaaa.....

On Tuesday we hung all the photos:
Goddess In All Of Us - hanging
This picture was snapped during the final moments of hanging. Tiffany Ruth( my friend and owner of T.Ruth Artspace) and Danny were the masterminds behind the way the body of work was put up on the wall.

Goddess In All Of Us - hanging
From left to right: Tiffany Ruth, me and Ann, who was the first model I painted and photographed for the series.

...So now you got a sneak peak of the show! I hope it peaked your curiosity :)

If you are in the area on Dec.16th I urge you to come and check out the opening:
Goddess in All of Us - art show
At the opening i will also be offering up my first ever self published art book for sale which contains 50 photos from my Goddess in All of Us project. I will also have a box of 4"x6" single prints avilaible for purchase.

This weekend I am watching the gallery on Sunday while Tiffany is away so if you are around come on in and say hi. I will be hanging a bunch of my new acrylic paintings in the upper loft of the gallery. The plan is to have the paintings avilaible for view and purchase for the night of the there will be plenty to take a gander at!

Also, the same night of my opening just a block down the steet Tiffany has organized a "Pop Up Art show" which will be featuring multiple local artist, crafters + live preformances!

I hope to see you there.

Best wishes,
-Chelsea Rose
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Goddess In All of Us First print test book

Its here!

First print

On Wednesday the print shop called to tell me the test print of my body art photography book was ready for pick up. It was really crazy to finally have my first ever self published book resting neatly in my hands. I think it turned out amazing! I am having 50 copies printed and i will be listing them on sale in my etsy shop. You can also join me for my body art photography gallery opening on December the 16th. Ill be selling the books there as well as doing a book signing:

Goddess in All of Us - art show

Much love,
-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Blue Cacoon new acrylic painting, print SALE

Its been cold! Its supposed to be snowing right now but i think its closer to slushing. I did run out to the store and buy a new pair of wool socks so i am set.
I also managed to finish a painting:
14" x 14" original acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose

....put the varnish on her last night and called it a done deal. You can check out some work in progress photos here if youd like.

I also wanted to share that i am offering 8.5" x 11" prints of The Green Man for Sale through the Holidays:
The Green man 8.5" x 11" is on sale for $15 here. He is not a print i normally offer through etsy so grab him while you can!

and Lastly...check out this neat dread up-do i managed the other day:
Dread Up-do
I have been experimenting with what to do with my dreads for my mid December art opening. I was not having much success until the other day when i came up with the above "up do."
For this one i took my first layer of dreads on either side and tied them together around my head. Then I took my second layer of dreads and tied them over the first layer. With the last layer i braided and then wrapped it up around on the sides to meet in the middle of the top of my head. No rubber bands or pins used. did that make any sense?
I hope i can manage to duplicate it when i need too..haha.We shall see about that!

Peace n Love,
-Chelsea Rose
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Danny's Pop Up Gallery showing

I had a wonderful time last night at Danny's Pop Up Gallery showing!
Here is a photo recap:
Danny's Pop Up Gallery show
Snapped this shot of Danny and his art just a few mins before the doors opened for his one night showing.
It was an amazing evening!
His handmade ebru (paper marbling) monoprint & screen print works were displayed along with his hand drawn ink mandalas and splatter art. It was a one night event in conjunction with NW 23rd third Thursday artwalk. He shared the gallery with two other artists one who did drawings another who did sculpture and there was Industrial Dub music, jewelry, faerie tutu’s, and wine to be enjoyed from 6pm to 9pm in a "pop up" gallery that was once a cheese shop on NW Thurman and NW 23rd.

He had a very large wall dedicated to his art. It was actually really stunning to see all of his recent work up all at had a truly amazing presence!
We were both surprised at how much he had. I guess its easy to misjudge how much work you really have when you have a lot of it stashed away in a cluttered art room in a small apartment :)
I was tottally blown away!

I snapped this photo of Danny with his Ebru master Reza Antoszewska
She seemed very excited/impressed with his work....which is made quite evident from the big grin. They are looking at and discussing Reza's favoerite piece of Danny's in the show.

Danny's Pop Up Gallery show
Reza was kind enough to snap a photo of Danny and I together infront of his art :)

So yes, the night was a treat and success...we hung out with friends, met some new ones and danny sold a few pieces of art!

To see more of Danny's work click here.

