Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Projects and Play- mermaid painting, silkscreen creation

Twas a relaxing birthday weekend at home spent hanging out on the patio and working on art projects in the morning while it was cool- then movie watching marathon + lots of naps in the A/C bedroom now deemed "the cave"- as the days got super hot.

I got more work done on my mermaid painting:
Mermaid-work in progress
I darkened the ocean a lot more so that i could make the bubbles more glowy. Also added some new bubbles in and a couple jets of shimmery lil bubbles. Everything is very very rough so i need to go in and shape everything with more color and shading. I have also decided i need to change her flesh tone to a more pale/blue tint to reflect the fact that she is submerged in water. Still need to decide on how i want her hand to lay on her tail and what i want/if anything sprouting from the top of her third eye. plus more bubbles shall be added as well.

While i was painting Danny was working on an art project of his:
In the art room
He made this huge silkscreen frame and stretched the mesh himself- the frame is pretty much as tall as i am. Here in the photo he is using the drawing fluid medium to paint out the first part of his intended gigantic silkscreen/ebru(Turkish marbling) creation that i cant wait to see finished.
Work In Progress
As the shape is beginning to suggest- he is creating a Buddha symbol which will actually have a few different silkscreen components to make up the finished details of the form.

And for no apparent reason on Saturday i was up at midnight playing with my dreadlocks in front of the bathroom mirror and i had to snap this photo to share:
dread tower
I call it the "Tower of Dread."
Pretty ridiculous no?

Anyhoo....i am looking forward to doing some body painting tomorrow for a local Portland photographer. It is an "earth mama" themed maternity shoot where i have been commissioned to paint earthy floral patterns on his pregnant model. Should be fun...."work in progress" pics will be posted from the experience as well!

Much love,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. The mermaid is coming along nicely. It's very neat to see your new play with depth. I can't wait the see the silkscreen either. I've not seen one that big before. And I must say, I'm very jealous that you can play with your hair like that.

  2. Oh now I see the difference between your last progress pic and this one. I am definitely learning to take page from this. I have been in the habit of painting live art start to finish for so long, that I had forgotten the beauty of the slow journey of creating a complete finished polished piece. I think with the piece I'm currently working on I am going to integrate your concept. I love your locs. I am a hairsylist by day and I maintain locs. We call them locs because in our opinion there is absolutely nothing dreadful about them lol. Peace and Blessings.

  3. the mermaid does look lovely but I can see how you want to make her look like she's in the sea with its cool glow. Man the hair is awesome! you should find some excuse ( wait, who needs one!) to rock that do in public! I look forward to your next body painting pics...

  4. Amazing, amazing, amazing painting. It's coming out so lovely, and I love what you've done with the bg. It has a lot of depth!

    Happy (belated) Birthday!!!

  5. I love our work, the mermaid is fantastic!!!
    The picture of you is great too, it looks like an Alice in wonderland drawing I have seen with her hair straight up in ribbon.