Friday, July 29, 2011

Fae Guide finds a new home, art Vending and Etsy treasuries, Tie Dye SALE

Ello darlin friendlies and curious kindred souls from afar,
It is with bitter sweet( but mostly sweet!) joy that I announce selling my Fae Guide original acrylic painting:
Fae Guide- Sold!
My Faery Guide original acrylic painting has sold! I will miss her but I am so excited that she found such a wonderful new home. I am also so inspired by the support! Thank you Holli. Love and Light! According to Holli, she met the Faery Guide when I had her on display down at the Saturday Market...and just couldn't get her out of her thoughts so she decided to give her a new home! Holli says shes a faery fanatic like me and so my Faery guide will be right at home in her house full of various faerie paraphernalia :) Could not have worked out better.

In other news, we had a lot of fun vending down at the Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta st fair:
Last Thursday Art Walk On Alberta, July '11
daisy chain dreadly updo
(photos by Danny )
....It was an especially fun night because we were surounded by a couple of our local artist friends; Justin Slattum, Jasmin Star and Andrew Zeutzius. We set up our artwork next to each other taking up half a block so it felt like our own groovy lil art village! Looking forward to the next one.

Also wanted to point out that we are in the 3rd and final week of our Tie Dye SALE!
Here are a couple items i would like to highlight:

Ice Blue Vortex
tie dye tank top
cotton and stretch material combined to make a soft and stretchy fabric!
size: small
Bust comfortably fits anywhere from 28"-36"
a wonderful choice for spring and the summer!
Hand tie dyed with lots of love and on SUPER SALE. Buy it now for only $10!

And if your as much of a fan of spirals as i am, youll really love this one:

Divine Blue Green Spiral tie dye
ON SALE! original price: $20, sale price$10!
Check the sale listing out here for more info or to buy.

And last but not least! I wanted to share with you an etsy treasury I curated using creations made only by the pagan etsy team.
Its a treasury called " Journey into the Realm of Faerie"
Journey into the Realm of Faerie - an etsy treasury
Are you planning a journey of your own into the Realms of Faerie?
If so, take a look at the items i have chosen that should aid you on your trip nicely.

Treasury includes:
Art, to assist your spirit in attuning to The Fae’s spiraling creative frequencies.

Ritual tools, to facilitate your efforts in opening The Gate with respect /positive intention.

Trinkets, offerings to the Fae Guides who await you beyond the veil.

See it for yourself here!

Thats it for now folks.
Much love,
-Chelsea Rose

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  1. i love the Faerie painting! very creative! And the colors are just right for the fairy concept. How I wish I could paint like you:)