Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sixth Earth Goddess shoot: Triple Goddess + Portland Goddess 2013 Calendar PRESALE!

This weekend I did my sixth body art photoshoot for my ongoing series "Earth Goddess."
Earth Goddess

Earth Goddess

We were aiming to evoke and honor the Triple Goddess( Maiden, Mother and Crone.)

WIP Earth Goddess body painting
(Process photo by Danny Ebru.)
I painted three women in one sitting. It took me about two hours each to do the body adornment. This is a personal record for me! The location was a lovely faery cottage situated in the wooded foothills of southern Washington. It was such a fun art adventure! The interaction between the four of us was full of silliness despite the seriousness of the finished photos. I am so very excited and pleased with the entire experience and very glad to share these stunning first glimpses of the photoshoot with you. Hope you enjoy!


I would also like to introduce you to a new Lucid Optic Lab independent publication that is an art calendar featuring my acrylic painting "Goddess of the Hunt" for the month of August:

  ----Portland Goddess  2013 Wall Calendar----

PRESALE - 2013 Wall Calendar

  -----The Portland Goddess Calendar ------

The Divine Feminine has been honored and depicted by every culture around the world since the beginning of human history. Her wisdom and majesty lives on today as she continues to be known and worshiped by many names throughout the world. As is the nature of the Goddess, her strength, wisdom and beauty are a major source of inspiration not only spiritually but artistically. This independent publication combines the work of twelve Pacific Northwest artists who mindfully came together to honor the Divine Feminine and to share with the world their personal visions of her sacred and enthralling presence.

This limited edition calendar features the art of Portland, Oregon artists Laura Borealisis, Justin Slattum, Liv Rainey-Smith, Nicole Linde, Joanne Licardo, Robin Urton, Matt Schlosky, Sam Arneson, Nicholas Frenette, Anna Todaro, plus Danny Rodriguez and Chelsea Rose of Lucid Optic Lab

Wall Calendar is 8"x8" with a saddle-stitch binding. 

 Take advantage of the presale and save 15%. Presale price $17, Regular price $20. Check out the sale listing HERE.


Anyhoo thats whats going down in my lil art realm right now. Wow we are almost through with July already! Next on the list, Danny Ebru and I will be setting up our booth at the Portland Saturday Market this coming weekend, July 28th.  Come find us, collect some art and say hi!

Much love and light,
-Chelsea Rose 

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