Monday, October 18, 2010

New Drawing, tie dye, Buddha Project work in porgress photos

I am pleased to introduce you to Her Imperil Majesty, Elephantress:
Original pen and ink drawing
by Chelsea Rose

.....I have always though Elephants held an air of majestic and regal grace so honestly putting one in a fancy court dress wasn't to big of a stretch for my imagination. Also, Elephants are my cousin Allie's fave animal as well as my i had to try my hand at them at least once. I like her fancy trunk glove/sock or cozy..whatever you want to call it :P yes, as you can see i did a bit of drawing over the weekend. I also prepped some painting surfaces for new works in progress. This is what my art table looked like over the weekend:
work bench
...the art room got a lot of use in the last couple days.

Danny has been quite busy working on his Ebru( Turkish marbling) and silkscreen Buddha project. He has finished the marbling portion and moved on to silk screening his 3 color Buddha prints onto the marbled sheets.

Here some shots i took when he was "Dropping Paint, Not Bombs" :
drop paint not bombs

...and then the screen printing madness over the weekend:

buddha project
....getting the line up right.

buddha project...
...taking a deep breath before putting down the first layer.

buddha project
pushing the paint for the first layer- note the ridiculous HUGE squeegee!

buddha project
...pulling the second color. The final color went on as a light lime green for the Buddha's highlights. I have no posted pictures of that yet but i imagine they will be up soon for viewing.
Neat huh?

In other news i had rather nostalgic moment this weekend when digging around in various boxes in the art room i came across news articles that my mom must have saved for me from the West side Weekly- one of which a photo of me participating in a sculpting class at age 7 is shown on the front cover followed by a quote in the article saying "I love doing the painting, you can make anything you want. What I love most of all is getting the paint on myself."
The photo below the main photo was taken of me at age 7 also in one of the Arts Mecca's painting classes:
Venice Arts Mecca
( to read the snip it of article just click on this thumbnail and view large.)
...the Venice Arts Mecca was an amazing gift. their classes were more like free-for alls where freedom of expression reigned supreme before rules of technique. The program was given freely to the "underprivileged" youths of Venice, CA. I took many classes there ranging from photography, dark room, Polaroid transfer, painting, clay work, creative writing and more.
I wish that more programs like this existed today, throughout the world- they really do make a huge difference.

...and Lastly:
Saying goodbye to summer
I know summer is long gone but its just begun to really feel that way. The wind is cold, first frost approaches, my morning glory vines have died out including my other potted wildflower garden. This weekend i took down the wasted vines, flowers...consolidated the left of soil and stacked empty pots. My patio is now bare save for my basil, chamomile and Chile plants which i will be bringing inside very soon in hopes of keeping them alive for winter. while i am sad to watch the "abundance" of summer come to a close i am elated at the changes in the air, the glow of fall in the trees...the inevitable "rest" of winter.
....but its photos like this, taken in summer's height that will help get through the coming months of getting up in the dark chill( but i really do love winter!!)...and spring is such a miracle- to watch the green roll back in with such force! i cant wait to have my morning glory vines growing and flowering again. this time i will start the seeds indoors as soon as spring hits. should be good.

So that's it for now, more coming soon as always.

...and remember kids, Drop Paint, Not Bombs.
-Chelsea Rose
Lucid Optic Lab


  1. Hey Chelsea, Mizz phant has got an indian feel about her ,she is fab,your art room has been most productive by the looks of things.

  2. That elephant sketch has a great whimsical style to it. I love imaginative illustrations/sketches like this- nice work!