Monday, May 16, 2011

Three New Pen and Ink Drawings, a mermaid, faery and a dancing pixie boy

Its Monday already?
Had a nice weekend relaxin and working on art projects. I managed to finish my Warrior Woman painting, photos will be posted of that soon.

I also managed to get off my butt and scan some of my most recent pen and ink drawings:
Graceful messenger
"Graceful Messenger" Original pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose

Mermaid pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose

Dancing Fae Boy
Dancing Pixie boy - original pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose

.....Perhaps these will be made into paintings one of these days.

Also check out my better half's most recent music release:
Bone and All: Audio Entheogens Vol. 3 - take a listen, let the vibrations transport you.
"Entheogens are a psychoactive substance used for spiritual or shamanic means. Entheogens are mostly derived from plants, but can also been found deep in the vibrations of audio waves.
In Audio Entheogens Volume 3 we have more original tracks produced by Bone and All. Opening with the vibrations of "be" that warps into "Persistence of Time", then we dive back into the rolling vibrations of the piece simply titled "be", followed by a voyage out into the aether realm with the "psychedelic eye", and finally, transcending the self through a track known as "up" that features a few words from Alen Watts."

Much love!
-Chelsea Rose


  1. very cool to see your progress! Your guy's music sounds interesting too...I've been trying to organize our strangely-shaped closet and sewing so its encouraging to see drawing going on!

  2. They look great... I'm listening to this trying to finish my mandalas. I'm imagining this is what they'd sound like if mandalas could speak. reminds me of a couple albums i have by DJ Spooky and Amon Tobin.