Saturday, September 13, 2014

Chelsea Rose Art Show recap and photos

So my art opening at Future Shock was lots of fun and I wanted to share some photos of it with you!

Here I am a bit gussied up for the opening night, posing with my mermaid door painting before the show started.

And here are some photos of the walls before it got crowded:

The artwork was hung by Danny Ebru, who has a fantastic eye for arranging and displaying art. He also took these photos. Thanks boo!

The show featured 55 of my original paintings.

Out of the 55 paintings displayed, 8 of them were collaborative works with other local Portland Oregon artists who are dear to my heart. The photo above, shows the "collab" section of the show featuring collaborations I did with Darci (Silly Weird Things), Danny Ebru, SKAM and RX Skulls.

Out of the 55 paintings, 27 of them were newly created pieces, most of which I had kept hidden from the world as I feverishly painted them the month before the show.

 I was very excited to get to debut so much new stuff at the art opening! The remaining paintings on display were "select works" from previous years that I felt deserved more time in the spotlight.

The new and old paintings were intermixed on the walls which I was initially a little nervous about, but in the end I think it worked out really well.

(Mike of Future Shock gets photo cred on this one!)

And, though I am not sure its apparent from these photos, I was happy to hang my canvas paintings alongside vinyl records, skateboards, blocks of scrap wood, doors and other found objects that I painted. So there was also an element of using recycled material for painting on, which we butted up right next to more of my traditional "fine art" supports formats like canvas.

What makes me even more pleased was that those that came to the show seemed to really dig the art:

We had a fantastic selection of beautiful souls cruise in to take a look at my art. With 12 original pieces sold I was ecstatic! 

People were also totally into the custom screen printed shirts Future Shock made specially to commemorate my art show. The shirt features a pen and ink drawing of one of my newest paintings that I debuted at the opening. 

Shirts are on sale for $20 at Future Shock or you can buy one( or check out more photos of it) in my online shop here. And yes, in case you were wondering... that is in fact a big MearOne painting next to my t-shirt display. His painting guards the entry way into the Future Shock Gallery and I am honored by its presence!

And I even sold out of the hand made sticker packs I put together for the opening! 

But have no fear, I made more sticker packs and I now have my own lil rack in the retail/record store section of Future Shock. 

And yes, you simply must stop in the Future Shock PDX sometime this month since my art will be on display all of September. No excuses! Even if you are far you must find a way to visit even if its via astral projection or stolen extraterrestrial teleportation devices. 

Much love and gratitude,
-Chelsea Rose 

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