Much love,
-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Work in Progress acrylic painting + 23rd street art show

Another productive weekend was had!
I got a lot of work done on the acrylic painting i am working on:
work in progress
Danny snapped this photo of me while I worked on her. After an hour more of painting i finished putting the first layer of color on the entire now there is no grey left peaking out. I have to go back in and lay more color down on certain spots + work in more shadow and highlights....then i should be ready to sign and varnish the painting. can see in the photo i have combed out my front two locks. Now i have some soft hair to play with in the front. I felt i just needed a bit of a change and i am pretty happy with the results. It took about an hour each to comb out the dreads. I soaked them in heavy conditioner and then used a flea comb to push the knotted hair smooth. Was a lot of work but im glad i did it.

and on to some very exciting news!

vacant storefronts = pop up galleries
Danny will be showcasing his newly created body of ebru/screen printing artwork which will include his life size Buddha silkscreen prints with his giant ebru marbling mono prints and more. For a sneak peak at some of his work that will be on display check out his flickr page.
"This is a one night event in conjunction with NW 23rd third Thursday art walk. Come check out huge Buddha screen prints, art drawings, sculpture, marbling, Industrial Dub music, jewelry, faerie tutu’s, and wine on November 18th from 6pm to 9pm. The event is being help in a "pop up" gallery that use to be a cheese shop on NW Thurman and NW 23rd. Bring friends and family!"

....So that about wraps it up for this blog entry.
Although I am excited to announce my body art photography book is ready to go to print my books will be available soon for purchase. More details soon!

Much love to all,
-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Culture Control show + new painting in the works

This weekend was most enjoyable and fairly productive.

On Saturday we checked out the Culture Control art/music fest at Paper Tiger and NW Shirts:
Culture Control v2
Can you spot my two square paintings in the midst? As always Olin did not disappoint- the art and the music was a true treat and i am honored to be a part of the show. It will all be up for a month. for more info go here. for more photos go here.

I also managed to start a new painting:

work in progress
...I outlined her on Saturday and got the beginnings of the first layers of color on. I am thinking about putting in some purple next, we shall see.

Also managed to get a lot of the design/layout prep done for the body art book i am self publishing. Time keeps flying by and i have to have them ready and printed for December so it feels good to be getting somewhere with the project. I think we are ahead with the project which is very nice.

More updates soon!
Best wishes,
-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Devine Dyad finished painting + Upcoming Culture Control Gallery Show

I finished my painting!
Divine Dyad
14" x 14" original acrylic painting
by Chelsea Rose

...ah ha! i finished her. This one went fairly quick. I posted some process shots earlier to document the creative journey. You can check those out here.
I was happy to finish her in time so that i could enter her into the Culture Control show that is to open this coming Saturday. I actually have 2 paintings in the show and Danny has around 5(silkscreen/paper marbling work):

Culture Control v.2

The second annual Culture Control, this is an all day music/art festival showcasing talent that you just won't see anywhere else in Vancouver.

We will have two venues going this year, one at Paper Tiger Coffee from 11am-10pm, the other next door simultaneously at NW Shirts from 6pm-12am.

Musicians playing every hour all day, art filling every square inch of wall space. This is a chance to come out and show your support for a growing cultural scene in Vancouver.

Recap of last years show

Saturday, Nov. 6th

11am-10pm @ Paper Tiger Coffee
703 Grand Blvd.

6pm-12am @ NW Shirts
807 Grand Blvd.
Vancouver, WA

Paper Tiger Coffee
NorthWest Shirts

For questions call Olin @ 360-518-9738

...And Happy Samhain! My costume for this year:
Soggy Halloween on Alberta st.
I am not quite sure what i was but i think it was something akin to a faery godmother of sorts. In this photo you see Tiffany, gallery owner of T.Ruth artspace dressed as the Corn Goddess + talented artist Julie as a pixie with a mini tophat. It was a super rainy night, thus my hoop skirt ended up doing some streetsweepin/streetcleanin.

....So yes, Happy Samhain! feelin the thinness of the veil and opening my heart to loved ones who have passed. accepting the end of summer and embracing fall and the inevitable quite of winter.
much love!
-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, October 25, 2010

More Dyad WIP photos + pics from artwalk on NW 23rd

So i did some more work on my Dyad painting:
dyad Work in progress painting you can see i have put down the first layers of acrylic paint to my outline. I am still in need of more layers, refining and polishing. So far i have only really worked on one wing and must to the other and then figure out what those strange claw/flower appendages are doing :P

On Thursday we went down to check out the first ever art walk on NW 23rd in the North Nobhill district of Portland Oregon. From now on every 3rd Thursday of the month the art community there is being given the use of vacant building to use as "pop up art galleries."
Wonderful idea no?
A couple photos from the event:
talking with Mark Marasco
Here i am deep in discussion with one of the featured artists, Mark Marasco. We had met before at a drum circle gathering and it was really wonderful to check out his art in person...his paintings were extremely inspiring and it was a wonderful thing to drift along and talk about each piece and much more with him. It was the first time any of his painting work had made its way out into the community and i was thrilled to be present to behold it! Check out the Mark Marasco website for more info and a closer look at his work.
The pop up gallery also featured America on 13cents & a bag of paint: Living Work by Julie Love Artist
Your Car Does Not Make U Invisible: Photography by Juleen Johnson
Live music by New Weavers including harp, dulcimer, & flute
Unique Handmade Hats by Elizabeth Rohloff Designs
Art Cards made of Flower Petals by Mike Mason
gratis wine bar
Vegan Chocolate tasting by Missionary Chocolates

...i cant wait for the next one!

