Saturday, July 5, 2014

Beyond the Tentacle, Nautilus painting and show

Have a look at another new painting of mine:

Saint Nautilus
original acrylic painting on canvas
by Chelsea Rose

It all started out with a call to artists for a Cephalopod( marine animals like octopus, squid, cuttlefish, Nautilus and more) themed group show at Good: a gallery.  

I was instantly drawn to the Nautilus because of its amazing spiral shell. So I drew a concept sketch:

pen and ink concept sketch

I liked my drawing enough that I quickly transferred it onto a canvas I had painted a watery background on with acrylic:

pen and ink drawing on top of acrylic painted canvas

Then I started working on the base color layers 

Once the colors were worked out I began adding details

The show's deadline came up quick so I rushed to complete the piece. 

Here she is all done, just before leaving my home studio to drop her off at the gallery

The opening show at Good: a gallery was lots of fun with some wonderful art. 

Here are some photos from the event:

Here I am, very happy with the placement of my painting, super stoked to be showing alongside some really wonderful works of art! 

My good friend Darci ( Silly. Weird. Things. ) with her awesome alien tentacle lady painting!

All in all, I was very inspired by this group show and had a great time being a part of it. If you are in PDX this month, July, do take a moment to pop in and check out the art! 

Much love,
-Chelsea Rose 

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