Friday, April 3, 2009

new screenprints: "Behold" and Danny sold a painting

So its been a turbulent week but we have survived and April has arrived. All the trees and flowers are beginning to bud and bloom. I would love to go run around in the forest this weekend but i fear that i must dedicate those two days to chores: laundry, taxes and job hunting with danny.
Im proud to announce a new screen that i created last weekend titled "Behold":
Behold mettallic screenprint

I created this screen with the drawing fluid/screen filler method. Im really falling inlove with screen printing. Danny has definitely inspired me to take up the medium after seeing him experiment so much with screen printing.
I started printing some shirts as well as prints of "Behold"
This was the first shirt screened with Behold: Behold silkscreen prints
and a close up : Behold screen-print: in silver metallic on black long sleeve shirt.
this shirt is up for sale on etsy: and soon more prints in different colors will be listed as well.
Im realizing that i need to be providing a wider range of size in screen print shirts. Since i do most of the shirt modeling i have tended to only buy my size shirts to print which is stupid because then only people who wear smalls and mediums can buy! I made it a point to stock up on lots of different sized shirts, so have no fear, better size options are on their way!
So my dreads are getting pretty solid. I have had them now for a little over 2 months. My dreadhead regiment is to wash my dreads once a week, usually over the weekend because then i have to go over them with my crocheting needle + a little wax to bind any stray hair left. I have been doing it like this for about a month now and im dreads are rapidly maturing. heres a good picture of them: Behold screen-print: in silver metallic on black long sleeve shirt.
Danny's dreads are doing great. I swear i will get a picture of that boy this weekend! The chance to photograph danny is pretty rare since he is usually the one behind the camera, but i will get him yet.
Last night i met with photographer Eric Rose( )and we did a shoot. He had contacted me through model mayhem and requested a TFCD modeling session with me. I cant wait to see how the pictures came out. It was nice meeting an oregon based photographer. Id like to meet more oregon based artists. I still feel like such a newbie to oregon even though its been like 8 months since we moved here. Talking with Eric and witnessing his excitement and love for photography seemed to re-ignite my own passion for the medium. I really have not done much artistic photography in some time. I have been focusing so much on painting/drawing/silkscreen...everything else. I consider photography to be my first artistic medium. I was introduced to it via the Venice arts mecca( ) when i was 7 and i fell in love with the idea of "painting with light."
Photography can be so powerful… the camera is an amazing contraption to wield.
On other notes, Lucid optic lab etsy shop made our 18th sale this week. Danny sold a painting:"Buddha's Meditation" its a 4 x 4 acrylic painting on canvas. Yay for etsy sales!

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  1. it is really awesome,
    i like your style and will be a follower...
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