Saturday, October 18, 2014

The High Priestess, Tarot Show at Splendorporium

I have been getting involved in more group shows lately. I find themed shows very helpful in challenging me to draw and paint outside of my usual conceptual directions. One such recent group show that I participated in was a Tarot card themed art show at Splendorporium Gallery in Portland Oregon. I have always been drawn to Tarot cards and other divination tools so I was super stoked to pick a Tarot card to paint in my own style.

 I chose to do The High Priestess Card:

(9"x12" Original acrylic painting on wood cut by Chelsea Rose)

Here is what a standard High Priestess card looks like: 

So yes, I took a LOT of liberties in making this card my own. But I did keep some aspects the same, like my Priestess( who bares a striking resemblance to the caterpillar from Wonderland) is blue, while the card has the priestess in blue robes. My priestess also sits on a throne of sorts, but they are huge purple mushrooms. I also incorporated the black and white towers into my painting. And instead of having my priestess hold the Tora, I have her holding another book of knowledge that has a down pointing triangle( which is a symbol of the sacred feminine) which I adorned with an all seeing eye. 

All in all, it was a great deal of fun getting to research the meaning behind all the symbols present in the card and It has me really considering doing an entire Tarot deck in my style!

And here are a couple photos from the opening reception at the gallery: 

It was very interesting to see other people's interpretations of various Tarot cards. Some were literal kinda like mine because they incorporated some of the traditional symbols from the cards, and others were very abstract. 

Here is a photo of my friend Darci, Silly.Wierd.Things card:

She did "The Moon" Tarot Card and I think it came out beautifully in her style. 

And here I am with my painting at the opening reception. As usual I am too short to manage a photo with my art that is not entirely awkward :) 

The show is up for the remainder of the month so go check it out if you are in Portland!

-Chelsea Rose 

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