Friday, April 30, 2010

New artwork and work in progress

Its Friday. We made it.
Unfortunately the Last Thursday art walk on Alberta st was rained out so we didn't get to partake in those festivities. Its been rained out two months in a row! I do so hope next month will be favorable. I miss the community, the art, the exchange and the madness of the Alberta art walks. I normally love rain so I know the rain dance....just not the rain go away dance. Ah well, the art walk will manifest when the time is right!

In the meantime i am releasing some of my new creations:

Green Pixie vibes
Green Pixie
pen and ink drawing over acrylic painted canvas.
by Chelsea Rose
Gloss varnished and ready to hang as is.
Going for $45.
...and she is ready to go to a good home. check out her sale listing here

Blue Wind
Blue Wind Spirit
pen and ink drawing over acrylic painted canvas.
by Chelsea Rose
Gloss varnished and ready to hang as is
Going for $45
check out the sale listing here.

Pink Pixie
Pink Pixie
pen and ink drawing over acrylic painted canvas.
by Chelsea Rose
Gloss varnished and ready to hang as is.
only $45
listed for sale here

....I love making these! I have a bunch of canvas and Masonite boards that i have begun to paint base colors on so that i can create some more of these ink drawings over acrylic.
I have a bunch of others listed for sale in the original artwork section of my etsy take a peak!
Also, If you have a certain pen and ink drawing of mine that you wish to have revisited in this manner please feel free to ask for a custom order! You are welcome to indicate what color background you would like said drawing to be done on.

I also wanted to share the bit of progress i made on the painting i am currently working on:
work in progress
this is a 11"x14" painting that i started last weekend. She is based of off this drawing of mine that i made while watching a neat cartoon movie about Wonder Woman's amazonian princess origins. Seeing all the fierce strong warrior women was inspiring. I got to doodling and this daunting creature came out. I think she is some kind of druid, high priestess warrior woman who is "endowed" with an extra set of "windows to the soul." I wonder if they shoot laser beams?! :P
A friend came over last night and when i asked if this particular creature was menacing he said simply " she looks like a business woman of sorts"...i thought that was a fun response.
I still need to do work to her. i feel the painting is missing something- i need to do something with the background perhaps. Maybe a city skyline or a simple dark oval vignette would do. not sure. I also need to flesh out and work on the hands....and add more layers of color and shine to her. She does have a good bit more color then is present in this photo...i think the lighting washed her out a bit.

After work today Danny is picking me up and whisking me away to Vancouver Washington for a great time to be had at Guerrilla Media's newest gallery/venue. It will be a music and art night featuring some local folk bands and "graf" inspired art.
the invitation reads as follows:

Time: April 30, 2010 from 8pm to 11:45pm
Location: Guerrilla Gallery
Organized By: Olin

Guerrilla Folk
Music by: Aram Arslanian, The Shivas
Abstract, neo-contemporary and graf-inspired art by: voidc, drop, ecru and atoms.
Come out and plan the destruction of the status quo with fellow conspirators.
Friday, April 30rd
Drinks w/ ID
Guerrilla Gallery
1001 Main St. (Upstairs)
Vancouver, WA 98660

......sounds yummy, no?

I hope everyone has a splendid weekend.

Much love and many blessings,
-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend art projects- works in progress

So this weekend I focused on a healthy combination of spring cleaning, watching x-files, and working on art projects new and old.

By the end of Sunday my apartment was tidy with one exception: my art table:
art corner
Pretty messy huh?

Well it is a productive mess, so i dont mind so much.

I managed to begin a new painting that i had been talking about starting for a few weeks now:

humble beginnings
freaky huh?

I started this painting based off of an older pen and ink drawing that you can view here.
I dont use the color red very often. I have found that even when i use it minimally in my artwork people become very disturbed by the piece. So this use of red comes as a bit of a shock but i felt it matched the fierceness of the creature. I have to admit i decided to paint this piece in semi retaliation for all the flack i catch for painting my faeries, my goddesses, my creatures of all sorts with nude breast. People have told me the offense doesn't necessarily lie in the "suggestion" of nude breast but the full nudity of the breast including the showcasing of the nipple. Well....there are no nipples to be seen in this painting but im sure its still pretty "jarring"
: P

I also worked on finishing a few more ink drawing over acrylic painted canvas:

more ink over acrylic

The three that i have propped up here i had just finished gloss varnishing. Im trying to pump these out so i can have a bunch to display and hopefully sell come this Thursday which just so happens to be Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta st (portland oregon) where i will have a full booth set up selling my art wares. I have a few of these "ink over acrylic painted canvas" art pieces for sell in my etsy shop, just check out my original artwork section. They are selling for $45.

