Monday, January 30, 2012

Live Painting at The Fifth World, lots of WIP shots on new painting

Hi Lovelies,

This weekend was pretty fun and productive. On Saturday I did a live painting gig at a nightclub in downtown Portland.

The event was called "The Fifth World"- featuring the music/dj stylings of Thriftworks, Sporeganic, TreyZilla and Spekt1n" Teds@ Berbati's Pan on sw 2nd street from 10pm-1am. Bea Ogden of Cloudbreak Productions did a great job curating and organizing the art/artists for the event.

I was painting in the Tea room:

Live painting at The Fifth World
Snapshot taken before dawning my painting apron. I had several pieces displayed around the room along with works of Danny Ebru and Andrew Zeutzius( who was also doing live painting in the tea room!) The morning before I painted the background of the canvas pictured on the easel here... just started out with an India ink outline.

Live painting at The Fifth World
Painting the night away to the deep throb of the bass.

Live painting at The Fifth World
Progress shot taken near the end of the a lot of work done!

This was what was going down in the main room as I worked:
Inside the dance room there were a other wonderful artists on display doing live painting: Nemo Boko, Violet Page and Sam Arneson. Was so much fun to watch them cultivate their artly peace while embedded in the chaos of all that movement and sound.

...It was a late night for me! So on Sunday I slept in and spent the rest of the super rainy day off snug in my home studio space painting:
Painting on a rainy sunday
Work In Progress acrylic painting
Mermaid butt- close up
Detail shot of the shiny mermaid butt and triple eye spine. Fun stuff!

Forest of paintings "in progress" table is getting rather crowded. I normally work on one piece at a time. Dont know whats gotten into me!


In other news. We are quickly selling out of art posters via the blowout poster SALE we are having in our online shop!

Your Body Is Your Temple
(Your Body is Your Temple-Goddess in All of US body art photography)

...There is only one poster left of the print above "Your Body is Your Temple" and it can be yours for only $10( price was slashed from $20.) Snatch it up here.

You'll find more posters from the "Goddess In All Of Us " series + poster prints of my acrylic paintings and more...all on sale till supply lasts.

Why would I do such a thing?

Well, I am discontinuing the poster print size and hoping to get rid of the stock I have.

So, check out my etsy shop and grab these beautiful posters up before they disappear!

Love and Light,
-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Work in Progress shots + Blowout art poster SALE


Over the weekend I got a lot done on my painting in the works.

Check out these Work In Progress photos:

art projects in black and white
Its strange but interesting to see my color paintings in black and white. In this photo you can see the original pencil concept sketch for the painting.

This photo is showing the first layerings of color on the flowers.

Work in progress acrylic painting
Lots of work was done this weekend on painting in the forest. Now to start working on her dress more. She is gettin there!


And, I am doing a huge huge huge SALE on all the art posters in our online shop!!

here are some photos of the posters to entice you :)

The details of the sale are as follows:

All of our fine art giclee 13"x19" art posters were originally $20 each but we have slashed the price in half.

Posters are now on SALE for $10 each + reduced shipping costs.


We are rethinking the print sizes we offer for sale and so we have decided to stop printing this poster size. Thus, we have listed all of our remaining art poster stock for sale in our etsy shop. Grab em up HERE while the supply lasts.

Much Love and Light!
-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, January 16, 2012

New painting in the works + watercolor painting for sale

Snow!! Its been snowin over here in Oregon. Not a lot...but a dusting at least. So as the cold dictated, I spent the weekend inside my cozy home studio space workin on projects.

I began a new painting:
art studio snapshot
...First glimpse of my new acrylic painting in the works. Yes, its to be some sort of strange alien fae hybrid creature walking through the woods gathering flora specimens. Hopefully I can pull off paintin the trees/woods. I am trying to make more of an effort with my backgrounds, so wish me luck!

I also listed a few things for sale in my etsy shop.
I am especially excited about this item:

Evening Gown
"Corseted and Strange"
8.5" x 11"
original watercolor painting by Chelsea Rose

set in a hand crafted Italian metal filigree frame.

On sale for $150. For more details click here.

new art pendants

....I also have about 18 art pendants listed! See them here.

So thats that. More artly goodies comin soon.

Much Love and Light,
-Chelsea Rose
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Merlady, new finished acrylic painting plus work in progress photos

Happy Friday all.

I finally finished the mermaid painting I had been working on:
16" x 20"
original acrylic painting on canvas by Chelsea Rose
(granted the colors are a bit off in this photo but in these dark days of winter its getting hard to find good light to photograph things! Will try for a better photo someday soon I hope. )

She started out by being birthed from the tip of my pen:
Drawing time

here is the finished pen and ink illustration:
....As you can see, this merlady started out with a considerable amount of attitude. Later,when I went to paint her I kept some of her spunk but tried to soften her expression just a bit.

Somewhat interesting story on how the painting first began to materialize:
Painting Demo in the Annex
Painting Demo in the Annex
Painting live in the Annex
...if you have seen the dozens of photos of my lil art studio that i like to post, you might have recognized that In the photos above I am not working at home. I had been invited to do a live painting demo at "Portland Saturday Market Annex shop" in downtown Portland Oregon where prints of my work were being sold for a period of time. I showed up with all my painting gear, not really knowing what I was going to paint till the brush hit the canvas. I couldn't get my recent mermaid drawing out of my head and so I drew her out on the canvas as best as my memory could serve and began fleshing her out with bits of color and line detail. So yes, the mermaid began as a painting in a serendipitous fashion. I had so much fun painting in the shop, answering curious customer's questions and feeding off of their opinions, ideas and excitement.

I contuied to work on her at home for many a' moon. Here are some of the progress photos:
Work in progress close up

Work in progress Mermaid

work in progress

....So thats that! Prints will be avilaible of her in my online shop once I get a better photo of the painting.

I am excited for this weekend. I have so many concept drawings I am burning to start working into paintings. Wish me luck!

Much love and light...and Happy New Year!
-Chelsea Rose
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