Thursday, April 23, 2009

News and things!

Hello there,
The Spring Cleaning Sale ended April 20th, 2009 and i am happy to announce it was a great success, thanks to you guys for your support! Danny and I have already begun the restocking of art supplies which is now fueling a bunch new projects.
It seems we have picked up quite a few more customers and we are hurriedly pushing out custom silkscreen print orders for shirts and bags and more!
...and guess who is back: "the Goddess in All of Us"
the Goddess in All of Us -newly screenprinted
....back by popular demand! I have re screened this beauty and it is ready to begin printing for all your custom orders. Ordering is easy as pie: simply let me know your size preferences/ Bust Waist and Hips measurements/ t-shirt cut and color preferences and i will see what i can do for ya! If you are on ( feel free to start an alchemy custom order. If you are not an buyer/seller simply email me your order/quote request :
There are still a few pre-printed "the Goddess in All of Us shirts" avilaible for purchase:
Goddess in All of Us screen print shirt by Lucid Optic Lab
This shirt was hand screen printed by me.
Its on a red/purple woman's Large(L) stretch material shirt
Bust: 38"Waist: 36"Hips: 39"
and its priced at $20.00.
Buy here:
I also have a black print of it on a white women's shirt:
SALE the Goddess in All of Us screenprint on white shirt
Black print on a white woman's extra small(xs) stretch material shirt
Bust: 32" Waist: 30" Hips: 32"
also priced at $20.00
Buy here:

Speaking of alchemy orders check out this one I did for a custom tie-dye shirt:
Alchemy Request:Tie Dye t-shirt

I had a lady request this specific dye and fold style based off a shirt she saw in one of my product photos for my tie-dye yoga pants: SALE Tie Dye Samurai pants with Flower Embroidery SALE
I gladly agreed to the order and thus produced the shirt above. While it is similar in fold style, dye colors the shirts are certainly individual, being similar in nature but completely different. This is one of the many reasons i love tie-dye. tie dye is very unpredictable and while we can only hope to mimic similar dye/tie folds the dye has a mind of its own. Every tie-dye is a surprise no matter how concisely planned and in a sense that’s where the magic lies!

On to other news: I can hardly wait for this weekend to arrive! Danny and I will be visiting the "wolf creek" sanctuary/commune for a few days, located in the southern tip of Oregon. Two of our close friends from LA are driving up in their RV and we will be camping together on the land there. I can only imagine how refreshing this excursion will be: providing us with a chance to embrace this beautiful spring bloom and get out of our mundane habits and routine! So wish us some luck and a safe journey.

Best wishes and much love,
-Chelsea Rose


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