...So that's that. I believe my next post wont be till Friday...but i will be recounting how our experience went at Last Thursday Art walk on Alberta with pictures of our booth set up + more.
So till then...

Much love!
-Chelsea Rose
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Friday, April 23, 2010

More of the Mother Goddess shoot, Trades n Bartering, News n projects

Its Friday! We made it!
I wanted to share a couple more photos that i released. These are from my most recent body painting shoot that occurred last weekend with a very pregnant and dear woman as my model. She seemed to naturally channel and personify The Great Mother Goddess.
Mother Goddess
(body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
Model: Michelle Davis)
It took me a lot longer to paint her. I started painting around 10am and didn't finish till around 4pm so we had a lot of time to chat. We had some wonderful conversations and i remember Michelle bringing up an interesting point. We were on the topic of nudity in art and how its being received today and even how our community seems to be responding to the nudity in my artwork. She brought up the fact that since this particular nude body painting shoot is featuring a naked PREGNANT body- the finished images may be more widely accepted...even by those who find themselves feeling ill at ease with images of the naked human form. I think there is a truth to her thought here. It seems people tend to be more comfortable with the nude female body if it is in fact pregnant. I truly feel there is a fascinating and mysterious beauty that can be found in the female form during this special and sacred time that is undeniable and inspiring. Its almost as if The Mother Goddess her self favors women during this time by shining through the vessel thus opening up peoples hearts and minds with truth.
...and I will be sharing more finished photos from this shoot soon, so keep an eye out for updates!

I also wanted to share some recent trades that i made with other fellow etsy sellers. I love trading/bartering. its a hell of a lot better then this monetary system we have going!

First off...check out my new hat!
etsy trade
This lovely purple tam was hand made with lots of love by Lively which is an amazing etsy shop that i had the pleasure of discovering. The quality of product is wondrous and the shop is full to the brim with close to 50 various knitted/crocheted hats for your fancy. The shop also makes really groovy vintage fabric purses, crotchet scarves and cowels- Yippee for Hippies!
What was my trade peice? She picked out one of my first ever silkscreen print creations that for some reason never got much attention:Behold screen print tube top
Its a really cool green striped tubetop that i experimented on with a screen print design i made using the drawing fluid method. Im so glad its finally found a good home with someone who will love it dearly!

Also wanted to share my new tea!
etsy trade
Doesn't that look inviting?
I am a bit of a tea drinking junkie so you can imagine my delight when i found Dream Weaver shop which is full to the brim with some amazing herbal tea creations that had my mouth watering from the start.
The tea you see here brewing in my tiny lil teapot is called Triple Berry tea and it is a true delight. "Brimming with goodness, Triple Berry tea is a leafy herbal speckled with crimson rosehips and dotted with flower petals! A blend of strawberry leaves, blueberry leaves, and myrtle leaves, this infusion swirls with the aromatic harmony of a summer garden, complete with the floral undertones of hibiscus. Finishing with the refreshing breath of juniper berries, Triple Berry tea delights the nose and palate!"
yum yum yum.
I also traded for some Wiccan Women's Brew loose Tea and it really is soothing and delectable. "An all-natural blend of herbs, the Wiccan Women’s Brew combines flowers, fruits, and leaves to achieve a balanced tonic for health and happiness! Rich in iron, this profusion of ingredients includes raspberry leaf, vitex, nettles, linden flower, and cinnamon. With fruity and floral notes of luscious lemon and radiant rose, the final lingering sweet note is stevia, one of nature’s sweetest plants! Drink deeply from this magical brew!
Ingredients- Raspberry leaf, vitex, nettles, linden flower, lemon verbena, lemon peel, cinnamon, roses, and stevia." can a tea lover resist?
...and what was my trade peice? An art print! This was the chosen one:
Her name is "Rainbow Goddess" and she happens to be a popular item in my etsy shop as of late.

So, all in all. Good trades. Go check out these two wonderful shops and support their awesome crafts!

