Saturday, September 29, 2012

A peak into my summer, lots and lots of photos

 I thought I would show a peak into my summer by sharing some of the random photos I have posted on Instagram.

Warning: LOTS and lots of photos. And...this post is much less arty and more personal based then usual.

But to start it off, here is a look at some of the pages in my sketch book:

I started this smaller sketch book so that I could begin carrying one around with me at all times like I was once in the good habit of doing. This is the first page. My lil pen and ink Harpy goddess, she guards the sketch book well.

Mermaidynesss, all of these drawings are in ink.  I am using my fave drawing pens, Faber Castell Pitt Artists pens, which are full of India Ink.

This pen and ink drawing is inspired by the patterns I usually paint on my models when doing body painting for my "Goddess In All Of Us" and "Earth Goddess" series.

I call these creatures "Fish of Perception" and they have appeared throughout my paintings and drawings for some time now.

I have been particularly fascinated as of late with drawing creatures that have more then two breasts :)

A bit of my poetry followed by a pencil sketch.

....And now for the onslaught of random summer moments caught via crappy cell phone photos/instagram:

My favorite flowers are Morning Glories. They grew wild in the alley ways of my hometown, Venice Beach CA right along side the dog shit, bums, dumpsters and vomit :) I always thought there was an interesting poetry to them and the way they thrived. Unfortunately, you don't see them very often up in Portland Oregon... perhaps because most people consider them a weed. For a few years now I have been growing them on my patio in the summer.

They seemed to like the spirally trellis we made for them out of left over wire this year.

I am 100% positive certain fearys regularly make their homes inside morning glory flowers. I know I would certainly live in one if I was small enough.

Morning glories seen from the living room window.

We grew a lot of basil this year. Made lots of pesto!

Here is a basil clipping that is rooting by the window.

My tiny lil apartment patio.

 Spent many a morning and afternoon this summer just sitting round drinking tea and drawing out there.

My cat, Sushi and the Gnome.

Around my birthday in August the berries were ripe everywhere you looked! I picked and ate sooo many.

Here is one of many black berry pies I made. Yum.

I have also been trying my hand at brewing my own Kombucha tea.

close up of one of the scobys. Yes, it looks horribly nasty but is actually quite yummy and extremely good for you.

...painting in my home studio space. Yes, see I did paint a bit! Not as much as I was hoping to, but summers are pretty crazy. Im sure as fall descends and the rain returns I will be spending much of my time at the easel.

Dead birthday flowers. Purdy. go to dread up-do when I need them out of the way.

When Danny returned from his trip to India he brought me back a bunch of beautiful bindis, necklaces and a paisley shawl.

We took a lot of random road trips around oregon scouting out the landscapes of possible shoot locations for my new body painting photography series "Earth Goddess"

...who knew that ontop of everything else( misty forest, craggy seashore, waterfalls and more) Oregon  also has desert lands!

This is something I am missing already: Waking up with the sun in my face! Fall is already here and when I wake I'm greeted with darkness and mist( which of course is enjoyable on a different level.)

Fall is an amazing thing to witness up here and I'm looking forward to it.

I think I'm going to stop posting pictures now, although there's plenty more to be seen on my instagram account Lucid Rose, or see them here on instagrid.

My next post will most likely be about my recent explorations into the realm of urban art.

Sending love and light,
-Chelsea Rose 

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