Sunday, July 14, 2013

July Art Show and tree goddess Mural!

So this happened and was great fun :

I got to paint a mural for the show, which will be up for the month of July:

I painted a tree goddess of sorts and enjoyed the process so much! I did the background with spraypaint, and then went in with black and white acrylic to create the creature.

I also did the smaller wall to the left in similar process, but with my spirally patterning.

Then it came time to hang everything up! Here I am figuring out what to put where.

Putting the final paintings on the wall and making sure everything is straight.

All done!

A couple close ups:

And then it was show time!

This is the other side of the gallery which featured one of my favorite Portland Oregon female artists: Laura Borealisis.

Another photo from the opening:

It was great fun, and a total success and will be up for the month at HomeBass PDX, so if you are in the area stop on in!

Big thanks to my hubby, Danny Ebru, for kindly documenting the mural creation, art hanging and show with these beautiful bright photos.

I will be updating on here soon about my Earth Goddess body art series, I have A LOT of material to share!

So stay tuned :)

With love and light,
-Chelsea Rose

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