...As for this weekend Danny and I will be preparing once again to do the Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta st. in portland oregon. If you have time and you are in town do not miss this event! Its true it does get crazier and crazier as summer draws near but i am sure this one will be a success as long as it doesn't rain! There will be a bunch of local artists out there plying their trade along side traveling hippie circus that do stilt walking, fire breathing while offering free tea! Lots of live music too! People of all ages come out and explore. I love to dress up and i will be there with a full booth of artwork for sale. i will also have my body paint with me so i can do face and body painting through the day.
here are a few pictures of what our booth looked like last year:
Booth for Last Thursday art on Alberta St
( think this was the last Thursday of October(2009) very close to Halloween )
Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta st August 09
( this one was a few weeks before i had my first ever solo art gallery show! You can see on the table i was passing out show flyers)
So dont miss out. come find us and let loose! This event will be happening April 29th ( last thursday of this month)

So thats it folks. I hope you have a peaceful and productive weekend.
Much Love!
-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Mother Goddess body painting session

I find that plans are made to be broken. This weekend's plans that i wrote out in Friday's blog post were quickly unraveled when i got home and found an exciting email waiting for me. I got a wonderful response from my craiglist add looking for pregnant models to participate in my body painting project. So guess what i did on Saturday?
Danny and I met our VERY pregnant model inside T.Ruth Artspace gallery (portland, oregon) at 10:am on Saturday and got to painting right away:
body painting process
I started the painting process at 10:00am and didn't finish till close to 4:00pm. We then photographed from 4:00pm-6:00pm so it was a looong day. But as always i thoroughly enjoyed myself. I love getting to know my models. Spending over 6 hours in very close proximity- you end up learning alot about each other. Her story was sweet. She is 38+ weeks pregnant and her baby bump was huge! It was amazing painting the soft smooth and firm flesh of the belly and watching as her baby kicked and moved around within. What an amazing connection!

Mother Goddess
(body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
Model: Michelle Davis) the initial email she wrote, answering my wanted add i knew instantly that she had a strong grasp of what i was interested in capturing during the art creating session.
This is what she had to say about the scared beauty and strength inherit in the pregnant woman and the pregnancy process:

"I have always felt that the pregnant body is captivating and empowered. In pregnancy we are home to one of the most complex, mysterious projects of nature - very close to the earth and very alive. Many movements in recent years that have celebrated the female have neglected this part of our being due to old trappings associated with motherhood. I think this robs us of one of our most sacred assets." -Michelle Davis.

Truth be told!

There are a lot more photos to be posted shortly so keep an eye out on my blog for updates.

Other then that i didn't end up working on a new painting yet. However i did quite a lot of varnishing. The Dread Goddess painting is now absolutely 100% finished since she has her gloss coat on. I also started 2 new pen and ink over acrylic artworks that i will be finishing tonight and listing for sale in our etsy shop.
I had good news on Friday that one of my paintings sold at InOtherWords feminist bookstore where I have my artwork being featured through the month of April. So i was super thrilled to hear that! Over the weekend we had a good bout of sales in our etsy shop which has pushed us over 90 sales...and we are now zeroing in on our 100th sale!!! Just a few more purchases will do it! Wow. I cant believe it! This is all wonderful news and very encouraging. My drive to create right now is fierce! I cant wait to get home and get to work.
Thank so much to all the supports our there!

So how was your weekend? Any victories( small or large) or tribulations?

Best wishes,
-Chelsea Rose
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Recent Pictures and Poems!

Its Friday morning and i am sitting here with a mug of green tea in hand, writing to you. I thought today i would share some recent photos, some taken last weekend, the body painting photos are two that i retouched last night and posted from my shoot with Thierra. The poems are ones i have written in the last couple months.
What is it they say? Sharing is caring?

Rebel Heiress
(body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
model: Thierra)

Rebel Heiress
(body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
model: Thierra)

Thus far for my body painting project i have photographed a total of 7 women within a rang of differing ethnicity. I shot two women with German, Scottish blood, one Micronesian & half African, one Korean, one Vietnamese, one a mix of Irish and Italian, one African! I love it. I hope to keep pulling in a diverse mix of ethnic beauties. Unfortunately it seems to be very difficult to find models with dark skin available and willing to participate in the project. I think this reflects the demographics of Portland ,Oregon perhaps? I do hope to find more darker skinned models to balance out that of the lighter skinned models that i have already painted. We shall see! Yesterday i posted an add on craiglist for pregnant women. i think painting and photograping pregnant women in this series will be an interesting addition. I have already had a few responses so i am hoping to begin scheduling shoots for this!
So thats the scoop on where my women's study/body painting and photography project is going.

