Monday, February 27, 2012

Finished Painting: The Specimen Collector + work in progress photos and news

I finished a painting and wanted to share it:
The Specimen Collector
The Specimen Collector
Original acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose

...I had a lot of fun painting and documenting the creative process with this piece:

The creative process began as a goofy pencil drawing made one rainy day at work while on lunch.

art projects in black and white
I then took the drawing home and drew out the concept on a stretched canvas.

art studio snapshot

Began adding the first rough color layers in the background and figure/flowers.

Work in progress acrylic painting
Really started having fun with painting the trees and working on her dress design.

Art studio snapshot
Here she was near completion next to my other current paintings in the works.
...So yes, shes all done. Now I'm just waiting for the paint to cure before gloss varnishing and then she shall be ready to be admired by the world!

In other news this weekend was one of those "don't want to leave the cozy bedroom" kind of days.

Thus, I setup my sketch box easel in the bedroom so that I could paint where it was warm while watching movies.

It was very nice. And I got a good bit of work done on my painting...she is almost finished!

I also am SUPER excited about how well my "Earth Goddess" fundraising project is going!

Only 3 days left and I have raised $930...which means I need to raise just $70 more to meet my goal of $1000. We can do it! Please donate if you can. The support will be greatly appreciated. Keep the "Earth Goddess" body art photography series alive!

Much Love and Light,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Painting looks wonderful and love the new one, good luck with your fundraiser......

    1. Thanks so much! The Fundraiser was a success. Yay!!

  2. Beautiful work, these may be some of my favorite that I've seen thus far. Do you use india ink pens to do the black outlines or just paint brushes?

    1. Thanks! Its great to hear my new work is getting a good response...I am pretty excited about the new year and what new and evolved creations might be made.
      I first draw my concept sketches with India ink on paper. I then will draw the finished concept out on the canvas with india ink and use it like a skeleton to build onto of. In the end there is no ink visible...only acrylic paint. Thanks for your question!