And then just down a block at T.Ruth Artspace Gallery was a new art installation:

I had met the artist Dani during one of my live body painting session inside T.Ruth artspace so again it was very cool to finally see her artistic expression. I love that she is such a dainty/pixie girl yet she works with heavy metal sculpture.
Dani Richwine and I  with her art
A photo of us together hanging out with her metal sculpture work. yes, it was a fun night!

Thats it for now. more comin soon.
Peace n Love,
-Chelsea Rose
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Friday, October 22, 2010

The devine Dyad WIP and The Buddha Project

Busy Busy Busy.
....just started this new painting the other day:
Dyad- work in progress
...Been calling this one the Devine Dyad.
right now its color base is acrylic with India ink outlines. i have already started painting in the body so the color is pink and purple- very fleshy. This is different from my usual green or blue skinned goddess/fae creatures. I really do love painting my creatures colors like blue and green because this gives them a "raceless" foundation which I think helps the viewer see them as "other" then flesh and bone. However, here in this painting i think the pink does well to pop off of the cool colored background- I will post more process shots soon!

...And so the Buddha Project continues and culminates:
finished piece
hand made original ebru(Turkish paper marbling) and 3 color screen print by Danny.

and the process was something like this:
buddha project
1, 2, 3 !

...and another one with diff color combo!
Ebru Buddha
hand made original ebru(Turkish paper marbling) and 3 color screen print by Danny.

....more coming soon!

Much love,
-Chelsea Rose
Lucid Optic Lab
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Monday, October 18, 2010

New Drawing, tie dye, Buddha Project work in porgress photos

I am pleased to introduce you to Her Imperil Majesty, Elephantress:
Original pen and ink drawing
by Chelsea Rose

.....I have always though Elephants held an air of majestic and regal grace so honestly putting one in a fancy court dress wasn't to big of a stretch for my imagination. Also, Elephants are my cousin Allie's fave animal as well as my i had to try my hand at them at least once. I like her fancy trunk glove/sock or cozy..whatever you want to call it :P yes, as you can see i did a bit of drawing over the weekend. I also prepped some painting surfaces for new works in progress. This is what my art table looked like over the weekend:
work bench
...the art room got a lot of use in the last couple days.

Danny has been quite busy working on his Ebru( Turkish marbling) and silkscreen Buddha project. He has finished the marbling portion and moved on to silk screening his 3 color Buddha prints onto the marbled sheets.

Here some shots i took when he was "Dropping Paint, Not Bombs" :
drop paint not bombs

...and then the screen printing madness over the weekend:

buddha project
....getting the line up right.

buddha project...
...taking a deep breath before putting down the first layer.

buddha project
pushing the paint for the first layer- note the ridiculous HUGE squeegee!

buddha project
...pulling the second color. The final color went on as a light lime green for the Buddha's highlights. I have no posted pictures of that yet but i imagine they will be up soon for viewing.
Neat huh?

In other news i had rather nostalgic moment this weekend when digging around in various boxes in the art room i came across news articles that my mom must have saved for me from the West side Weekly- one of which a photo of me participating in a sculpting class at age 7 is shown on the front cover followed by a quote in the article saying "I love doing the painting, you can make anything you want. What I love most of all is getting the paint on myself."
The photo below the main photo was taken of me at age 7 also in one of the Arts Mecca's painting classes:
Venice Arts Mecca
( to read the snip it of article just click on this thumbnail and view large.)
...the Venice Arts Mecca was an amazing gift. their classes were more like free-for alls where freedom of expression reigned supreme before rules of technique. The program was given freely to the "underprivileged" youths of Venice, CA. I took many classes there ranging from photography, dark room, Polaroid transfer, painting, clay work, creative writing and more.
I wish that more programs like this existed today, throughout the world- they really do make a huge difference.

...and Lastly:
Saying goodbye to summer
I know summer is long gone but its just begun to really feel that way. The wind is cold, first frost approaches, my morning glory vines have died out including my other potted wildflower garden. This weekend i took down the wasted vines, flowers...consolidated the left of soil and stacked empty pots. My patio is now bare save for my basil, chamomile and Chile plants which i will be bringing inside very soon in hopes of keeping them alive for winter. while i am sad to watch the "abundance" of summer come to a close i am elated at the changes in the air, the glow of fall in the trees...the inevitable "rest" of winter.
....but its photos like this, taken in summer's height that will help get through the coming months of getting up in the dark chill( but i really do love winter!!)...and spring is such a miracle- to watch the green roll back in with such force! i cant wait to have my morning glory vines growing and flowering again. this time i will start the seeds indoors as soon as spring hits. should be good.

So that's it for now, more coming soon as always.

...and remember kids, Drop Paint, Not Bombs.
-Chelsea Rose
Lucid Optic Lab
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