Friday, May 13, 2011

Its Been A While.

Hello all,
I realize its been awhile since my last post. I am just now getting over a fairly intense bout of cold/flu. Feeling much improved though, thanks!

I wanted to share what I have been working on:
Work In Progress
Its a new painting that I am calling "Goddess Of the Hunt."
Its actually a commission piece for an old Venice beach sister friend, Sheera ( do click to take a listen to her music!), who has blossomed into an amazing singer and songwriter. She has commissioned me to do the art for her up and coming EP and wanted a fierce yet dreamy warrior woman.

It started out with this concept sketch:
Goddess of the Hunt
(original pen and ink drawing!)
Then I painted a rough background layer of acrylic on a 14" x 14" canvas and transferred the drawing via light projector with India ink pens to give myself the basic outline to flesh out:
Warrior Woman work in progress

And here is a closeup of my 1st swipe through with some color layering:
Warrior Woman work in progress
...The painting isn't done yet but I feel I am getting very close!

Now, switchin gears a bit here. I wanted to share with you my alter space:
My Alter
I am excited to have my lil alter featured in my friend GreenWoman's blog. She is doing an interesting series of blog posts about peoples sacred spaces and all the various ways people create them....Check It Out , and see more photos of my alter place plus some words I wrote about what having an alter space means for me, what the various things on my alter signify and more.

Rain is predicted for the weekend so I am going to stay at home this weekend instead of selling art at the Portland Saturday Market. Will be focusing on finishing up the above painting and workin out on my patio planting an herb garden :)

Sending love and light!
-Chelsea Rose


  1. I love:

    your tam
    your "Goddess of the Hunt"
    the colors in "Goddess of the Hunt" (so vibrant my eyes, are going crazy!)
    and you! You're so very inspiring.

    There's an e-mail waiting for you, girl :) Shining much love and light right back at you.

  2. A great start on your commission, she is looking good and strong! and your altar space is wonderful--I will check out the link!