Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Work In Progress photos and News

I started a new painting!
Goodness, it feels like its been forever.

Here are a couple process shots on what I accomplished on Sunday before going down to the Sunday market to sling my art:
Work In Progress- acrylic painting
Put down a bit of initial color to get a feel for the direction of the painting.

Bulb Goddess
Painting is based on this original pen and ink drawing of mine. The original title for the drawing was "Bulb Goddess." In the painting it would seem the intent has shifted a bit. See, the background is fiery representing pain yet the goddess is posed before it in meditative healing gesture- she will counterbalance the background with calm shades of green, blue and purple. Initially I had planned to put a charred burning Babylon city along the horizon line....but I am enjoying the background the way it is currently...but you never know, i just might make an attempt and see what it looks like.

Work In Progress- acrylic painting
And here we are together, getting to know each other which is a very important part in the creative process :P

In other news, over the weekend we took a break from the Portland Saturday Market and instead tried selling our art at the 10th annual Mississippi ave. street fair.
Here is a photo composite of our set up there:
Mississippi st. fair
The turn out for this street fair was massive, around 20,000 people! Oddly enough we did just about as good as we do at the Portland Saturday market. I was a bit bummed at a few moments when i realized that not having a way to accept credit cards had cost us around $300 in sales that day. So, yesterday i figured a way to remedy the issue. Apparently many art vendors have it set up so that they can take credit card payments through their smartphone through a device called "square up." Honestly I have desperately tried to resist the smartphone movement, but here we are I guess. I called my service provider who informed me I was due for an upgrade and that I could get the Pixi smartphone for free, and then download the software that will allow me to take credit card payments on the go. So, I should have the phone before this weekend and I am very interested to try it out and see if the new capabilities will improve sales.

Anyhoo...thats enough talk about business.
I will be updating soon with new "work in progress" photos of my painting + some newly released images from my 1st Earth Goddess body art photoshoot.

Much love and light,
-Chelsea Rose

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  1. Don't forget that having a smartphone will enable you to have Paypal as well. That's a good thing to have for the more techno-ready buyers.