Monday, October 25, 2010

More Dyad WIP photos + pics from artwalk on NW 23rd

So i did some more work on my Dyad painting:
dyad Work in progress painting you can see i have put down the first layers of acrylic paint to my outline. I am still in need of more layers, refining and polishing. So far i have only really worked on one wing and must to the other and then figure out what those strange claw/flower appendages are doing :P

On Thursday we went down to check out the first ever art walk on NW 23rd in the North Nobhill district of Portland Oregon. From now on every 3rd Thursday of the month the art community there is being given the use of vacant building to use as "pop up art galleries."
Wonderful idea no?
A couple photos from the event:
talking with Mark Marasco
Here i am deep in discussion with one of the featured artists, Mark Marasco. We had met before at a drum circle gathering and it was really wonderful to check out his art in person...his paintings were extremely inspiring and it was a wonderful thing to drift along and talk about each piece and much more with him. It was the first time any of his painting work had made its way out into the community and i was thrilled to be present to behold it! Check out the Mark Marasco website for more info and a closer look at his work.
The pop up gallery also featured America on 13cents & a bag of paint: Living Work by Julie Love Artist
Your Car Does Not Make U Invisible: Photography by Juleen Johnson
Live music by New Weavers including harp, dulcimer, & flute
Unique Handmade Hats by Elizabeth Rohloff Designs
Art Cards made of Flower Petals by Mike Mason
gratis wine bar
Vegan Chocolate tasting by Missionary Chocolates

...i cant wait for the next one!

And then just down a block at T.Ruth Artspace Gallery was a new art installation:

I had met the artist Dani during one of my live body painting session inside T.Ruth artspace so again it was very cool to finally see her artistic expression. I love that she is such a dainty/pixie girl yet she works with heavy metal sculpture.
Dani Richwine and I  with her art
A photo of us together hanging out with her metal sculpture work. yes, it was a fun night!

Thats it for now. more comin soon.
Peace n Love,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Looks like it was a fun night. I like how your painting is coming out.

  2. Marcus,
    Nice to hear from you!
    Thanks muchly so for your kind words. I finished the painting last night so I will be varnishing it today and will have finished photos soon. Hope you are busy creating also.
    best wishes,
    -Chelsea Rose