Sunday, June 8, 2014

Artists on Board

If you are more then a casual follower of my work you may have noticed my love for painting on broken skateboard decks. Well, I recently got involved with the people at Art Deck Co and their touring skateboard art show known as Artists on Board, and thus ended up painting a full deck! To kick off the tour they had a massive art bash that featured close to 300 artists and their paintings on skateboards.

Here is the skateboard I painted for the show:

"Keepers of the Seed"
original acrylic painting on skateboard deck
by Chelsea Rose
original available through ArtDeckCo for $200

 Here I am posing with my board at the show:

I had so much fun! There were so many amazing deck paintings it was very difficult to pick a favorite. And to top it all off they had MearOne visiting from LA doing a live painting on stage. All in all, I was pretty stoked to be a part of the show and I am excited that my board will be traveling as the show does its tour circuit. 

In other news, a sellecton of my paintings and art pendants are up at Nectar Cafe for the next month and a half:

So...if you happen to be in Portland, come have some coffee or tea and take a moment to look at my art. 


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