Saturday, May 2, 2009

Last Thursday Art Walk on Alberta Street April 30th 2009

Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta st, April 30th was super was a wild scene/HUGE turn out. By the time Danny and I got there spaces were all taken along the street and for blocks and blocks people had erected booths/tents/drum circles/ selling art, edibles and all sorts of hand mades, live music, stilz walkers, fire breathers/the works. it was a true festival to be had. We had planned on setting up our canopy like we always do but there just wasn’t enough room. So we snagged some sidewalk and laid out our paintings. On our long table we displayed our screen print shirts and our art print bins.
Last Thrusday artwalk on Alberta St April 30th 2009
Last Thrusday artwalk on Alberta St April 30th
Surprisingly we did better then we ever have at the last Thursday art walk, even though we had much less out and a much more simple booth without canopy. We had so much fun and met so many people. truly inspiring day. I sold a painting and prints. Danny sold a shirt and a few of his ink cards. It was such lovely day and night.....i cant wait for the next art walk on Alberta!
lost thursday on alberta
So for those of you in Oregon or just passin through, come experience Last Thursday Artwalks on Alberta st. We will be there around Alberta st and 20th ( our favorite spot to set up): lost thursday on alberta
The date of the next Last Thursday on Alberta st is May 28th, 2009. Anyone who finds our booth ( Lucid Optic Lab) and mentions my blog gets $5.00 off of their purchase!

Best Wishes!
-Chelsea Rose

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