Monday, February 28, 2011

New pen and Ink drawing + Danny's PDX love show art sale!


I wish I had more photos and things to share but we have been so busy there hasn't been much time for documenting all the happenings.
I did manage to scan a new drawing of mine:
Mistress and the Orb
"Mistress and the Orb"
original pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose

and then I have some exciting news!
Danny and I went to the closing night of the Portland Love Show and were thrilled when we realized that his Ganesha piece sold!
Portland Love Show 2011
Here he is standing with his sold art piece: Ganesha two layer Ebru(Turkish paper marbling) silkscreen mono print
We were lucky enough to meet the purchasers and they were very kind, sweet people.
The support is very inspiring :)

In other news, we are busily preparing for the SE art walk coming up this weekend! We will be in The GalleryHomeland building along with 30+ artists. We are sharing the space, some of us downstairs, some in the lobby, we are in the upstairs area( so far as i know.) I was up until about 1:30am last night doing a mock vending booth setup in our living room so we would know what our plan of attack is, what is still needed...stuff like that. We still have some printing/packaging that needs to be done but I THINK thats about it. I am very excited to participate in this- its my first time. More updates on all this soon.

How was your weekend? Keepin busy?
Much love,
-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Spiraling Elements wrapped crystal, new body painting web section and art fairs

Hello there,
I cant believe its Monday already.

Check out the new body painting section on my official art website:
Body painting section of my website
Danny was kind enough to flesh out and add in this much needed section to my website. I really love how the black and white +the line work in the photos compliment the design of the page. check it out here and flick on the icons :)

And check out the new wire wrapping job on my quarts crystal:
SpiralingElements wrapped crystal
close Up:

I have had this crystal for years. But awhile ago the old copper wrapping had broken off and i had almost lost my crystal. Since then it sat upon my lil home alter waiting for someone to re wrap her. I'm horrible at wire wrapping so when my dear etsy friend Spiraling Elements offered to do it for a trade i was ecstatic. I am in love with the added fluorite. which is perhaps the perfect stone to compliment my crystal( how did she know!?) because its been known to strengthen the healing and spiritual properties of other stones its paired with, it also helps to ground energy, aids in channeling work and inter dimensional communications!
I feel so much more balance now that i am wearing my crystal again.
Check out more of Spiraling Elements Gemstone and AMAZING wire wrapping treasures: She also is a creativity coach:

In other news, I actually bought a calendar over the weekend because it seems the amount of dates i have to remember are stacking up!
This year we are going to be trying a bunch of new art fairs.
Coming up super quick we are participating in the SE Portland area Art walk on March 5th and 6th. We will have our art set up in the Land Mark Ford building along with 30+ artists. "Over 180 artists, many in 'native environments' will be showing their works and meeting art lovers over the first weekend of March. What a wonderful way to spend a day...wandering around Southeast Portland, experiencing sculpture, painting, jewelry, pottery, photography, encaustic, print-making, textile...almost every conceivable medium for expression. The 2010 event grossed over $80,000 for artists!"- SEAAW
Check out the art walk map here.
We also applied for this year's CraftyWonderland - a huge art and craft show done annually in the convention center. We wont hear back until march wether or not we made the cut so keep your fingers crossed. We also intend on doing a bunch of the art fairs during the summer.
And we totally scored this weekend! An art vending friend is moving to NY so she gave us ALL of her art vending equipment including a canopy( ours was on its last two legs), a bunch of grid wall for displaying art, tables and more. Amazing!!! We are all set. Bring on the art walks!
Is it spring yet? its getting lighter earlier!
How was your weekend?
Have any important art fairs you are awaiting?

Much love and light,
-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, February 14, 2011

New drawing and the Portland Love Show 2011

This weekend was both relaxing and exciting.

During the relaxing part i drew this and watched movies:
psyche faery
(pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose)

and the exciting part of the weekend was The Portland Love Show 2011 !!!
Here are some photos from the opening night:
My Painting at the Love Show
My mermaid painting and I flexing our third eyes at the opening party. There was so much art to behold!