Here are a couple random photos from the previous week that i thought might be fun to share:

All Dolled Up
Here i am all dolled up with a bit of makeup on.
I got a package in the mail on Monday- it was eye shadow and lip-gloss i ordered from an awesome etsy shop called : Spectrum Cosmetics.
I took this picture shortly after trying on the new colors.
I rarely wear makeup-unless its for a special occasion like an art opening or something. I like to wear green eye shadow and mine ran out a few weeks ago( had it for years!)
The shadow is called “shamrock” and the lip gloss is called “dirty girl.”

Danny Zigwomp
Here is a handsome shot of Danny that i took a few weeks past. His dreads have gotten so long already- just in a few short months it seems.

Marlita and I on the trail
Danny took this picture of Marla and I. She is a dear friend who was visiting from Cali. We took a nice long hike on Saturday where we saw a wood pecker, a crowd of vultures shifting in the wind atop the tree canopy, and a small snake with a single racing stripe that ran the length of his scaly body + lots of mushrooms! I have vowed to do more hiking as it is truly the most enjoyable exercise for me and i know i need a lot of it now that i am working in an office building from 8-3 opposed to running around like a chicken with my head cut off all day long at art supply warehouse.
-----and that concludes our picture portion of this blog post, now on to some written word!

Some of my unedited writings from this year thus far:

Poem 1
I am a careless heroine
with a brave finger against the brow
holding face in fuming reverie
growling with the entrails of this sorrowing bridge and its treacherous way
this convoluted path manifesting as a dagger of drought on my parched spool of tongue that wallows, shifting in steely indifference with the shrugging of half lidded eyes.
I stand as effigy, revered burden of glowering aptitude teaming in the splinters of steaming electrical coils, placid with the sharpness to inject.
This calibration wrought tight in columns of my spine resting in the nape of unperturbed illusory splendor is ready to spring and command.
My battered crown pulsates as a grafting symbol of granulated edict.
I am a ruthless heroine
My proclamation made deep and luxuriant amidst black opal pupils
gone milky in whisper weeping coals, gelatinous with polluted condemnation
forever a scourge, mounted thick and groveling in the winding shores of divination thus bestowed.
The towers before me are glowing, steely dawn rippling like convulsing flesh, dripping splendors of warm smoggy breath all a glow in the chill of this inky shore.
And I stand here, holding this mound of dirt between stakes of armored intent with arms held in the pulsating homage of the sphinx with its claw and feather,
a splendor of cruel truth and balancing awe. A formidable opponent, equipped stark and naked with the gaze of infinity, growing in blazing feral trance.
And I, most like a thorny serpent, my jaw puckered into a blooming flower of wound, fanged and gagging on the heavy blanket of Babylon, my harrowing opponent, abusive in its splendor.
But these breaches have little effect, for a clandestine fortress ripples in this chest of mine where I bare the weapons of elusive voices, the heavenly defiance whipping like festooned brocade, a violent ivy thick with web to ensnare and consume.
Therefore, do not cross me.
I am a careless heroine.

Poem 2

Blatant and harrowing the blue smoke climbed umbilical and groping in the shattered light
as a symbol gleaming hot and molten in the shadows of failure
penetrating deep and wallowing into the rotten core of the eye
staring from above which holds so little brightness within
but devours and hordes each jewel like a basilisk
with its talons of thorn, pulped and splintered with vein
within the beast the empty sequence of palpating calculation prevails
holding court a governing insurgence lined thick in mortar and scheming reverie
up taking and dissecting the definition of self and steal atop the brim of strangers tongues
their mouths agape with perpetual strain made stiff and groping at the dust in the swollen air
as maimed pretenders lifting numb the bulbs of their palms to the slate above
groveling in listlessness with pealed and bleached bone
protruding from each scab bound thick and embedded with wounded words
each inky character an illusory phantasm seeking to explain the truth out of the roots and dirt
as patterns speak volumes of chaos and riddle

when the bright plains of golden dawn break warm and frothy above each head
the conspirators lock fang with bounding intent
chaining reason to prescription till no heart gleams without predator forecast
birthing dreams that inscroll with twisted metal
settling over the spilt reminders of all that is genuine
the self claims the cannibal status of a pawn and fool
waiting weighted and exposed to the corrosive embrace that laps thick with eclipsing cages
ensnaring in unison each blind feeler
holding onto broken limbs and vision
groping for that line drawn in murky breath
separating this impalpable undertow
from the chance of manifest truth

the blossom weeps its seeds
floating adrift a glassy memoir
its reflection a towering waif
petals of cosmic reverb lay bent and rigid with meditated grace
a silent kindling of force it dredges up
forming new feathers of transformation
to splay at the feet of the fallen once more.

