Friday, May 15, 2009

Workin on a Painting, glad its friday!

So, its a bright and beautiful Friday morning! The weekend's weather forecast for Portland Oregon is sun filled with highs of 80+. That will be a nice change but I hope I don't end up roasting in my lil apartment trying to finish this painting I finally resumed work on:
Workin on a painting had been sitting collecting dust for over 6 months. Over the last two days i have worked a few hours on it, finally breaking the little creative slump i had come to realize i was in. It seemed as of late, once i get home from work im ready to just curl up into a ball and dream. I am rarely awake past 10pm! I think im slowly coming out of hibernation now that the days are longer and warmer. I am certainly catching onto the vibrations of spring and im feeling anxious to create and explore! This painting stems from one of my original pen and ink drawings:
pandimensional kitten-head
(Prints of this illustration are available for purchase as 5" x 7" high quality digital prints on card, in plastic archival sleeves in my online shop: )

....So, we shall see if i end up finishing this painting over the weekend. If so, there will be photos posted soon enough.
In the mean time, i have a few super awesome things to look forward to for the month of June: My dear friend Marla will be coming up to visit me near the middle of the month. It will be great to see her...and i am looking forward to checking out a few Oregon sights to be seen with her, such as the amazing Multnomah Falls and some more of the misty coastal forest trails. She is an amazing artists and so i am sure she will enjoy checking out Portland's infamous Saturday market scene as well. Wonder may also be in town, and if this is the case we will all have a pow wow!
Then, on the 18th, danny and i will be seeing Midnite play live at the Crystal ballroom! It will be the second time Danny and I have seen Midnite play. The first instance was at the Raggamuffin concert in 2008 at the Long Beach convention center, but the venue was fairly crappy so i am hoping the sound quality is better at the Crystal ballroom. Its been awhile since Danny and I have splurged on something like this....but we couldn't resist the sweet temptations of Midnite's righteous reggae vibrations so close to home!
....In the meantime Danny and i are restocking our merch for this month's Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta St. happening May 28th. I have a bunch of new illustrations to be made into prints as well as some new/fresh tie-dye and screen printed shirts to showcase. So, if you are in town please stop on by and say hi...our booth will be planted close to Alberta and 20th st.
Best wishes and much LOVE!
-Chelsea Rose


  1. That is such a cool painting! What kind of paint do you use? Congratulations on the show coming up! I'll be having my first craft fair show at the beginning of June. I'm so nervous.

  2. Thanks so very much! This painting was done in acrylic (a mix of Daler-Rowney system 3 acrylic paint and Windsor & Newton Galleria acrylic paint)
    I know how you feel, i remember my first vending at an art fair. I spent the first half of the month before the fair worrying myself to death and then the last half of the month before the show feverishly making/gathering everything into place for the big day. Needless to say i still get a lil nervous before every show or art fair i am in....but i am learning to embrace the butterflies in my stomach! Curious thing to note: it seems I end up completely tearing apart my entire house the day before any show in the process of getting everything packed and ready.
    Good luck with everything...make sure to take pictures so we can all see how it went!