My Goddess In All Of Us piece
Here I am admiring the placement of our Goddess In All Of Us body painting photograph. Danny and I put it in as a collaboration under our company name Lucid Optic Lab. I painted the model from head to toe with waterbased body paint. He did the amazingly seamless photo composite/retouching as well as directed the model in her arm posing as i took photos. The finished work of art is a true labor of love and artistic collaboration between the two of us. I feel we got one of the best placements in the show so we are just thrilled and inspired by it all.

Portland Love Show 2011
Here is Danny standing in front of his Ganesha Ebru mono print/silkscreen print piece. He had a great spot too, right above the artwork that was on this year's show flier. It really stood out!

The Love Show
The opening night was packed! People were everywhere and it was an eclectic mix of souls.

I urge you to check out the show! Its at Gallery Homeland. They keep regular business hours. For more info go here

For those who are far far away and cant make it or perhaps want a taste before treckin on over Danny took a video "walk through" tour of the entire show for your viewing pleasure:

Hope you enjoy!

Love and Light,
-Chelsea Rose
Lucid Optic Lab
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Yellow Maiden pen and ink plus two more Goddess prints

Just listed some new items in my online shop!
Yellow Maiden ink acrylic painting
Yellow Maiden
4" x 12" x 1"
ink illustration over acrylic painted canvas, gloss varnished
by Chelsea Rose
Origianl art peice selling for $30. see the sale listing here.

I also released two more of my limited eiditing Goddess prints:

Goddess In All of Us body art photograph
Blissful Hope
By Chelsea Rose
4" x 6"
First Edition fine art print on photo paper, sealed in a crystal clear archival envelope.
signed by the artist, Chelsea Rose
selling for $10 here.

Goddess In All of Us body art photograph
Love Thy Self
By Chelsea Rose
4" x 6"
First Edition fine art print on photo paper, sealed in a crystal clear archival envelope.
signed by the artist, Chelsea Rose
selling for $10 here.

Peace n Love!
-Chelsea Rose
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Portland Love Show 2011

The 6th annual Portland Love show is poppin up now that we are into February.
Danny and I are excited to participate, this will be our 2nd year in the show.

"The show was initially a response to the annual deluge of heterosexist, consumerist, romance-centric advertising that Americans experience each year leading up to Valentine’s Day, but over the course of the last 5 years, it has evolved into a diverse and complicated multimedia art happening in the hands of the participating artists." ( taken from )

This year we put in a collaboration piece under Lucid Optic Lab:
Queen Omega
This piece was a labor of love for both Danny and I. I painted and photographed the model. Danny directed the model in her arm poses and then created this magnificent many armed photo comp.
Piece titled " The Goddess In All Of Us"
she is a 24"x24" fine art laminated print on 1" thick gaterboard.
We feel the piece fits well into the theme of "love", since its a visual respresenation of Divine cosmic energy- the voice of the universe which many philosophers have referred to as the Love vibration.
Look for the Goddess in the Love show!

The piece I am putting in under my name is this one:
Mermaid Dreams
(acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose)
for the love show i titled it " This Lucid Dream"
24"x24" original acrylic painting on canvas
I have always loved mermaids..since i was a wee lil sprout. I have been drawing bare chested mermaids since age 5 so i guess i found my artistic style pretty earlie on :P Mermaids and their folklore have always been heavily steeped in love, passion, allure and lust so in a sense i feel they are an iconic symbol of love. Here my mermaid hugs herself, an innocent expression or self love or perhaps a gesture of rapt longing.
Be on the lookout for this merlady, she will be at the show floating somewhere amidst the horde.

Danny's piece for the love show is awesome:
Ganesh Ebru
original handmade two layer acrylic ebru(turkish paper marbling) mono-print with Ganesh screen print on kozo paper.
19" x 24"

I filmed Danny doing the 2nd layer of ebru for this piece.
Check it out:

The Ebru creation process is pretty neat huh?

So yes, come check out The Portland Love show! This year there are over 300 participating artists. Opening Saturday, February 12th, 2011
Free! All-Ages!!

Much love and light,
-Chelsea Rose
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