Monday, May 18, 2009

Alberta Art Hop, Weekend highlights and news!

This past weekend was full of surprises and opportunity. I am feeling quite contented now, sitting in the office sipping on some chai, dreamily staring out the window and reminiscing.
This weekend Danny and I shared a booth with our friend Shauna, creator of Mama's Herbal soaps( )and had a blast.
Lucid Optic Lab booth at  Alberta Art Hop
We were at the art hop on Alberta st in Portland Oregon from 7am-7pm soaking up sun rays and watching the fair unfold before us. since i knew we would be there all day i set up my easel so that i might get some more work done on the cat spirit painting i just started working on again.
Painting in our Art Hop booth
People seemed to respond well, excited to see some live painting. It kept me busy during the lulls of the day and allowed me to gain progress on the painting.
....i cant wait for the next one coming up May 28th. Danny and I as well as Mama's Herbal Soaps will have a booth set up on Alberta st and 20th. don’t miss us! Plus, i may be trying something new: Face and Body painting!:
Body Painting at the Alberta Art Hop
While chatting with Shauna, she mentioned that perhaps i could start doing face and body painting while vending to see if that might help generate so more funds. i have always loved body/face painting and considered it something i might get into some day. Her daughter Maya sweetly volunteered to be my first test subject. we had a lottah fun doing a simple spirally flower garden pattern up her arm. While we were doing that another girl( pictured in this photo) walked into our booth and asked to have her arm painted as well. Then as I was finishing up her arm four other kids lined up in a row for a body painting as well! So i think i may be bringing a stash of face/body paint with me at the next art walk on Alberta street.
All in all, the day had been a bit slow since we were a few blocks away from the epicenter of the fair but we managed some sales. The intense sun had made it a bit exhausting....i managed to get sunburned even while wearing my big fancy hat! Needless to say, by the end of the day i was a complete zombie. I cant even begin to tell you how much a relief it was to get home, take a cold shower and flop down on the couch!
Sunday i woke up with some major body fatigue, but i was able to shrug it off and get a lot of stuff done...including straighting up the house( since every time we do a fair or a show we end up ripping our apartment to pieces), editing/posting photos from the art hop, walked to the library( checked out 2 books: Women Sailors & Sailors Women, an Untold Maritime History by David Cordingly and Wild Child, Girlhoods in the CounterCulture), visited the local thrift shop and found some great summer skirts, did a lil produce shopping and last but not least i managed to FINISH my metaphysical cat painting! Today when i get home from work i will varnish it and take some pictures so stay tuned!
In the meantime, here is a quickie pic of my lil home studio space, showing me working on the cat spirit painting: place of creation
Please click the photo to full view this image, as my blog tends to cut off my horizontal photos.
As you can probably make out, my work space tends to get messy fairly quick! I find each week if i dont go through and reorganize it becomes a complete disaster. I am currently mentally preparing myself to go through all my boxes of art supply and do some much needed spring cleaning sometime this week, and then if i have enough stuff i could do a yardsale. If i generate enough, it may help me buy some nice snazaroo face/body paint for the next fair.
Wish me luck!
-Chelsea Rose

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