Sunday, December 8, 2013


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Thanks for your continued support. Sending love and light! 

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Mermaid Door, spray paint experiments and more

Continuing on with my recent kick, which has been painting on anything but canvas,( mostly found objects, scrap wood and other curiosities) I wanted to share with you some of my recent creations!

Mermaid Door

Here is my Mermaid Door painting. Its quite literally what it sounds to be. I found a rather pristine door leaning against a dumpster and instantly wanted to drag it home to paint!

Adding final touches to this acrylic painting on the door I salvaged from the dump. But what am I to do with it now? It's too heavy to hang on a wall in a gallery, too precarious to just lean on a wall like I have it. So how and where to display this thin

And paint it I did! It was so big I had to set it up in my living room. And now that It is all done I am not entirely sure what I will do with it, its so large. I may try in the near future to have it made to be freestanding, with some sort of base. This would allow me to put it in a gallery space and allow it to function as a door to nowhere. Which means I may have to paint the other side!

Amongst other unconventional painting surfaces, I have recently begun to collect things like My Lil Ponys and various strange dolls from thrift stores and give them new life:


Introducing, Epona. Who was once a lonely and forsaken My Lil Pony at a local goodwill toy bin. I took her home, chopped off her head, created a new one complete with horns out of modeling clay, and then attached it and gave her a new paint job.

I recently had another go, but with a bigger pony I found at the bins:


I pretty much did the same thing. I lobbed off the head, and re sculpted it, and then painted the entire thing anew. I am working on a few more and will soon have a small and very strange herd of these creatures under my care.

I have also been experimenting with spray paint!

Spray paint experiment

This was my first time trying to spray paint. It was pretty hard! Finger control seemed to be important and I spent most the time trying to figure out how quick to move my hand and how close or far away to keep the nozzle for favorable line weight. I also learned that its easiest to build the image by laying blobby base shapes down with color and then "cutting" into them with the line weight to sharpen and detail the image. It was a pretty good learning experience but near the end I got pretty woozy! I was using a dollar store painting mask under a bandanna to keep the fumes at bay which didn't really do the trick. When I took off the mask and looked in the mirror I found my nostrils to be bright green, and thus presumed most of my respiratory system to match.

 Soooo...that was a few months ago. I didn't pick up the spray paint to do much more experimenting till I recently acquired a respirator mask.

So here are some photos from my 2nd experimentation with spray paint:

Spray paint experiment

So I feel I improved from the first time with my can control. Still lots and lots to learn but I think Im ready to try some spray paint on a wall without embarrassing myself too much. Will keep you posted.

And last but not least:

Mini acrylic paintings

I have 17 original paintings for sale in my etsy shop, not to mention a lot of prints and even some hand made stickers!

Custom Painted Cans

So if you have not taken a look at my shop in awhile, check it out now!

As always, thanks for the support.

-Chelsea Rose

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Earth Goddess UPDATE

So it has been quite some time since I have shared with you the progress of my Earth Goddess body art photography series. So far I have painted 13 women for the series resulting in 10 photo shoot sessions.

Scrolling back through my blog posts It looks like the last photoshoot I shared on my blog was my Triple Goddess session which was my 6th photoshoot in the series( the first time I had painted and photographed three women in one session.)

So picking up where I left off, My 7th photoshoot was with the gorgeous India-born, Portland raised model and artist Maulie:

I was quite excited to have the chance to add an Indian woman to my Earth Goddess series, thus broadening the diversity represented.  And this location was one that I had picked out from the very beginning as a definite spot for an Earth Goddess shoot, but it had taken some time to find a model who was willing to trudge up the long vertical hike through soggy cliff sides and precarious foot bridges.

Maulie proved amazing despite the fact that it was early May, thus resulting in a cold rainy morning in the mountains which was certainly not the most comfortable time to be nude in the wild.

And here are a couple of the finished photos:

My 8th body painting/photo shoot session was with amazing Sonoko, a Japanese born, Hawaiian raised  intellectual and all around babe.

I painted and photographed her on Sauvie Island on the nude side of the beach during an intensely bright day in June. The harsh direct lighting proved a bit of a challenge during the photo shoot but we still came away with an amazing amount of breathtaking photos. And Sonoko later reported having some super crazy, spirally tan lines!

Check out a couple of the finished photos:

My 9th body painting/photoshoot session was with a strong and vibrant Puerto Rican woman from New York.  I photographed her in one of my most favorite spots along the northern oregon coast:

I particularly enjoy how she is connecting with the earth here as she runs her fingers through the sand.

And then I really enjoyed the way her hands worked to collaborate with the rocky horizon line.

My most recent body painting/photoshoot session was with super mama and model Monis Ayala:

I painted her inside a canopy we set up for some much needed shade and privacy during a particularly sunny and crowded day at Rooster Rock state park.

Luckily within the clothing optional section we found plenty of privacy as we made our way through the reeds and berry bushes till we came upon shady forest paths.

