Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Meeting of Minds - new acrylic painting and MORE pendants coming soon!

So I just finished my newest painting on canvas:

"A Meeting of Minds"
original acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose

I managed to capture a few "work in progress" shots during it's creation:

As seen above, the painting started out as a purple background vortex with a very simple sketch in India ink. I then began blocking out the background and adding more detail to the trees, beginning some of the first layers of color. By the third photo I have my first couple layers of color on, and finally almost finished just fine tuning and making final color and detail decisions.

 The background took the longest for me to decide exactly what I wanted out there, but I eventually settled on the idea of lil floating metropolis islands dotting the horizon.

I rather enjoy the subtle "see through" aspect of the third eye spirit, how you can see the tree behind it and a bit of the sunset streaks that peak through its specter. I think I may try my hand at a small series of "specters in the woods" or something along those lines, because it was so much fun to paint!

Here is a peak at me in my lil art studio. This photo was taken near the end of the painting's creative process when I was debating on a few color changes, like the round fungi/grass stuff in the front being multi colored( as seen in this photo) or all one color ( like blue, in the final version.)

So now that that is done I am back to focusing on making more of my hand sculpted, hand painted art pendants:

Here are the humble beginnings of a new batch. So far I have sculpted the forms out of polymer clay, stuck stones and crystals into them, then baked them till hard. Then I coated them with an initial layer of acrylic paint and did some rough sketching to plan out the basics of their faces.

And here is the first of the batch to be finished! I will be finishing the rest and listing them on etsy this coming week. So keep an eye on my shop if you want to snatch one of these up for yourself or a loved one.

Sending Love and Light,
-Chelsea Rose 

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