Saturday, April 5, 2014

Body Painting Praesepe SG

I recently branched out a ways from my Earth Goddess body art series and did a colorful body painting session on the traveling SuicideGirl, Praesepe. We had so much fun!

Between tea, cookies and much fun chit chatting It took around three hours to paint her.

I painted one mermaid on the front, in addition to a third eye.

and two on the back in addition to a large floating vertical eye between her shoulders.

I am hoping to do a small series of body art photo sessions like these where I paint my creature ladies with bold color on women. I already have quite a few models who have volunteered, so It will be a nice way to do some body painting this cold rainy Pacific Northwest spring until the seasons turn and I can resume work outside on my Earth Goddess series.

In other news, I have posted a few more of my hand sculpted, hand painted art pendants for sale in my etsy shop!

Here are two of my favorites, that are up for grabs currently:

I call her "Space Empress Spiral Buns" and her third eye is a laborite bead. She is $35. See the listing for more photos.

This is a large "Third eye" which is available for $30. Check out the listing.

I have lots more to update on( including the Space Lady mural I got to paint for Sticker Nerds 3!!!) so much has happened recently I have been having a hard time finding moments to write out a post! But certainly more updates coming soon.

Much love and light,

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