------------------------I should probably stop right there. Thats quite a dose!

Oh, just found out that i was featured on the blog of a fellow etsy Artist: LittleMissFamous, with a full 'artist interview' that i gave via email. Check it out here if you are interested.

My plans for this evening: Driving over to Vancouver Washington to be witness and be a part of the amazing art community that is Guerrilla Media. They are opening up a new art/music gallery. The event tonight will be the grand opening featuring many amazing local musicians and artists. Check the the details here.

Weekend plans thus far: Lookin for a new apartment, starting on a new painting based off of this drawing( i am sure this certain painting will be even more of a shock to people then my usual work...what with the particular "endowments" my character has been bestowed), a nice long hike in the local woods with my love, and some spring cleaning thrown into the mix somewhere hopefully!
What about you? got anything planned?
I do hope you enjoy the weekend and that it offers some respite from whatever your daily drudge may be.

Much love to all!
-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Dread Goddess- finished acrylic painting

So, I did manage to finish my "Dread Goddess" painting over the weekend!
Here is a quick picture of it that i took before i went to bed last night:
Dread Goddess
Rainbow Roots Dread Goddess
original acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose
(these colors are slightly off. I will get a better picture of the painting soon.)

...It had all started with a pen and ink drawing that I did back in 2009:
Dread Goddess
(Original pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose)
When I posted this drawing online i got a lot of interest on it. It seemed the drawing was well received and people had expressed hope that i would end up painting it some day soon.
I didn't get around to painting it for long time. In fact i started the painting process on April 3rd, 2010, which was only last weekend.

The creation process went like this:
work in progress shot
....Last weekend I woke up Saturday morning and took a look at all the blank walls of my apartment and freaked out. It seems i have parted with most of my artwork for the time being since its up in a few different places around town for the month of April. Seeing the blank white walls staring at me jump started my need to create. I began this blue background that is visible in the above photo with the intent of finally trying my hand at painting my "Dread Goddess."

The next step was to transfer my original drawing onto the painted background:
work in progress shot
Here you begin to see the humble beginnings of my 'Dread Goddess' painting. I transferred my original pen and ink drawing by way of art projector. I projected my drawing and then outline it onto the canvas using my favorite pens: Faber Castell India Ink pens.

work in progress shot
When i got to this point i began to work out what the overall color palette would be for the painting. Once this was established it took about one more week of me layering color to finish the painting. However i have two things left to do for this afternoon when i get home.
1. I have to paint the sides of the canvas a nice solid and neat black.
2. I need to gloss Varnish the painting and allow it to dry.
....then it will truly be done, ready for hanging, for displaying and even for selling!
I love work in progress pictures and information and i have found that its very interesting for me to document my creative process. Its allowing me to not only share my projects with others but to study and prefect my techniques.
....So now that this painting is done its time to start a new one!!
I will keep you posted on when and how this new painting materializes.

Other then that i had a wonderful weekend. Danny and I found a new hiking trail not far from our house. We hiked 3 miles on Saturday and then 3 more on sunday( not a very big hike, i know but it was the first leg stretch of spring- got to get back into the groove.) It was nice to have a sunny weekend amidst all the rain and blustryness that we have been experiencing up here in Portland Oregon. Plus, a dear friend from out of state has been visiting which means we cooked wonderfully yummy dinners, had fun catching up and exploring Portland with our friend.
So that is indeed the latest scoop.

...Oh, and did i mention we finally listed some baby onesies tie dye in our etsy shop?
Here is an idea of the colors currently available:

check out all of our baby tiedye onesies in our new shop section called Baby Tie Dye.
FYI: we are currently 1 sale away from hitting our 90th , so who ever is our 90th sale will get some free Lucid Optic Lab goodies!

Peace n Love,
-Chelsea Rose
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Friday art hanging and paint flinging Madness+ weekend progress

Wow...whats a crazy few days its been. Friday was a hoot.
It started off with danny kindly picking me up from work and taking me out to lunch. Then we went home, grabbed the rest of my paintings in the apartment and dashed off to InOtherWords feminist bookstore.
Danny and I hung up my paintings on their display wall in the back:
Hanging my art inside InOtherWords bookstore

Hangin my art inside InOtherWords bookstore
We used fishing line to wire them up in person they kinda flaot off the wall.
my art inside InOtherWords feminist bookstore
My artwork will be featured in the book store for the month of April. So if you are in town come stop by InOtherWords bookstore and explore! I talked with the art curator a bit more as we hung the paintings and she says she would like to display my body painting series at some point as well. She was thinking it would be perfect for "body image awareness month"...but we have to figure out when that is and if it will work out.

