Friday, August 19, 2011

Birthday Excursion into the woods with paint

So, you may or may not have noticed that i have been rather quiet this month. Truth is its my Birthday month so i have been more introspective with my goals centering more so around relaxation and personal time. Yes, the art has suffered a bit...but I have managed to spend some time on my current painting in the works and i am seriously about 20 mins away from finishing it! So i will be sharing photos of that soon.

My 24th birthday was on Monday and i decided to take a few days off from work and get away from the city. So my better half and I ran off to the southern Oregon woods of wolf creek to visit with my big bro Wonder in his most amazing patch of forest. We had a splendid time spent hangin out, swimin in fresh mountain water, eating yummy food, star gazing, story tellin and...painting!
Harpy's Golden egg - coop mural in wolf creek oregon
Wonder and Tinker have a full attic of art supply goodies and they had the great idea to paint thier newly fashioned chicken coop. It was decided that I would paint a harpy laying a golden egg.
Harpy's Golden egg - coop mural in wolf creek oregon

Danny helped out by painting a "GanEGGsha"
chicken coop See? its Ganesha holding golden eggs.
painting the chicken coop
Here we all are during various stages of the creative process. Wonder was painting a eggy hobbit riddle that went something like "A box without hinges, keys or lid yet golden treasure inside is hid?"

Anyhoo! I had a wonderful time and want to run away and live in the woods forever.

More updates soon.
Love and Light,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. That looks like so much fun. Other than the risk of ticks, I love spending time in the woods.

  2. THe spirits in that forest are STOKED!!!!!!!

  3. You are always welcome in these woods :)

    ∞ Lovely art, Chelsea