Monday, December 20, 2010

Goddess Art Opening photos and recap

The Goddess in All of Us art gallery opening was both wonderful and crazy at the same time.

Firstly I painted a friend/model who was to help me serve guests drinks and munchies during the event( all event photography done by Lucid Optic Lab )
Goddess gallery opening 2010
Goddess gallery opening 2010
But i ended up running out of time to paint her fully since people started coming in the door super early.
Goddess opening
Goddess gallery opening 2010
Danny snapped the two shots above before the crowed got really big.
T.Ruth Artspace filled up super quick and was abuzz with activity. There were moments the cozy lil gallery were packed so full of people it was like being in a sardine can! I was soooooo surprised, excited and encouragement by the turn out.

On the ground floor of T.Ruth Artspace the main wall had my Goddess in All Of Us mounted photographs. On a desk we had piled the books for sale.
In the upper loft i hung a bunch of my new and old acrylic paintings:
Goddess gallery opening 2010
I am very glad I had the idea to hang my paintings for this event. People seemed to really enjoy coming up stairs and seeing a different side to my creative endeavours.

During a lull in the event Danny was able to snap the following photos:
Goddess gallery opening 2010
from left to right: Chelsea Marie(model), Me(Chelsea Rose artist), Ann(model), Amy(model)
Goddess gallery opening 2010
from left to right: Tiffany Ruth( gallery owner), Chelsea Marie(model), Me(Chelsea Rose, artist)
Goddess gallery opening 2010
Me kissing one of my models, Queen Bead.
It was really a wonderful thing that so many of my models from the Goddess In All Of Us project showed up. Some of them i had not seen or talked to since we did the initial body painting/photo session so it was fun playing catch up and meeting their family and friends!

Goddess gallery opening 2010
Andrew Constentine ( local PDX artist) came out with his daughter to the show. Here they are sitting down and thumbing through the Goddess in All of Us book they bought. Later on in the evening i got the chance to paint her sweet face. Unfortunately i did not get a picture of that but it was fun!

I met some wonderful people during the show, made some new friends, had a blast and sold a bunch of the 4"x6" prints and my books!

After the opening was closed i did a quick photo shoot of the Chelsea Marie whom i painted that day.
here is one of the photos:
Goddess gallery opening 2010
So i think we can safely say the show was a success!

Thanks so very much to all who came out to the Goddess in All of Us art opening. The support means so much. I also know I had a lot of people at the show in spirit who were sending love from afar. Thank you thank you. Love you all!

Now i do have some sad news. I just found out over the weekend that T.Ruth Artspace will be closing its doors and going out of business in 3 weeks time. Yes, my two month show has been cut down to 3 weeks and I am pretty melancholy about it but I am choosing to not dwell on the negative and instead focus on how wonderful the opening was! So if you were planning on going to check out the exhibit sometime within the 2 months the show was promised to be opened you may want to go have a look soon, like real real soon...before the show is gone entirely!

I have the books on sale in T.Ruth Artspace as well as in our etsy shop:
Goddess In All Of Us art book sale
On sale for $50 here.

Please dont be shy to email me at with any questions or requests!

Thanks again for all the support and encouragement!

Much love always,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Beautiful Photos..wonderful memories..Goddess Love all around !!

  2. Congratulations on the show, Chelsea!

  3. Ah, bitter-sweet news, I guess Chelsea. As I read through your post I thought "What a wonderful place, that it even exits!". Then I read the last part of your post and was, like, downer. I am so sad to hear that : (

    Well the good news is that your show WAS such a success and you know that your work IS amazing! Congrats on the book, again, and I am wondering how you got that printed. Did you self-publish and, if so, where from?

    Shows are an immense amount of work, even if they don't look it. Been there, done that and will do it again! Lol!

  4. Congrats to you Chelsea on what looks a fabulous event for you, your work fantastic as always and hopefully many sales, commissions and leads to come from your hard work and endeavour Chelsea Marie looking stunning too.

  5. I'm so glad to hear that your show was a success. Although the show isn't going to be up as long as you would have liked it looks like a marvelous time. The book looks amazing and your outfit was splendid!