Her son was due any day, her womb so full and yet she had lots of energy and strength and was able endure the long hot hike like a true champion. I feel she really reflected the amazing rasiliance and beauty of the Mother Goddess / Mother Earth.

So whats next?

Well I am having a particularly hard time casting for a couple of the last photo shoots I have planned. I am in dire need of a pregnant black woman and a elderly black woman. I have had no luck casting for either of these models through my usual channels so I will have to find new ways of reaching out. If you know of someone who fits what I described above please feel free to send them my way. Otherwise, wish me luck!

Much love always,
-Chelsea Rose 

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

July Art Show and tree goddess Mural!

So this happened and was great fun :

I got to paint a mural for the show, which will be up for the month of July:

I painted a tree goddess of sorts and enjoyed the process so much! I did the background with spraypaint, and then went in with black and white acrylic to create the creature.

I also did the smaller wall to the left in similar process, but with my spirally patterning.

Then it came time to hang everything up! Here I am figuring out what to put where.

Putting the final paintings on the wall and making sure everything is straight.

All done!

A couple close ups:

And then it was show time!

This is the other side of the gallery which featured one of my favorite Portland Oregon female artists: Laura Borealisis.

Another photo from the opening:

It was great fun, and a total success and will be up for the month at HomeBass PDX, so if you are in the area stop on in!

Big thanks to my hubby, Danny Ebru, for kindly documenting the mural creation, art hanging and show with these beautiful bright photos.

I will be updating on here soon about my Earth Goddess body art series, I have A LOT of material to share!

So stay tuned :)

With love and light,
-Chelsea Rose

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Art Bash, July 5th!

Art show! Art Show! Ready all about it! 

Featured Artists:

(See her Tree Goddess mural + lots of new paintings!)




FOXDYE!!! The one and only! One of the most cutting edge producers out there... you are in for a treat! ♥

BLOODMOUSE!!! Chopped and screwed oddity goodness! ♥ 

& MEWP!!! Bringing out the cutecore! ♥


Fun starts at 5pm... See you there!

Friday, July 5th
All ages welcome!
Raffle prizes and new merch!
Doors open at 5pm

123 NE 6TH AVE*
*between Couch and Davis

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Vector Feature and recent paintings

Its been an exciting spring.

I am the Featured artist for this month's publication of The Vancouver Vector!

Featured Artist

Read the interview here.

I love the Vancouver arts community and humbly thank them for their support and presence.

And I have been so inspired as of late that I have taken to painting anything within reach including mini canvas, wood blocks, broken skateboard decks and even card board. I have begun listing these treasures for sale in my etsy shop, so check them out here!

messy art table
A chaotic view of my art space.

skateboard paintings

skateboard paintings

skateboard paintings

Pot Head boards
Been really going a lil nuts on the skateboards latley.

3rd eye Goddess
This acrylic painting was done on a 3.5"x9" wood block

Feelin Spacey
Acrylic painting on a 7"x12" piece of corrugated cardboard.

New paintings grouping
upcycling, sharpie and acrylic on cardboard

Another painting on cardboard I did in blue acrylic and ink.
The art print next to it is a collaboration between two other awesome pacific northwest painters: Sarah Hoyt and Davey Cadaver !

WIP Earth Goddess body painting
I am also revving up my gears to get a few Earth Goddess body art paintings/photoshoots done for spring so will be updating on that shortly!

Best wishes,
-Chelsea Rose

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

New painting and new news

I finished this painting in January and have been meaning to post a blog about it for a long while now, but the universe had other plans. So here we are!

"Urban Goddess"
12"x16" original acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose

She started out as a pen and ink sketch on canvas:

And then I added the first layers of acrylic color:

Worked out the details:

 Worked to add some highlights and shadow to the sky. Fogged out the cityscape to give it a bit of far away depth.

So thats my newest painting!

Lets see...what else is new?

I got some new post cards printed:

Its double sided.  Aren't they purdy!? Danny Ebru designed them for me. One side for my acrylic painting and the other for my body art photography. So for those who are planning on making a purchase or two from our online shop will be seeing these in with their orders along with a goodie or two :)

Speaking of body art, I recently released another photo from my "Earth Goddess" photoshoot with the lovely Asima:
This body painting and photo shoot was done in the Rooster Rock nudist beach and trails situated along the Columbia River Gorge.  See more photos and read about the experience here. I am excited to feel the end of winter, as spring has just begun to wake up here in Portland. Plans are being made for my next "Earth Goddess" body art session and I can hardly wait. So keep a look out for updates on that score.

To pass the wintery hermit time I have been playing with screen printing more and more:

Here are some still wet off the press screen prints over adhesive vinyl that I hand painted with acrylic to get the yummy colors you see.

...and here they are after being dried and cut out. I am selling these stickers on etsy now. Check out the sticker section of our shop! I have also been playing with screen printing on fabric again so there may be some shirts and tote bags popping up soon.

So thats my update.

Thanks for the continuing support and inspiration, world!

Sending love and light,
-Chelsea Rose 

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