.....After we were done hanging my artwork we drove on over to Vancouver Washington to partake in some much needed community paint flinging madness with The Space Art collective. It was an open house for the new studio space that is becoming the heart of unabashed creation in the Vancouver area. The event revolved around some breathtaking local bands playin trippy melody as a large gaggling crowd painted each others faces and took part in painting a large piece of "community canvas" that was open for all.
Of course the first thing i did when i got in was put on my warrior woman marks:

Photo taken by the amazingly talented and sweet Anni Becker
( do you like my sour puss samurai concentration face?)

...and then i got to paint other peoples faces, much to my delight:

another photo by Anni Becker
(Here i am having fun talkin with and painting another amazing artist, Kelly Keigwin )

Once we were all properly ritualized in tempera paint...we began to attack the community canvas piece:
The Space Art Collective
Here is danny gettin into the groove of it all and painting away!

The Space Art Collective
Anni and I havin a go at the canvas with much reverie!

The Space Art Collective
many hands knuckle painting!

The Space Art Collective
amidst the crowd.

Here is the almost finished result of the live community painting free for all:
The Space Art Collective
It was an amazing night. i met some wondrous souls and had so much fun painting and hangin out. Big thanks and to The Art Space Collective!

The weekend was relatively uneventful compared to Thursday's Piratical Magic art opening reception and Friday's artwork hanging and paint flinging madness.

On Saturday morning I woke up and took a critical look at all the blank walls of my apartment- realizing that almost all of my artwork was out of my hands for the time being which made me realize....I have to PAINT!! I must do some creating and fill up all the empty wall space once again.
So i kicked my butt and started a new painting based off of one of my pen and ink drawings that i had named "The Dread Goddess":
Dread Goddess
I will soon be posting a blog entry on the creation of this painting with a bunch of work in progress keep a look out for that!

Also...check out two of the newest Mandala paintings that danny has done:
Vishuddha mandala
Vishuddha mandala by Danny
ink over watercolor

Ajna mandala
Ajna mandala by Danny
ink over watercolor

...So now you know the scoop. Its been a crazy fun past few days and its once again a rainy Monday morning in Portland Oregon.
Best wishes to all with many blessings.
I hope this week is fruitful and filled with positive vibration.
-Chelsea Rose
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Art opening: Practical Magic group show

Had a really wonderful night hanging out at the art opening for the Practical Magic group show!
Practical Magic art opening
The energy of this show is amazingly psychedelic with strong influence of the Goddess with some pleasantly deep shamanic intent.
The gallery was full to the brim with some extremely inspiring artwork. I felt honored to have my artwork and its energy making its contribution to the grand scheme.
I got to meet, hang and goof off with some of the artists including Anna Todaro( she also curated the entire show!) Laura Borealisis, Nemo Boko, and Morgaine Faye
Practical Magic  art opening
This is a photo of me with Laura Borealisis posing in front of our artwork together.

Practical Magic art opening
The gallery had a steady stream of visitors making some of the show hard to photograph. Danny was saying he will probably be going back to better capture the entire show including Nemo Boko's art section which was truly a trip to behold! ( especially when he whipped out a couple pairs of 3d glasses.)
Practical Magic  art opening
Nemo's 3d glasses were such a blessing. Once he whipped those out both danny, laura and myself walked around the entire show tripping out on how each piece had morphed under the 3d vision. It was a night full of lots of laughter, random up taking reverie, philosophical, spiritual conversates, wonderful encounters and out pourings of inspiration and good vibe.
and here is a comp danny made of some of his photos of the night:
practical magic opening
Practical Magic Art Opening
So come check it out!
The show runs through April 30th.
Gallery hours: Th, Fr, St Noon-6pm
At Coeur art gallery: 323 NW 6th- Portland, Oregon. whats next?
Today after work I will be hanging up my artwork inside the local portland feminist bookstore:
where my artwork will be showcased for the month of April.

As of now I dont have a body painting photoshoot planned for this Saturday. It seems to be increasingly difficult to schedule these shoots but i hope that they will continue to manifest when the time is right.

More comin soon!
Peace n Love,
-Chelsea Rose
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