Friday, July 16, 2010

Winged Offering acrylic painting + Wise Woman body painting + Evolve Mushroom screen print

Happy Friday to all.

I finally got my act together a posted a full version of my most recently finished painting.

Winged Offering:

Winged Offering
14"x14" (box framed/gallery wrapped stretched canvas)

Original acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose

...and to think it all started with a sketch i found in an old drawing book of mine:
....i have kept every sketch book i had all throughout middle school, high school and on into my adult years. I have them all ready at hand right next to my art table to skim through for inspiration- mostly finding them a goldmine to expound upon. I look at the books and see stored potential, stored energy eager to manifest someday into a newly executed drawing or painting. I also find it endlessly fascinating to look at the sketchbooks and see my style of drawing slowly morphing and changing direction. I am eager to see how my style changes in a few short years.

I am about a weekends worth of work away from finishing another painting sparked by a drawing of mine. Painting will be based off of this pixie:
You can view process shots here of me working on laying the first foundations of acrylic color to the painting.

I also wanted to share two more shots i posted from my Wise Woman photoshoot with the wonderfully talented and open minded Suzanne Owens-Duval:

Wise Woman
Wise Woman
(body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
Model:Suzanne Owens-Duval )

Wise Woman
Wise Woman
(body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
Model:Suzanne Owens-Duval )

i had to post both of these because i wasn't sure if i preferred her wonderful regal profile or her full sweet face with such warm and intelligent eyes. Which do you prefer?

Danny made a new screen of a recent design of his:

mushroom screen print and design by Danny.
No doubt inspired be the amazingness of the world of mushroom, their extremely important role in life on this planet and the amazing amount of potential the organisms present. if you have not see this already check out this mushroom/fungi video: 6 ways mushrooms can save the world.
...I am sure Danny will begin screen printing "Evolve" onto shirts very soon so feel free to send in custom orders!

Peace n Love,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Great to see the finished " Winged Offering"! Its interesting how good a source sketch books are...I save as many of mine as I can. I also enjoy the wistful twist of the second piece's mouth...and I can't choose between the two photos of your wonderful model. They are two different sides of one person.

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