Saturday, September 5, 2015

Custom Body Painting, Purple and Gold

I did a custom body painting for local Pacific Northwest small business owner, Janet Brent also known as The E-Book queen. She wanted whimsical and wild self portraits that would serve a duel purpose: 1st and foremost to be expressive personal treasure in the form of body art portrait photography and 2nd, to serve as alluring and powerful tools in the marketing of her business.  

I love working with people to create custom body art portraits. I view these sort of projects as a collaboration between myself and my client model. 

I had very few perimeters to try and fit within. All Janet really required was that I use gold and purple body paint to create with and that she be photographed at the coast. 

I released a youtube video all about this particular art adventure. So feel free to view that on My Youtube Channel.
And Here is a beautifully written account of our art adventure by my client model, Janet:
"Dark and light must be embraced as one. We started the photoshoot in darkness with Chelsea Rose as my artist and photographer. I was painted and covered in gold with a single lantern light in a tent, on the beach starting at around 2am. The drive up to the coast was clear skies and the stars were showing its faces over dark country roads. I think I even saw the Milky Way. I was reminded of the time I saw a meteor shower with pitch black night and zero light pollution. The sky was as clear as the amazing meteor shower I had witnessed in my youth. Every few seconds, a star was falling, shooting it's light across the sky...Some stars would fall in synch. Together, they were dancing. ////
I emerged like a caterpillar. From its cocoon after sunrise. Crawling out of the tent covered in gold and purple body paint, to symbolize the inner warrior queen and goddess within me. The tribal/ethnic vibe was what I was going for. The earthy, grounded, rooted energy of mama earth and nature. What better way to celebrate the Queen in me than on the Oregon coast. //// I thought we would be going to Cannon Beach. All this time, I thought our location was where the Goonies had been filmed but it turns out that my artist/photographer had Oceanside in mind. However, a wrong turn on the country roads put us right towards Cannon Beach and a 40minute delay towards the location they had had in mind. I guess the Universe had other plans. Cannon Beach it was! And I couldn't be happier. I loved the location and setting. I love the preview pictures I've seen so far. ////
In my journey, I have tried so hard to find my 'higher self', my Queen, my Goddess Wild Woman that I had ignored the lower-self, the shadow self, for years. I tried to sweep her under the rug. In reality, I needed to hug her and embrace my lower and higher self as one. It is the darkness that informs the light. It is the light that informs the dark. What a wonderful journey to encapsulate all this than on the beach from darkness to light. Gratitude for Chelsea Rose Arts to be part of my journey and for celebrating the dark and light in all of us. Thank you! Namaste." - Janet Brent

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