Friday, April 26, 2013

Vector Feature and recent paintings

Its been an exciting spring.

I am the Featured artist for this month's publication of The Vancouver Vector!

Featured Artist

Read the interview here.

I love the Vancouver arts community and humbly thank them for their support and presence.

And I have been so inspired as of late that I have taken to painting anything within reach including mini canvas, wood blocks, broken skateboard decks and even card board. I have begun listing these treasures for sale in my etsy shop, so check them out here!

messy art table
A chaotic view of my art space.

skateboard paintings

skateboard paintings

skateboard paintings

Pot Head boards
Been really going a lil nuts on the skateboards latley.

3rd eye Goddess
This acrylic painting was done on a 3.5"x9" wood block

Feelin Spacey
Acrylic painting on a 7"x12" piece of corrugated cardboard.

New paintings grouping
upcycling, sharpie and acrylic on cardboard

Another painting on cardboard I did in blue acrylic and ink.
The art print next to it is a collaboration between two other awesome pacific northwest painters: Sarah Hoyt and Davey Cadaver !

WIP Earth Goddess body painting
I am also revving up my gears to get a few Earth Goddess body art paintings/photoshoots done for spring so will be updating on that shortly!

Best wishes,
-Chelsea Rose

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