Monday, May 25, 2015

Bench Mural #2 in Portland Oregon

As you may know from my previous post, I was given a contract via community run origination, Alberta Art Works to paint two benches in the Alberta Arts district of Portland Oregon. I am now all done with the 2nd bench mural. See my previous post for photos and info on the 1st bench.

This was my concept painting that was approved for the mural commission.

 I began roughing out the concept on the bench with spray paint and then went back through with a black paint pen to begin to plot out the lines and details of the fish creatures.

and then I began to layer color on top of color, on top of color until I was satisfied with the color depth.

and then came the final details and black outlines.

And just as soon as the paint was dry, Brook from Alberta Art works came by and varnished both of my benches for me!

Here it is all finished!

And here I am with my school of fish ladies :)

I also made a lil video about the creative process involved in painting this bench. Check out the video here on my youtube channel.

Big thanks to Alberta Art Works for facilitating this mural project. Collage art store, thank you for donating the mural paint! Thank you, Just Bob Cafe for making sure I didn't get dehydrated while painting in the sun by offering me all sorts of yummy chilled teas all day long.

That same day, since I finished painting my 2nd bench mural with plenty of daylight and spray paint left, I walked over to one of the Alberta Free Walls where I practiced my spray painting with a quickie Third Eye piece:

Anyhoo, I am very excited to show you my two other recent mural projects. One was done in a Cafe in Southern Oregon, and another done in a patron's bedroom in Portland Oregon. 
More on those very soon!

With love and light,
-Chelsea Rose   

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