Wednesday, April 15, 2009

still in SALE mode!

Im still havin my first major etsy shop sale- goes till april 20th 2009!
So buy some stuff if you are interested, its all on major sale and it will help me free up some room for new creations, plus generate funds for supplies!
featured sale items:

Blazing Glory Box: available for purchase here
Blazing Glory Box Blazing Glory Box
HUGE SALE: price slashed from $65 to $15. Grab it while its hot.
5" x 10"one of a kind wooden charm box velour interior hand painted with acrylic and enamel paints + collage work!
....This was one of my first mixed media altered box creations. I had so much fun decorating it in all sorts of mediums. Its got a lovely velour interior. Would make a fine keep-sake or jewelery box!
more photos:
Blazing Glory Box
Blazing Glory box Blazing Glory box
The metallic paint on this box is perhaps my most favorite brand of paint: Jacquard Lumiere paint has the most gorgeous, luxurious metallic paint around and whats super cool is not only is it a great acrylic paint, it also doubles for fabric paint when heat set!

another "Behold" screen print t-shirt available for purchase here

Behold silkscreen print on women's brick red shirt
SPRING CLEANING SALE: List price: $22now on SALE for:$10 WOW!"
Behold"screen print
Original artwork by Chelsea Rose
on a brick-red woman's Medium(M) shirt
Bust: 34"Waist: 32"Hips: 36"

I am still printing this "Behold". Custom size/color orders are welcome at this time!

....more sale items coming soon! The next items on the list to hit the sale will be my fine art drawing and painting card prints!

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