Saturday, August 9, 2014

EYES a psychedelic body paint experiment

I am happy to be experimenting with more color body painting outside of my strictly black and white body art series Earth Goddess. I wanted to share with you my most recent color body art experience:

It all started out with this concept sketch done on sticker paper. 

and then paint to flesh!

The actual body painting took around 4 hours to do.

My friend and model Hannah was very patient and so we had fun hanging out as I painted her on the sunny nude beach of Sauvie Island in Portland Oregon. 

By the time I was finished with the body painting, the sun was beginning to set. I loved the colors in the sky, and the overall mellow lighting produced. 

And yes, I used creepy cat heads to censor this photo. The original was deleted by Instagram & Facebook because it violated the online communities puritanical rules against posting photos of the human body. I am deeply conflicted about having to censor my art, but using disturbing cat head stickers has made it a lil less painful. Why must society perpetuate fear and shame of the human body? Why do we treat our bodies as profane and distasteful things? 
The nudity found throughout my art is an innocent, natural non sexualized nudity. And for those who find my work offensive, well get your mind out of the gutter. 

And on that happy note...Much love! 
-Chelsea Rose 

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