Monday, July 2, 2012

New Earth Goddess shoot in Rooster Rock State Park

I am so SO happy to say that during the past weekend I did my fourth body painting/photoshoot session  for my Earth Goddess series!

We drove out to Rooster Rock State Park and set up a canopy near the clothing option section of the park and quickly got to painting:

WIP Earth Goddess series

My partner in all things Danny Ebru was there to lend a hand and impart words of wisdom. These work in progress shots are a curtesy of his presence.

Work In Progress shot : Earth Goddess series

I was super surprised at how quick this body painting session took to complete. Normally a full body painting takes me six hours yet it only took about 3 hours this time around!

Once the painting was done we began to hike through the trails in the clothing optional section of the park. The trails were lush and wound their way along the edge of the Columbia River Gorge. It was beautiful and full of wonderful little nooks to shoot in.

Earth Goddess photoshoot
My model Asima was brilliant. Her easy confidence, positive energy and personal wisdom really made for some exciting captures. I took over 400 photos in about two hours.
I have just begun to look through, sort and edit the photos.

Here are the first two finished photographs, roughly edited, that I have posted publicly:

Earth Goddess
Earth Goddess
body art and photography by Chelsea Rose
model: Asima

Earth Goddess
Earth Goddess
body art and photography by Chelsea Rose
model: Asima

Hope you enjoy them!
...More soon to follow so stay tuned... ( Danny managed to take a time lapse video of me painting Asima's face and neck. Keep a look out for that, it will be posted on our youtube channel  )

My fifth Earth Goddess shoot is this weekend. We will be painting and photographing in the "Cove" beach in Seaside at the crack o' dawn. Wish us luck!

Also, I want to say a big big big thank you to the generous and supportive souls who contributed to my kickstarter fundraiser earlier this year. I think about you all the time and feel so inspired. This project wouldn't be the same without your support. So, thanks again :)

Much Love and Light,
-Chelsea Rose

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