Sunday, June 1, 2014

Spray Paint Mural Experiment at the Eugene Oregon Free Wall

Finally having a good stretch of time off from my day job I was able to make the drive out to the Eugene Oregon free wall ( since Portland doesn't have one, which is a total outrage!)

My comfort zone with painting is using a brush, and I have painted several murals in this method as you can see here. However I have recently developed an interest in spray painting, especially after becoming a member of the Murals and Girls team. Before my trip out to Eugene I made a few experiments with the medium, by doing so on pieces of scrap board which you can see here. But I had never done any large pieces on a wall, so Eugene was my first big spray painting experiment. Have a look:

I began without a set concept sketch on paper but with the idea of painting two opposing goddess/alien/faery creature girls, with their hair sort of swirling together mid wall. So, first I sketched out a rough outline of the first character and began to fill her in.

My first creature lady filled out pretty quickly and so after I felt most of her color had been roughed out, I put down the black lines and moved on to start roughing out her sister's outline and color.

Once I had both of them roughed out, I went back in an added some final highlights and details, and then went back over everything with black...that is, till I ran out of black! Lesson learned: bring triple of every color and perhaps even quadruple of black and white!

And then I was all done! Here I am feeling a lil tired but mostly happy and accomplished.

All in all, I spent around 2 and a half hours painting, had lots of fun and learned so so much. I hope to make another trip out there soon to continue my experimentations with spray painting. Maybe next time I will do a mermaid creature lady! We shall see.

In other news, my art will be showing at Nectar Cafe for the next month and a half, and will also be on display at the Tea Zone & Camellia Lounge for the month of June. And come August, I am pretty excited about a solo exhibition at Future Shock gallery! Will post more on all of this soon.

Also there are plenty of new items in my online shop to grab up!

(a photo from this past week's Last Thursday Art walk on Alberta, showing off a bunch of new art goodies)

I added some art prints of several of my recent acrylic paintings and there are now 10 of my handmade art pendants listed and ready to go to a good home!

 So go visit my shop, and support the arts cuz mama needs some mo' spray paint ;)

Much love always,
-Chelsea Rose

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  1. That is pretty cool...I am interested in spray paint murals too lately and started about a year ago to paint a new decorative surface over the entire area of my favorite old skatepark (named Amazon) . If you stop by Eugene again add some of your art to the Amazon skatebowl.